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Original Shelby Cobra Up For Auction

The Chassis CSX 2000 has been put up for sale by the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust, and can be bid for on August 19 in Monterey.

Jul 01, 2016 | By Luxuo

It isn’t every day that the original Shelby Cobra comes up for sale so while we expect a stampede towards the auction block, take a moment to steady yourselves. Come August 19, the Chassis number CSX 2000 will go under the hammer at the RM Sothesby’s Monterey auction. Yes, that very same one Carroll Shelby built and owned until the day he died. Owing to its iconic status, the car is expected to climb into the ranks of all-time auction top 10. At present, this top 10 is dominated by Ferraris, as our last list on this shows and this story too.

To people who don’t understand what the fuss is about, this automobile is not just a pretty face; the CSX 2000 carries great history weight. We’re talking about the car that the world’s motoring press tested around the tracks, as the world watched it run at a 153mph top speed in 1962. More than just the testing and development prototype that paved the way for the Cobra and Shelby, it was also one of Shelby’s most important props. Its creator used to take it to events every week, except painted a different color to convince potential buyers that there was an abundant supply of Cobras, and that production was in full swing. Ah, good times.


Call it the forefather of countless other legendary cars, if you will. Had Shelby not equipped the high performance V8 into its engine bay, there would be no Cobra, no Shelby American, no GT40, nor the others that followed. It is the vehicle that revolutionalized the not just the racing world, but also the automotive industry in general. And it is up for grabs.


“It is, without exception, the single most important and history-rewriting sports car ever offered at auction, after over 50 years of ownership and without ever leaving the care of its founding father. We’re beyond thrilled to celebrate and present this national treasure in Monterey this August,” said Shelby Myers, Car Specialist, RM Sotheby’s. Know what this means? It’s your one and only chance to obtain the Holy Grail, everyone.

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