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Fairy Sculptures

Metal Wire Fairy Sculptures

Aug 10, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Inspired by a real life encounter, Staffordshire based sculptor started to create wire sculptures of fairies. To be placed in gardens, these wire fairies take on an elusive quality as it mimics the fleeting characteristic of mystical beings. The thin wire allows the sculpture to blend in to the natural surroundings and appear in conspicuous. The sculptor explains a 12 stage process of making the sculptures from designing, to making the skeleton then flesh, to adding limbs and further detail, to final installation. He creates these beautiful sculptures, to capture the imagination and hope of those who believe in these little creatures that exist in our bedtime stories.

Fairy Sculptures 1

Fairy Sculptures 2

Fairy Sculptures 3

Fairy Sculptures 4

Fairy Sculptures 5

Fairy Sculptures 6

See more of his work and his process here.

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