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Clay illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

Mar 05, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Madrid-born artist and designer Irma Gruenholz has created an imaginative series of hand made clay sculptures she calls Behance. Instead of illustrations, she has brought her visions to life using clay to form models of her designs. Gruenholz builds each 3D models using basic modeling clay with polymer clay for a hard and polished finish. In her works, she also experiments with various textures and materials including paper, wood and other elements. After building these hand-scuplted illustrations, she lights and photographs them, giving each model depth and dimension. Before working extensively on this series, she worked in Madrid as an ad agency art director. She creates hand-sculpted illustrations for books, magazines, advertisements and other online sources. 

Behance 1

Behance Behance 2 Behance 3Behance 11Behance 5 Behance 6 Behance 7 Behance 8 Behance 9 Behance 10Behance 4


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