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NY Through the Lens

Vivienne Gucwa captures an empty New York City during the blizzard

Jan 30, 2015 | By Staff Writer

New York-based photographer Vivienne Gucwa, who has been capturing photos for nearly a decade, has recently released a photography book titled “NY Through the Lens”- a 192 paperback filled with images that capture the beauty of her native city. Despite the recent blizzard that has hindered the routines of local city-goers, Gucwa took the opportunity to shoot the rarely empty New York City streets. Her photographs feature a different side of the city- one that is silent, slow and deserted. Hence, the photographer not only captures the energy of the city through her lens, she explores the rarely experienced moments and seasonal changes that make New York a unique place. 

“New York City is a city that is constantly evolving in one way or the other. Having grown up in New York City, there is a palpable tension that I have experienced my whole life where nostalgia constantly bumps heads with the rapid rate of change that occurs in every aspect of life here. I absolutely love this tension. It makes photographing and writing about the city a bittersweet challenge.”

See more of Vivienne Gucwa’s photography here


New York New York

New York New York 1

New York New York 3

New York New York 4 

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