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Manchester Lamps Are Shining A Light Towards Great Incorporative Art

Illuminating the bright past of Manchester’s Piccadilly Place, while simultaneously shining an optimistic outlook on the future, this functional installation piece contains five playfully oversized lamps.

Jan 28, 2019 | By Anastazia Prahin

Seating Available Under The Installation Lamps In Piccadilly Square Manchester


Ranging 3.4m to 6m tall, the visual narrative of motifs and graphics are cleverly woven into the shades of each lamp, revealing the rich sense of identity and pivotal role of Piccadilly Place in global development.

What a fun time to be alive!

This great functional installation provides lighting, seating and all-year round shelter for people by incorporating electric heaters for use in winter months. Creators of this interesting installation, are award-winning studio Acrylicize and Alliance Property Investment Group.


Making the mundane exciting, while educating on a history we so easily forget in our modern world of distractions.

1903  / Innovation & Education

Art Nouveau Tiffany Lamp

Pays homage to Manchester’s history of Education. Chetham Library, is the oldest free public reference library. Shown via the sculpture’s canopy which is adorned with open books alongside classical pen nibs and square academic caps.


1903. Art Nouveau. Tiffany Lamp. Innovation Education.


1909 / Dedication, Perseverance & Discovery

Banker’s Desk Lamp  

Shows the once popularised recognisable green shade, which softens the bulb making it easier to work at night. This lamp represents the dedication of world famous computer pioneer Dr. Alan Turing. The glowing canopy integrates a scrambled code, inspired by the circuit board patterns and the ground-breaking Enigma code.


1932 / Advances in Science & Physics

Art Deco Style Lamp  

Inspired by the cities beautiful Art Deco buildings and the splitting of the first atom. The result of research conducted by Ernest Rutherford at Manchester University. This huge global advancement for physics is illustrated in the magnified atoms, which can be spotted within the lampshade’s expansive abstract formations.


Heating Installed Under The Lamp Shade


1950 / Industrious Community

Mid-Century Table Lamp  

An enlarged 1950’s everyday domestic table lamp. Celebrating the hard work of the local people. A city famous for its ‘busy bee’ hard-working past, is represented by the honeycomb pattern on this lampshade.



Future / Future, Innovation & Creativity

Iconic Anglepoise Lamp

Turning upwards and projecting a graphic pattern onto the surrounding wall, this design looks towards the future and next chapter of the city. It shines a light on future possibilities. Possibilities for the people of Manchester and for the world’s community at large. The shafts of angled light playfully interact with the edges of the surrounding urban environment.


Future. The Iconic Anglepoise Lamp. Future, Innovation & Creativity.


These large installation lamps provide an encapsulating overview on a grand history. The unique practicality of them, makes for a fun and interactive moment of joy, as you find yourself really wanting to take cute pictures of the most mundane of moments, like standing next to a lampshade.

“What Manchester thinks today, the world does tomorrow” – Sir Robert Peel


Newly incorporated piece. Permanent Installation.

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