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1965 Ferrari 275 GTS by Pininfarina

Take this classic car out for a tour or drive through the long winding road, as it is for springtime jaunts between countries, with only a passenger, a pair of suitcases, and the distinctive growl from the V12 engine as good company.

Mar 22, 2018 | By LUXUO

1965 Ferrari 275 GTS by Pininfarina

The luxury Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari unleashed the black edition of the Ferrari 275 GTS, which was seen by many as one of the most unique models ever constructed in the 1960s, an ideal car for a successful businessman and gentleman racer. The GTS, however, was described by Bruno Alfieri, an author, as being one of “the direct descendants – as always in the Ferrari tradition and spirit – of competition cars, and that made them unique, fascinating, and extremely enjoyable to drive.”

Only 200 beautiful examples of this GTS examples were constructed in 1965, and managed by the 3-litre, V12 engine, capable of producing 260bph, and nudging a top speed of 147 Mph and 0 to 60 acceleration in 6.6 seconds.

Built with a left-hand drive, this model car features an elegant and sophisticated exterior styling, accentuated with the beige interior, all to glorify the perfect proportion with the bodywork designed by Pininfarina. The Ferrari 275 GTS was originally delivered to Luigi Chinetti Motors in New York, who in turn sold it to the first owner, Mr Mac Ham. By 1977, the GTS had found its way to Florida and it received a meticulous ground-up restoration.

The car had a new coat of paint with interior detailing, and it remained in Arizona until 2013 before being acquired by a prominent restoration company in the UK. The GTS had been part of Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Party display and was featured on the stand of Beverly Hills Motoring during the 11th Annual Quail Lodge gathering.

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