Shining A Light On The Largest Diamond Ever Found In The World

Outweighing the Cullinan and dwarfing the Koh-I-Noor, stands the Golden Jubilee Diamond. The worlds largest diamond.

Jan 22, 2019 | By Anastazia Prahin


Discovered in 1985 the “unnamed brown” took two years of studying and solid craftsmanship to manifest it into the Golden Jubilee. For these two years it was unknown to the public.

A Stone so Precious it spent two years undercover

Weighing 545.67 carats, after being cut and faceted by Gabriel Tolkowsky, this diamond takes the crown as the biggest diamond in the world.



The stone was meticulously examined. Each cut laid on the stone was performed with extreme precision to avoid any interior crack. The pioneering techniques developed for the cutting of this diamond would later be used in the cutting of the Centenary Diamond. A much smaller but flawless and colourless diamond.



Today the Golden Jubilee Diamond is owned by the King of Thailand, taking residency in the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace, Thailand


“Within its heart lay a wonderful mysterious shine that gave the diamond a character unlike any other” – Henry Ho, original owner of world’s largest diamond

The fire rose cushion-shaped gem is valued between 4 to 12 million USD. With speculation that if sold at auction, it would fetch a much higher price. The colour is graded as a fancy yellow-brown. After Tolkowsky cut the stone, Henry Ho, the original owner, is quoted as saying, “Within its heart lay a wonderful mysterious shine that gave the diamond a character unlike any other.”

Found in the same mine where some other notable diamonds were discovered. Including the Cullinan, Taylor Burton, and the Niarchos, the mine from South Africa in Transvaal is quickly developing a reputation for exceptional stones.


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