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Intricate patterns constructed from layering colourful paper

Maud Vantours uses a simple medium to form complex patterns and sculptures

Apr 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Maud Vantours has created delightful sculptures and patterns using colourful paper.  The Paris-based designer meticulously cuts paper of a variety of colours and constructs these patterns by layering them, creating intricate works of art. He experiments with all kinds of patterns and shapes ranging from geometric patterns to spirals. He also creates lovely floral patterns with the colour paper, using the various colours to give each flower dimension. His precision in cutting each piece of paper to add on to the overall aesthetic of each piece is fascinating in itself. Each work has its own unique style and personality.

Paper is a simple and versatile medium that is transformed by Vantours into complex, sophisticated forms. She explains that her favorite medium is paper because the works can “transcend a simple material and transform it into a work of art.”


 “I love to create original graphics with multicolored and dreamlike landscapes.” 

Colourful Patter







Colourful Patterns And

Colourful Patterns And 1


Colourful Pap

Colourful Pap 1


Visit Maud Vantours’s website here

Images taken from mymodernmet

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