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Riva 110’ Dolcevita: A Contemporary Legend Launched

The first unit of the new Riva masterpiece was rolled out from the production facility based in La Spezia where most of the yacht models, measuring 76 and 110-foot were manufactured. With the unveil of the new Riva 110′ flagship on March 22, the Ferretti Group took the new to the sea for the first time at the La Spezia shipyard, fending the waves with its unmistakable profile.

Perhaps, what made the greatest visual impact and that took breaths away was the incomparable combination of aesthetics and function, state-of-the-art technology and seafaring experience, all inspired by the typical world-class Italian craftsmanship and the heritage of Italy’s centuries old yachting tradition.

Riva 110’ Dolcevita: A Contemporary Legend

A collaborative effort by Officina Italiana Design, the design studio founded by Mauro Micheli with Sergio Beretta, the Strategic Product Committee chaired by Ing. Piero Ferrari and the Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group, this 33 metre largest Riva yacht features an ultra-sporting profile, including a design embellished by shaped glass windows and chrome inserts.

Among the most striking features, is the large glass windows on the trim line with integrated portholes and, on deck, the single height glass window that runs the entire length of the living room with the glass framed by a stainless steel structure.

“Cruising on this amazing 33 metre yacht is an aesthetic and emotional experience akin to the amazement felt by anyone watching the passing of Rex, the famous cruise ship featured in the film Amarcord, another of Federico Fellini’s masterpieces.” – Ferretti Group Chief Executive Officer, Avv. Alberto Galassi.

This new seaworthy work of art is not just a gift to our brand’s fans, but to all dreamers who can thus rediscover the splendour and thrills of a new Dolce Vita.

The new Riva 110’ Dolcevita will make its official début during an exclusive event to take place in Montecarlo in May, the ideal place for the presentation of a yacht that is already legendary.

Riva is a brand of Ferretti Group, and the brand includes a unique portfolio of prestigious and exclusive brands such as Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line.

More information can be found on www.riva-yacht.com and www.ferrettigroup.com.

Riva Yachts presence in Asia grows, with imports to Japan and Hong Kong

The Riva 76 Perseo picked up a trophy in Boat of the Year Awards at the Japan International Boat Show in Yokohama in March. The famous coupé is one of the biggest vessels currently imported into Japan and marks what some observers see as a gradual boating market turn-around in the world’s third-largest economy after nearly three decades in the doldrums. Maria Beatrice Baraldini and Fabio Massimo Discoli, executives of Ferretti Asia-Pacific, received the award.

Meanwhile, the first Riva 100 Corsaro left the Ligurian Sea aboard a freighter and reached Hong Kong in April, where Riva held the first-ever world launch of a model outside Europe or North America, adding emphasis to the growing importance of the region.

Unveiled in March too was the new 50 metre Riva, “first born of the Riva Superyachts Division” at Ancona, where Ferretti brands CRN, Pershing and Custom Line build in light alloy, steel and fibreglass.

Describing this as “turning a dream of Carlo Riva into something tangible”, Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, said that the steel-hulled yacht would be a naval masterpiece offering comfort, elegance and naval art values that had been a hallmark of the brand for the last 175 years.

For more information, visit Riva Yacht and Ferretti.

Ferretti 720 motoryacht

Superyacht builder Ferretti sold to Chinese company

Ferretti 720 motoryacht

China’s Shangong Heavy Industries has bought the Ferretti Group, taking over 75% of the Italian shipmaker’s capital.

Sleekly tailored with gleaming chrome accessories and luxurious saloons, the Ferretti Group designs some of the most exclusive yachts in the nautical world.

Ferretti has 8 yacht brands (Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Mochi Craft, CRN and Ferretti Custom Line) and owns a total of 8 shipyards.
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Aquariva by Gucci

Italian design house Gucci said it will introduce made-to-order speedboats next year, with prices starting from 590,000 euros ($750,000).

The vessels will be produced in partnership with yacht-builder Riva to help mark Gucci’s 90th anniversary in 2011.

This unique collaboration between two of Italy’s most renowned design houses celebrates the era of La Dolce Vita, when a joie de vivre, glamour and elegance defined an attitude and a lifestyle.
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Riva, an icon of Italian luxury design

riva speedboat Italian luxury design

A crane gingerly lifts a 13-metre Riva into Lake Iseo after the last coat of varnish has dried on its mahogany finish.

The speedboat, an icon of “Made in Italy” luxury design, is going for a final spin before a potential buyer checks it out.

“Tradition and innovation, that’s what drives us,” said Paola Procopio at the shipyard.

Like many symbols of La Dolce Vita, Riva started as a family venture in 1842.
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Aquariva By Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson has designed a speed boat in collaboration with Officina Italiana Design for Italian boat brand Riva.

Newson’s design for the Aquariva vessel is unique in its conception, as well as the materials chosen.

A wood-like, textile-based laminate (phenolic composite) was used for the deck area and instrument panel.

This material was developed in the first half of the 20th century, and was a precursor to fibreglass.
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The new 86′ Domino by RIVA

Riva has just unveiled their newest yacht for the 2010/2011 season newest yacht, the 86’ domino, at the Cannes Boat Show last week.

This latest 26 meter yacht is considered to be an evolution of the renowned 63’ Vertigo and 68’ Ego Super models.

The boat can sleep eight guests in four cabins with four crew members whilst there is space on the boat to entertain up to twenty people on board.
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Tibaldi For Riva

Italian pen makers Tibaldi have released a collection of pens for the Italian ship yard Riva.

The collection marks the first ever collaboration of these two iconic Italian brands: Riva, makers of  luxurious power boats and Tibaldi, Italy’s first fountain pen manufacturer.

All Tibaldi for Riva writing instruments are coated in exactly the same paint colours as Riva boats.
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Rivale Palm Beach

Iconic Italian motoryacht maker Riva will debut its new 52′ Rivale Palm Beach at the Miami Yacht Show this weekend.

The boat’s deck and hull are finished in a new color, desert sand, with Roman bronze detailing on the dashboard and signal mast evoking the image of a shark’s flipper.

Inside the cabins, the walls and furniture are made of luminous elm, embellished with topstitched natural-grain leather, for a soft, dark contrast to the Roman bronze lacquering.
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Riva Yachts Brings the new Ego Super to Miami Boat Show

Riva, the Italian world’s leading company of luxury motoryachts will bring its splendid and glamorous yachts to the Miami Boat Show (February 12th to February 16th 2009).

Riva will be showing six models at this year’s show and will be introducing the new 68’ Ego Super to the USA, on display at Ferretti Group booth.

Presenting herself as the ultimate blend of design, comfort, performance and reliability, 68’ Ego Super is the luxurious evolution of the Riva world.
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Aquariva Super Yacht by Riva

The amalgamation of rugged spirit and tasteful sophistication appears to be at the heart of Italian yacht maker Riva’s latest motorboat Aquariva.

The Riva Aquariva Super is Riva’s latest version of their Aquariva yacht stemming from the legendary Aquarama yacht launched in 1962. The Italian motorboat maker will be debuting its newest luxurious creation this weekend at the New York Boat Show opening.

Priced at about $944,000, the Aquariva Super pictured above is a 33-footer combining elegant and sinuous lines, precious woods and supreme attention to detail in carpentry, chrome, lacquer-work, leather, and fittings.
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RIVA and Veuve Clicquot Design Collaboration

Veuve Clicquot have launched a new limited edition champagne collection in collaboration with Italian yacht maker Riva, called the La Grande Dame by Riva Collection.

Following Globalight’s success, this is the latest in a string of high profile collaborations between Veuve Clicquot and the likes of Andrew Putman, Christian Schwamkrug of Porsche Design Studio, Pablo Reinoso, Pucci, Karim Rashid and Jason Bruges

Riva is the luxury speedboat company behind the iconic boats of the 60’s and the golden age of the Dolce Vita lifestyle. Today they continue to make some of the most beautiful boats in the world.

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Riva 92 Duchessa

After the hugely successful 115′ Athena, flagship of the fleet since 2005, Riva continues its adventure in the megayacht segment, with a new, refined model.

Mauro Micheli’s pencil, the work of his team at Officina Italiana Design and Riva’s Engineering Department have once again managed to sketch a winning yacht.

Curved, racy lines harmoniously design the profile of this yacht which encloses all the elegance and inimitable Riva style.
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