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Aerosol Can

Major Lazer teams up with graffiti artist Mike Giant for his latest song Aerosol Can

Jun 26, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Collaborations between musicians and artists is no new phenomenon. (We previously covered a collaboration between British rock band James and artist Ainslie Henderson for their music video of their song Moving On.) The latest comes with a collaboration between Major Lazer along with producer Pharrell, and graffiti and tattoo artist Mike Giant. The three worked on the music video for their hit song Aerosol Can, off Major Lazer’s latest EP Apocalyse Soon. As Pharrell spits out rhymes in time with Major Lazer’s addictive beats, Mike Giant visually narrates the song lyrics with different topography styles on blank white walls. The video, as with many of such artist-musician collaborations we have seen, is a treat to watch. 

Major Lazer’s EP Apocalypse Soon is available for purchase on iTunes.

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