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Get Loud: Sennheiser and Freitag Headphones

For those who have their finger on the pulse of all things environmentally friendly and stylish, this one is for you. Sennheiser has joined Swiss company Freitag to launch a limited edition collection of headphones. Limited to only 1,500 pieces, the over-the-ear headphones named ‘Urbanite’ promise to keep the signature ‘club’ sound that Sennheiser is known for.

Using tarpaulins that have been discarded by the haulage industry and recycling them, Freitag has made a name for its with its stylish bags and accessories. Each of the colorful F703 Sennheiser headphones, which usually feature a black headband, will be accompanied by its own matching carrying case.

“High fidelity meets high individuality in a one-of-a-kind product,” said Oliver Brunschwiler, Freitag’s Head of Brand Communication. “We are excited about the result that will delight ears and eyes alike.”

Sold through Freitag’s stores and dealer network, you can expect to get your hands on the next release in Freitag’s online store on March 22.

Hello Kitty Beats

Hello Kitty meets Beats by Dre

Hello Kitty Beats

Hello Kitty has teamed up with  to celebrate her 40th birthday with a special edition collection of headphones and earphones.

The collection includes “Solo2 Blue,” a Hello Kitty version of the brand’s most popular headphone, covered in the Japanese character’s signature red, white and blue design. The cans will retail for $249.95.

A lighter earphone version will also be available in the form of “Hello Kitty Urbeats”, featuring a cute bow design and special collector’s pouch. The earbuds will be available to purchase for $149.95.

The collection will be unveiled at Hello Kitty Con 2014 on October 30 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, which will provide an overview of the character over the decades.

The convention will include a  vintage shop selling rare collectibles from the past in addition to a tattoo shop, art installations and a series of workshops and panel discussions.

“Hello Kitty x Beats” will launch worldwide in mid-November.

Philips Fidelo M2L

Philips intros first Lightning-compatible headphones

Philips Fidelo M2L

 has launched the first-ever audio headset which connects to the iPhone, iPad and iPod via Apple’s Lightning port.

Slated to launch in Europe this December, the Philips Fidelio M2L will offer high-fidelity sound and total integration with Apple’s mobile devices.

There are multiple advantages to using the Lightning connector over a standard audio jack. Firstly, it enables the transfer of power, meaning that powered headsets can be made without bulky battery packs.

Of course, this means reducing the battery life of Apple devices, which are not exactly known for their autonomy.

Secondly, the Lightning connector allows every aspect of the headset’s operation to be controlled through a dedicated iOS app. Finally, the proprietary interface eliminates all forms of crosstalk and interference.

With the Fidelio M2L, Philips also promises high-resolution 24-bit audio thanks to its built-in DAC. Of course, the use of the Lightning technology means the headset is only compatible with Apple products.

Last spring, before announcing the Lighting connector, Apple paid $3 billion to acquire the audio device brand Beats, which is expected to launch headsets with the technology in the near future.

So it comes as something of a surprise that Philips beat  to the punch by unveiling the first device in the new category.

The Philips Fidelio M2L is due to arrive in Europe from December, priced at €250. Pricing and availability in the US have not been announced.

Beats by Dre Fendi

Fendi x Beats by Dre Headphones

Beats by Dre Fendi

 showed off a new collaboration with the hip headphones company at their show in Milan Monday night, set to launch at the end of this year.

The headphones are crafted in selleria leather and handstitched by Fendi’s artisans. An ultra-luxe black crocodile leather version was also created to celebrate the launch.

Beats by Dre Fendi Milan

They’ll hit stores with ten color options including sunflower yellow, fire red, emerald green, blackboard and asphalt, all in ton sur ton design with the Fendi logo on the side and top.

Last year Beats by Dre unveiled a collaboration with Alexander Wang for limited edition versions of the brand’s Pill speaker, Studio headphones, and Urbeats earbuds.

alexander wang headphones

Fashion and tech collaborations are an increasingly big business, and Diane Von Furstenberg’s Google Glass frames went on sale to the public Monday via a Net-à-Porter.com.

Diane von Furstenberg Google Glass

Chanel Monster Headphones

Chanel x Monster Headphones

Chanel Monster Headphones

Chanel has teamed up with Monster Headphones to create a special set of headphones. These headphones were first spotted on Swizz Beatz and Karl Lagerfeld on the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2014 runway.

Swizz Beatz and Karl Lagerfeld

The luxury ear gears are fashioned with a quilted leather headband and adorned with signature Chanel’s interlocking C’s. To top it off, the headsets come complete with a matching carry case in matelassé finish.

chanel headphones

The price of the headphones and its release date has not yet been revealed..

beats superbowl

$25000 Beats by Dre: Superbowl Edition

Beats by Dr. Dre has given each player in this weekend’s game a specially designed set of headphones worth $25,000 to celebrate the occasion.

beats superbowl

Gold and diamond-encrusted, the black leather headphones are engraved with “New York XLVIII 2014” and come in two slightly differing finishes.

The white gold headphones have been made for the Denver Broncos while the Seattle Seahawks get their headphones in yellow gold.

Other than the use of precious metals & gems courtesy of Graff Diamonds, underneath they are standard Beats By Dr. Dre Pro edition headphones.

Each pair comes equipped with its own carrying case. The reported price tag for these exclusive ear warmers: $25,000.

Maserati Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins Reveals Maserati Headphones

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones Maserati Edition is the latest in a growing range of premium audio products aimed directly at music-loving luxury Italian car owners.

Maserati Headphones

The special headphones use the same natural grain leather found in Maserati cabins and, of course, sport the car company’s famous trident badge.

They also come with a special quilted leather carrying pouch and have a dedicated made-for-iPhone cable so that songs don’t have to be interrupted to take a call when out and about.

More importantly, the €399 headphones contain all of Bowers & Wilkins’ audio knowhow. That means over-ear speakers that use specially developed neodymium magnets and highly and equally special diaphragms for the clearest sound and the best natural external noise isolation.

The headphones follow a similar collaboration between the brands which resulted in a Maserati edition of Bowers & Wilkins recording studio-grade loudspeakers. But at €9000 a pair, they would have to be something special.

And, of course Bowers & Wilkins technology is why music sounds so good inside a Maserati. B&W is responsible for the sound systems inside the current Ghibli Quattroporte luxury sports sedans.

alexander wang headphones

Alexander Wang Collaborates With Beats by Dr. Dre

Alexander Wang has teamed up with Beats by Dr. Dre to design a limited-edition collection of custom Beats products. Priced at $449 these are certainly pretty luxurious accessories.

Alongside the main earphones, Wang has also rubbed his magic wand on the Beats Pill portable speaker ($299) and a pair of earbuds ($149). Pale gold and matte black is the order of the day.

alexander wang headphones

“The limited edition collection for Beats by Dr. Dre include my favorite headphones and portable speaker, which I personally love to use,” said Alexander Wang. “For this collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre, it felt right and a natural choice for me to give the Beats Studio headphones, Beats Pill and Urbeats earbuds a clean, minimal look with a luxe sensibility.”

The products will hit the Beats and Alexander Wang online stores on December 16.

Bose QuietComfort 20 noise-cancelling headphones

Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones

Bose’s latest noise-cancelling headphones make sure listeners can enjoy their music while staying alert to the sounds of the world around them.

The first in-the-ear headphones to feature the Bose technology, the QuietComfort 20 headphones are optimized for use with portable, digital devices and for actively expanding the bass and middle frequencies usually lost through the compression of mp3 and other digital music file formats.

They are said to be the world’s first active internal and external noise-cancelling earbuds — which work by generating equal and opposite sounds to those surrounding the listener rather than acting as earplugs — a tactic that actually serves to amplify internal sounds such as the vibrations created from the wearer’s own footsteps or jaw movements.

The new headphones are also the first from the company to feature an ‘active’ mode which, at the press of a button on the cable, continues to purify the sound quality of a track, but also allows the sounds of the outside world in so that the listener doesn’t accidentally walk out in front of a car or miss an announcement when waiting for a train.

Bose may not be the ultimate audiophile’s choice of headphone, but there’s little doubt that when it comes to acoustic and noise-cancelling technologies that make it easier to enjoy music without external interruptions and without cranking the volume up to 11, the company has no real competitors.

Its technology is so mature and well-developed that auto makers such as Cadillac now use it as part of their in-car infotainment systems to stop engine noise, wind and tire roar permeating their cars’ cabins.

The QuietComfort 20 headphones also feature a built-in microphone and control buttons for taking a call and are compatible with Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry smartphones.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod owners, Bose produces the QuietComfort 20i, which is essentially the same product but with a customized headphone jack specifically for iOS devices.

Powered by a battery that should last 16 hours between recharges, the headphones will still function as standard earbuds if the battery runs flat while in use.

Of course, Bose isn’t the only company to offer noise-cancelling earbud headphones. For the same price, Denon’s AH-NC600 earbuds claim to eliminate external ambient noise by 99%.

Likewise, Sennheiser, the audiophile’s go-to headphone-maker, has its CXC 700 in-the-ear headphones, also offering active external noise cancelling for a fee of $300.

However, what sets Bose’s earbuds apart are their internal microphones for monitoring, cancelling and purifying internal sounds for the widest spread of high and low frequencies.

Another difference is its battery: Denon and Sennheiser’s noise-cancelling units run on a replicable AAA-sized battery, the weight of which can pull the earbuds out of the wearer’s ears, while Bose has finally adopted a lightweight lithium ion rechargeable battery cell to eliminate this problem.

Due to go on sale in the US this summer, the QuietComfort 20 headphones will be available direct from Bose.com for $299.95.

hublot monster luxury headphones

Hublot x Monster “Inspiration” Luxury Headphones

hublot monster luxury headphones

Monster and Swiss watchmaker Hublot have unveiled the “Inspiration Hublot” luxury headphones at Baselworld 2013.

The Inspiration Hublot over-ear headphones feature dual mono amplification, as well as the debut of Monster’s Enigma Audio Engine.

The Enigma’s chip design is said to feature high-end advanced digital noise cancellation, wireless Bluetooth with advanced AAC and APT-X codecs, direct USB audio and user-customizable sound shaping.

Monster notes that the noise cancelling technology is built around a pair of inconspicuous microphones. One can handle constant noises “like the droning inside a plane,” while the other handles sporadic noises.

The product has a brushed aluminum finish, and carbon fiber ear cups that have genuine leather padding.

The Hublot Inspiration headphone will be available globally this summer at Hublot stores for for 1,750 EUR ($2,270).

logic3 ferrari Headphones

Ferrari Headphones and Earphones From Logic3

logic3 ferrari Headphones

Ferrari has teamed up with Logic3, the long-time PC accessory and speaker manufacturer, to produce an exclusive collection of audio products.

The Ferrari by Logic3 collection comprises a range of earphones, headphones and speakerdocks that celebrate Ferrari’s excellence, flair, performance and design.

Two collections were created between Ferrari and Logic3, the Cavallino Collection and the Scuderia Ferrari Collection.
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Oscar de la Renta Beats Dr Dre headphones

Oscar de la Renta x Beats by Dr. Dre

Oscar de la Renta Beats Dr Dre headphones

There have been a string of Oscar de la Renta expansions of late, although the most unexpected comes in the launch of a partnership with rapper Dr. Dre on a pair of lavish designer headphones which double up as earmuffs.

Currently featuring on the “new arrivals” section of the Oscar de la Renta website, the fluffy “luxe silver fox” earmuffs surround a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

Retailing at $695, this limited edition item is one of de la Renta’s more extravagant partnerships, compared to the label’s teaming up with US luxury stationery firm Mrs. John L. Strong on items such as note cards, invitations and place cards.
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Elva Hsiao’s $9,000 diamond-studded headphones

Elva Hsiao, famous Taiwanese pop singer, spent $35,000 on an image makeover in order to release her latest album in October.

Her management company hired five top stylists to come up with a brand new image for her this year.

Apart from her brand new image, the next most captivating piece of accessory from her new wardrobe includes the $9,000 vintage headphones encrusted with a variety of different gemstones and diamonds.
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iDiamond Headphones by Heyerdahl

diamond earphones

The latest addition to luxe tech is the iDiamond Ear: diamond-studded earphone.

Designed by Thomas Heyerdahl of Heyerdahl jewelry, located in Oslo, Norway, these earphones are crafted from 18k white gold or 18k rose gold (total weight is 11.5 grams) and are set with 1.65 carats of handcrafted micropave diamonds (204 individual diamonds) and feature laser engraved details.

Heyerdahl is the same company which created the world’s most expensive iPod called the iDiamond, which was auctioned (March 2008) for a charitable cause in London. The iDiamond was created as one unique and single piece of jewelry.
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