BMW To Replace LED Lights With Laser Headlights

BMW will introduce the next generation of head lights – laser lighting on its BMW i8 – that could cut energy use in half compared to LED lights. The laser beam headlights will be twice as efficient as LEDs, and can be up to 1,000 times stronger. BMW will use miniscule 10-micron long laser diodes, … Continued

Bombay Sapphire Vapor installation Infusion

Bombay Sapphire will celebrate its 250th anniversary by participating in the Milan Design Week 2011 with the installation Vapor Infusion, created by Moritz Waldemeye. He created a stunning and highly imaginative visualisation of the special distillation process used in the production of the premium gin in the iconic blue bottle. The Bombay Sapphire Vapour Infusion … Continued

Yann Kersale designs the Jallum lamp for Baccarat

French crystal makers Baccarat has released its latest design in collaboration with renowned Parisian lighting artist Yann Kersalé. The Jallum lamp is made of French cut crystal, aluminum and can be recognized in the form of a glass baton with LEDs inside it. There are four cylinders arranged on a charger cradle and can be … Continued

Beautiful Dress Made Out Of 24,000 LEDs

Two London-based designers have created a dress embroidered with 24,000 full color LEDs. It is touted to be the world’s largest wearable display. The “Galaxy Dress” is the center piece of the “Fast Forward: Inventing the Future” exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. “We used the smallest full-color LEDs, flat like … Continued

Poesy Illuminated Bed by Philippe Boulet

French designer Philippe Boulet offers his illuminated furniture collection to those looking to spark up their life a bit. He is famous for using LED technology to bring light to antique-looking pieces of furniture, like chairs, tables, commodes and last, but not least, beds. His latest creation, the Poesy bed, is an amazing example of … Continued

Chorong lamp by Joongho Choi

Korean designer Joongho Choi has designed a modern reinterpretation of traditional Korean chong-sa-chorong lamps. Called Chorong, the hanging light source can be directed by pivoting the steel pole in its glass base. Choi has created two versions – one for traditional light bulbs and another mounted with an LED.

SmartFaucet From iHouse

By using a facial screening application, the iHouse Smart Faucet recognizes the user and automatically turns on the water to the favored flow and temperature. In addition, the touchscreen display located on top of the faucet can be used to check out your email inbox, view the current temperature outside among others. Several people can … Continued

Samsung makes LED Hummingbirds

The push Samsung has been making to get their LED TV technology promoted is pretty impressive. The CG was produced by New York based 1st Ave Machine who has done some very awesome work worth checking out. Watch the gorgeous video!

LED Faceless Watch by Hironao Tsuboi

Designed by Hironao Tsuboi, this LED watch has no face. It looks like an ordinary silver segmented bracelet. But telling time is not too difficult on this watch, as the LED-powered hour and minute digits will light up across a few of the segments on this “silver bracelet”. The LED Faceless Watch measures W-97 x … Continued

ON AIR Wrist Watch

ON AIR Wrist Watch shows time in an extraordinary minimal way. While LED display shows minutes in number, its position shows us the current hour.

Rolls-Royce Updates the Phantom Saloon for 2009

The Rolls-Royce has released their 2009 model Phantom with a few interesting features. On the outside, the revised Phantom gets a new bumper with a shallower stainless steel grille like those on its two-door compatriots. Rolls has also added such luxury touches as LED lights in the door handles and three new sets of aluminum … Continued

I-Quad: Interactive Tiles

The I-Quad uses tile shaped LED electronic boards held together by a simple frame and interacts with external devices via USB or wireless. Each tile is capable of a low-res, almost dot matrix-like resolution. Basically anything can be displayed across these tiles; from communication, entertainment, even ambient lighting. Via YankoDesign

USB Flash Drive with Fingerprint Scan

The Pandora collection of GressoDesign claims to be the first-of-its-kind “luxury” device with memory capacity of a whopping 64GB and a fingerprint scanning detector. With a memory capacity of 64GB, it is definitely luxury ! The Pandora collection has two versions: Black and Red. Black version has its chassis made from 200 year Old African … Continued

Bugatti Veyron Vincero Tuned By Mansory

In Dubai you can find cars that you’ve never heard about like this Mansory-prepped Veyron called Bugatti Vincero, which is up for sale by Prestige Cars. Though Mansory, the custom carmaker, has still not made any official statement about this new design, the Prestige Cars (Abu Dhabi) website has revealed that only 3 such cars … Continued

LED outdoor walkway by MINIMIS

CATWALK is a modular, LED-illuminated outdoor & indoor walkway system. A more dramatic way to welcome guests to your front door, restaurant, bar, casino, or café. In daylight the modular steel and white polycarbonate structure has a clean rectilinear profile and resembles raised stepping stones over water, and acts as a clean white canvas for … Continued

Big Time LED Watch Table

“Big Time” is a sleek and stylish giant wristwatch, which can be used as a table. Designer Lee J. Rowland has thrown in a fully functioning watch for its surface, complete with seconds and date which can be viewed using touch buttons just like a normal watch. You can even program it to display an … Continued

LED dress – electronic fashion

“Rhyme&reason” is an exploration in using light as a material to create transformative fashions. Unlike most LED clothing, which make the wearer look like a neon lamp, the designs from Rhyme & Reason are stunning pieces you could actually wear. Designer Mary Huang says, “Integrating technology into a wearable piece can often be cumbersome, so … Continued

High Tech cushions

Marie-Jacqueline, a French fashion designer, and LumiGram, have teamed up to create a very unique collection of high tech and decorative items, based on fiber optics fabric. When powered on by an embedded electronic module, thefiberoptics fabric emits acoloredlight along the full length of thefiber, producing a stunning and classy luminous effect. A small switch … Continued