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Bucherer and Harley-Davidson Blue Edition motorbike

The watchmaker unveils the most opulent bike, handmade with diamond and gold.

May 14, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

In celebration of fine jeweler Bucherer’s newest Blue Edition collection, Swiss custom motorcycle builder Bündnerbike collaborates to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

A namesake script on the left tank of the motorbike – all in the name of the stunning blue edition collection.

An original design, the Harley-Davidson blue edition motorbike features six layers of iridescent blue paint, gold-plated screws and 360 diamonds applied to a silver-plated Softail Slim S body.


Drawing on Bucherer extensive repertoire in the worlds of watches and jewellery, Swiss custom motorcycle builder Bündnerbike crafts a unique bike – Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition. This exclusive bike also carries an unrivalled price tag, weighing in at CHF1.89 million (SGD 2.52 million) as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.

The Slim S Blue Edition exhibits the nostalgic flair of some mid-2000s chopper.

Built by a team of eight craftsman based on a design by Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S, the bike took more than 2,500 hours to complete (more than 3 months). From the welding, grounding, to polishing, every metal element on the bike is expertly incorporated by hand, many of which are also gold-plated to add an extra glimmer.

The bike also features a visible camshaft, valve control and a unique throttle all valves lit by heat-resistant LED lighting – making the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition the world’s first motorbike to have a motor lit from the inside.

The Dizzler rotating ring from the Bucherer Fine Jewellery collection has been artfully adapted to mount on the hand grips, with another pair embellished on the forks. A larger version of the same ring is found on the left of the tank, and a six-prong Heaven solitaire ring on a retractable safe that is carefully protected by an armoured glass dome.

A custom-made watch, however, is the one that steals the limelight on the harley-davidson blue edition. Based on the Patravi TravelTec II model, the dial of the watch incorporates elements of a motorcycle engine. To protect the mechanical movement from the vibrations on the road, the watch can be housed in a cage with a holder made of silicon rings.

A custom-made watch that perches on the left tank, based on the design of the Bucherer’s Patravi TravelTec II model.

The magic of the watch does not end here. Samir Merdanovic, head of manufacture movements at Carl F. Bucherer and of the bike’s development process, explains that the holder also “serves as a watch winder. The watch is therefore wound regularly and continues to run, even if the motorcycle is not ridden for an extended period.”

“We are pleased to be able to contribute our long-standing experience and close relationship with our partners in order to create exclusive and unique watches and products as part of the Bucherer Blue Editions,” added Patrick Graf, CCO at Bucherer. “This allows us to appeal to customers around the world who want to stand out from the crowd and live the Blue Editions lifestyle.”

View the bike in its full glory in the official release video below:


The Harley-Davidson Blue Edition will be available at the Selfridges Wonder Room. Head on over to the official website of Bucherer to view the fellows of the motorbike in the Blue Collection.

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