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Feathers, Form & Function

Beautiful carved feather artwork by Chris Maynard

Dec 07, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Artist Chris Maynard is deeply passionate about art and feathers. Combining his two interests, he creates intricate artwork out of feathers. Using a small scalpel, he carves bird silhouettes out of the feathers. “Each feather, though dead and discarded, keeps something of the bird’s essence,” explains Maynard. The outlines of various bird species are beautiful and impressively executed, but also encourage the viewer to ponder the life of the feather’s owner. “Since I work mostly with shed feathers, some of the birds that grew them are likely still living,” he adds. 

His fascination with feathers started from a young age- beginning to make artwork with feathers at 12. It is only recently that the artist, who also has a strong background in the field of biology, has began showcasing his works to be patronized internationally by art collectors and press. His other artwork can be found on his Website (which he humourously calls Featherfolio). 

Feathers Form Function

Feathers Form Function 1

Feathers Form Function 2

Feathers Form Function 3

Feathers Form Function 4

Feathers Form Function 5

Feathers Form Function 6

Feathers Form Function 7

Feathers Form Function 8


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