Louis Vuitton City Guide 2012

Louis Vuitton City Guides 2012

The new collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides have been released on October 15th, touching down in totally unprecedented cities.

Hong Kong and Macau are being offered for the first time in an individual volume, while London, Paris and Rome are returning in an entirely revisited form.

The indispensable European City box set is adding five new destinations to its map: Bari, Birmingham, Odessa, Salzburg and Zagreb.

Louis Vuitton City Guide Hong Kong

To celebrate the launch of the first Louis Vuitton Hong Kong/Macao City Guide, a cocktail reception was held at The Landmark, Louis Vuitton Maison on November 15.

Over 200 VIP guests had the privilege to be the first in town to share the cultural spirit the City Guide promotes.

Louis Vuitton City Guide Hong Kong event

To celebrate the occasion, a corner of the boutique was turned into a reception offering iconic snacks from Hong Kong and Macau.

A tea-tasting station was set for guests to appreciate the art of tea, representing the relations forged with the West between two legendary cities on the Pearl River Delta.

tea-tasting station Louis vuitton Hong Kong

Highlighting the latest trends and offering unique advice, the regularly updated contents of each guide are aimed at laid-back travellers, business travellers and the residents themselves of the cities being explored.

Louis Vuitton City Guide Hong Kong Macau

The collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides provides the traveller with an original view of the 40 cities and 10,000 addresses, combining traditional and new values, traditional and extravagant locations whether known, unknown or out of the ordinary, as long as they best express the essence of each city.