High Life, Sea Life: Thanda Island & Classic Cruising (Tanzania)

From Thanda Island, enjoy a sublime East African nautical adventure on a vintage ship replete with creature comforts and modern trappings.

Feb 17, 2018 | By Yacht Style

Thanda Island off Tanzania would be an incomplete experience if it didn’t have a ship. What better way to sail or bob on its azure waters – on a vintage ship of course! Guests to Thanda Island should be pampered with a coastal tour and the island’s proudest nautical ambassador would be its four-berth classic cruise yacht so befitting for a king. The 35-metre (115-foot) ship is a nod to the 1930s era, replete with old-world elegance and nostalgia. You can enjoy a very unique African cruising experience as you gaze out into the horizon while you sip a cocktail and enjoy the enviable views that greets you. Akin to an East African Hemingway adventure, you’re assured of magnificent vistas of the Indian Ocean while discovering East African islands or atolls, all at a leisurely pace.

For those who are fauna junkies: get ready to be dazzled by the blue waters where marine life teems in a dizzying array of colours; or spot different species of seabirds with binoculars. Individuals who prefer a more languid approach can choose to quaff a drink as you soak up some Vitamin D on the deck.  The team manning the vintage ship is always at your beck and call, so whether you choose to island-hop, snorkel, dive, cruise or simply gaze into the horizon, you basically create your own cruise experience. And if you opt for the safari experience and pair it with this sea cruise, it makes for a very memorable experience whether you’re a couple or family.

Sweet Comfort

The vintage ship’s old-world charm does not mean it cannot meet the demands of today’s lifestyle. In fact, guests will enjoy modern facilities that are integrated into the ship’s living areas, elegant salon, galley, dining room and primary deck. The interiors are mostly clad with gleaming hardwoods but the sumptuous furnishings and billowy white curtains help to soften the look. Curious to take a peek at the infinite ocean views? Then head to the captain’s cabin to feast your eyes.

Up to eight guests can enjoy a comfortable stay; about two individuals per room where there are four, well-designed teak and oak cabins offered. Interestingly, there is one presidential stateroom, two twin staterooms and one single stateroom, each with en-suite heads and well-appointed furnishings and fixtures. For couple with kids, fret not. There is an extra cabin accommodating a sofa bed, good enough for parents and bunk bed for kids.

If hunger pangs strike, take heart. The Thanda Classic Cruise assures of a tasty culinary experience where you can tuck into a delicious oceanic haul comprising lobsters, fish, prawns, shellfish, to name a few. Whether it is grilled fish, sashimi or a scrumptious prawn curry, your palate will be satisfied. Of course, there are selections for beef or poultry while vegans and vegetarians can opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables, all cooked to your whim and requirements.

Prior to your oceanic adventure, the head chef will get in touch with you to discuss your dietary preferences so all meals are organised properly.

“Get ready to be dazzled by the blue waters where marine life teems in a dizzying array of colours.”

Endless Experiences

With every journey, there is definitely some sense of trepidation or excitement. Leave your worries to the experts who assure you an unforgettable experience. Right after you are whisked from the international airport, they will arrange charter flights or boat transfers to get you to your specific island location. All you have to do is plan your adventure. For adrenalin-junkies, windsurfing, water-skiing or sea kayaking will be right up their alley. Families can opt for a leisurely swim, snorkel with the kids or simply enjoy a specially prepared picnic on a secluded beach.

For Thrill-seekers

For those in a mood to explore or trek, there’s Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve to gawk at an array of sea and coastal creatures. Slightly further south, Mafia Island awaits those who love to admire and appreciate protected marine reserves where its blue waters are fecund with oceanic animals. How about heading to Quirimbas Archipelago, Northern Mozambique? Here, get ready to hop onto 32 islands which offer about 200km of beautiful coastal terrain.

For those who dive, Quirimbas offers you an exclusive opportunity to spot turtles, dolphins, whale sharks and dugongs, if the timing is right. Are you a stickler to learn other people’s cultures? Then zip to Madagascar! Steeped in history since 2,000 BC, you can explore centuries-old Bantu, French and Malay influences. There are Instagram-worth moments: rusted shipwrecks, submerged cathedrals, palm-strewn pirate cemetery and a many other ceremonies and rituals that its citizens uphold. The ship’s ability to cruise between stops also ensures that you get up-close with unfettered views of humpback whales, too.

The Thanda Island Vintage Cruise ship adventure clearly beckons bona fide hedonists – individuals, couples or everyone in the family.

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Words by Joe Lim | Images courtesy of Thanda Island

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