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Transparency And its Place in Luxury Consumerism

Apr 05, 2021 / Business of Luxury

Transparency is the new name of the game, as younger consumers demand to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, and whether luxury brands are doing their part to make the world a better place.

Of Free Experimentation and Trend Setting

Apr 05, 2021 / Business of Luxury

Innovation’s the name of the game and experimentation is how it’s played.

Xinjiang Cotton: A Case of Difficult Decisions For Western Fashion Brands

Apr 05, 2021 / Business of Luxury

Swept in the recent furore are Western fashion labels who have to grapple with the need to balance between their domestic and international demands.

3D Printing and Its Impact on Luxury Brands

Mar 29, 2021 / Business of Luxury

3D printing has been around since the 80s but it is only in recent times that this technology has slowly become more commonly used in the luxury sector. Should these luxury brands be fearful of 3D printing or should they embrace it and create a new form of partnership?

The Rise of Asian Ambassadors

Mar 22, 2021 / Business of Luxury

Asia is on the rise, no doubts about it, and luxury brands are banking on this rise to garner greater attention to their brands through appointing more Asians to be their ambassadors.

The Circular Nature of Luxury Good Ownership

Mar 22, 2021 / Business of Luxury

As the stigma surrounding the resale of luxury goods fades, a market has popped up catering specifically to resold goods. It has now become the norm for people to buy, sell, and buy again creating, for lack of a better term, a cycle of ownership.

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