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Animal Stories

Black and white watercolors of children and animals by Elicia Edijanto

Jan 16, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Indonesian illustrator Elicia Edijanto has created a series of watercolor paintings that explore the innate connection between children and animals. From children nursery rhymes to fairy tales, animals play a big role in their dreams and imagination. Fascinated by this, her black and white watercolor paintings depict small, vulnerable children alongside wild creatures like bears, wolves, and especially elephants. Her use of watercolor creates a foggy, dream-like effect, reflecting that of a child’s imagination. Edijanto’s dreamlike-scenes are both tranquil and contemplative, representing innocence and childhood fascinations. Check out more of the artist’s work here


Animal Stories

Animal Stories 1

Animal Stories 2

Animal Stories 4

Animal Stories 5

Animal Stories 6




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