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Bertil Nilsson explores man’s role in our landscape

Mar 06, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Photographer Bertil Nilsson’s series Naturally places nude dancers against magnificent, sweeping landscapes. The dancers, with accents of white or red smeared on their bare bodies, pose against the vast ocean, forests and mountains. The stark subject matter observes an interesting dynamic of man and mother nature, both contrasting and harmonious at the same time. Naturally was inspired by a desire to explore the landscape and man’s role in that landscape. In an interview with Ignat, Nilsson says “Naturally is also a personal journey of exploration for me. My interventions took on a theme of tension between order and chaos. I like to align, structure, analyse and ultimately control – in a visual sense – the world around me. The dancers with their free expression confronts me with an opportunity to let go of a bit of my control and let the chaos unfold.”

Naturally Naturally 1

Naturally 2

Naturally 3 Naturally 4

Naturally 5

Naturally 6

Photo Credits: Bertil Nilsson

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