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Art exhibitions in Singapore: Rajul Mehta’s presents ‘Don’t Pressure Me’ at the ION Art Gallery

Don’t Pressure Me—An exhibition of women’s everyday pressures by the Asian artist makes its way to our shores later this month

Apr 11, 2017 | By Teri Chong

Artist Rajul Mehta brings her thought-provoking, evocative exhibition ‘Don’t Pressure Me’ to town. Slated to open on April 19, 2017, at the ION Art Gallery, this exhibition sees the artist explore societal pressures faced by women and their value in today’s world. Illustrating the many lives of women from all walks of life, Rajul Mehta immerses herself in the reality of being a woman— whether struggling or successful.

Artistically inspired by Pop-Art connoisseur Andy Warhol and his vibrant portraits, Mehta features portraits of women on colourful canvases. This, however, comes as a quiet juxtaposition. The canvases are centred around an installation piece to imitate a pressure cooker like space. The vibrant colours used juxtapose against the stifling atmosphere, intended for visitors to question the true feelings of women in society. In addition, Mehta’s work pushes past the gender-focused boundary and challenges the viewer to reflect on his or her own position and role in society.

Mehta says: “We all have pressure cookers inside of our heads. This constant need to juggle, to meet deadlines; as pressure boils we blow off steam, we let go and we start all over again. Our lives are really just a constant balancing of our many roles and relationships in a world that expects us to be a certain way and perhaps to even behave a certain way.”

Known for displaying an extraordinary level of sensitivity in her work, Mehta has an unwavering passion and energy for her artistic endeavours. Her works are currently featured in distinguished art museums, institutes and exhibitions.

“Don’t Pressure Me” will run from April 19 to 23 between 10am to 10pm daily, at the ION Art Gallery. For more information, visit Rajul Mehta.

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