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Ice Hotel Church Jukkasjärvi

Watch the new Ice Hotel bar being built

The 25th Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland, has opened its doors and the establishment has released a video showing the building of the bar.


Titled “Booom!”, the ice bar features a central block of crystal designed to look like it has created splashes of snow on the walls. Designed by Italian sculptor Maurizio Perron, Bulgarian architect Viktor Tsarsk and Dutch designer Wouter Biegelaar, the bar forms the centerpiece of the hotel.

This year’s  displays hand-carved rooms by 42 artists, in addition to an ice church, the bar and a majestic Aurora hall theater.

The 5,500-square-meter hotel is constructed every year from 1,000 tonnes of Torne River ice and remains open until mid-April, when it melts into its surroundings. For more information see www.icehotel.com.

Ice Hotel 2013/2014, suite by Natuski Saito and Shingo Saito

Sweden’s Ice hotel to let guests design their suites

Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel, known for its individually designed suites carved out of ice and snow, is offering guests the chance to design their own bespoke suites for winter 2014.

Ice Hotel 2013/2014, suite by Natuski Saito and Shingo Saito

The suites, set to be available starting in December, will be made exclusively to order and guests will be involved in the design process, getting the chance to work closely with the ice and the resort’s ephemeral art.

Prices will start from SEK 1,485,000 (US$ 231,000), making them some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world.

Up There suite Ice Hotel

“We want to create a forum in which guests can express their own design ideas and experiment with ice as an art material,” said Arne Bergh, Creative Director of Ice Hotel. “The beauty of ice is that it only exists briefly and then goes away, it unleashes an incredible creativity in people.”

The suites will be made from the exclusive natural ice from the river Torne and feature original handmade art work.

Paris suite Ice Hotel

Once the client has left, the suites will be left to melt into the river with the spring. Guests will be given a bottle containing some of the melted ice, along with the sketches and blueprints for the design, and photographs of the suite.

Located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the Ice Hotel has been a pioneer in ice art since its launch 25 years ago.

Ice hotel Jukkasjarvi

For more information or to design a suite see icehotel.com

Frozen Suite

Disney Frozen Themed Suite At Hotel De Glace

Quebec City’s iconic ice hotel has carved out a bedroom fit for a snow queen in a collaboration with Walt Disney Studios with their “Frozen”-inspired suite.

Frozen Suite

The Frozen Suite is modeled after the royal bedrooms of sisters Anna and Elsa featured in the film. The Suite features an ornate, ice-carved bed, armchair and bench, and will be open through March 23.

The movie itself is set in the dramatic landscapes of a wintry Norway and the film’s fictional town of Arendelle, inspired by the picturesque Nordic town of Bergen.

The hotel is located 10 minutes from the center of Quebec City, which will be hosting the 60th edition of the world’s largest winter festival, the Quebec Winter Carnival between January 31 and February 16.

Up There suite Ice Hotel

Frozen Paris is the theme of new ice hotel suite

The romance of Paris and the wilderness of the Arctic Circle might seem worlds away from one another, but they have been brought together thanks to a new suite at the Icehotel in Sweden.

Up There suite Ice Hotel

Created by French design duo Les Ateliers de Germaine, ‘Up There’ features the skyline of Montmartre carved into its icy walls. The suite features jagged rooftops and the basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, along with chimney pot ice sculptures, backlit windows and a bed frame made of blocks of ice.

Partners Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison wanted to represent the “magical city, legendary city, romantic city, poetic city, symbolic city” that is Paris, and celebrate its position as a source of inspiration for artists and a destination for billions of tourists from all over the world.

Ice Hotel Up There suite

“More than a design, more than an architecture, it’s a trip to the heart of one of the historical districts that we offer,” claim the pair. “You can feel the people living all around you, you might even see them if you’re curiously peeking out the window. You are part of the city, you are the city.”

It is one of ten suites specially designed ‘art suites‘ for the 24th edition of the Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, the world’s largest hotel built from snow and ice which is rebuilt every year.

Paris suite Ice Hotel

Other art suites include ‘Mind the Gap’ by Marcus Dillistone and Magdalena Åkerström, which features an ice sculpture of an underground train, and ‘Pole Dancing’ by Christine and Natalie Close, which counts a huge polar bear sculpture amongst its interior décor.

For more information about the Icehotel, see www.icehotel.com

Dutch ice hotel Zwolle bedroom

Spending a night in a Dutch ice hotel

Dutch ice hotel Zwolle bedroom

It could be any standard hotel room in the quaint northeastern Dutch city of Zwolle, with a bed, a minibar, bathrobes and two pairs of slippers.

Except for the room temperature, which hovers just above freezing. Welcome to the first Dutch ice hotel, all the comforts at eight degrees Celsius (46 °F).

“If you take a shower before bed, make sure your hair is dry or it will freeze. Do not drink too much alcohol, or eat too heavy a meal. Make sure you change clothes before entering the room,” hotel manager Annet van Limburg told first-time visitors.
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Quebec Ice Hotel photo

Canada’s coolest hotel warms hearts

Quebec Ice Hotel photo

Guests huddle for warmth in sleeping bags on beds of ice, bonnets pulled over their ears to prevent frostbite, while sipping cocktails in glasses also made of ice.

This winter wonderland on the outskirts of Quebec City has become one of Canada’s hottest attractions and most sought out accommodations.

A cool place to host a memorable wedding or for a romantic getaway, the Quebec Ice Hotel has attracted 600,000 curious tourists, including 30,000 who stayed overnight, since opening seasonally 11 years ago.
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hotel de glace

Hotel de Glace prepares to cool Quebec

hotel de glace

The Hotel de Glace, North America’s answer to Sweden’s famous Icehotel, will open its doors on January 7.

The hotel, which is painstakingly constructed every year for a relatively short period of time, chooses a different theme for each season and has opted for “Biodiversity in all its forms” this year (which runs January 7 – March 27).

Ice sculptures and architecture will be installed in the public areas and the themed suites, offering visitors “habitats inspired by the cohabitation of all forms of life”.
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Ice Hotel Church Jukkasjärvi

Early opening for Lapland ice hotel

Ice Hotel Church Jukkasjärvi

Icehotel Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland – the world’s largest ice hotel – welcomed its first guests this week, one month earlier than usual.

This year’s hotel features 60 ice rooms and is the 21st hotel at the site, which was the world’s first ever ice hotel and remains the largest.

It also offers a luxury suite, an ice reception desk, an ice church, an ice bar in association with Absolut and a main hall featuring a crystalline ice chandelier.

A crack team of experts is responsible for creating the 5,500 meter-square Ice Hotel, building it by shooting a mixture of snow and ice over huge steel forms which are then removed when it is set.

Specially-selected artists from all over the world then begin crafting blocks of ice harvested from a nearby river to create the interior, each participant mentored by another with previous experience of building ice and snow.

Icehotel remains open until Spring, when it is left to melt and flow back into the Torne River, from where it came.

The Hotel de Glace, a similar property and the only ice hotel in North America, is currently set to open on January 7.

Canada’s Ice Hotel

For a limited time, Québec plays host to North America’s only hotel made of ice. The Hotel only opens for four months a year, so guests need to be quick.

Open until April 4, it is created from 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice.

The 36-room ice complex features a 7.6 meter high igloo at the center, which will host exhibitions commemorating the tenth season of the hotel.
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Hermes Fall / Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

For their latest ad campaign, Hermes has skipped fall and headed straight to winter.

Brazilian top model, Raquel Zimmermann stars in the snow covered campaign shot by Eric Valli at Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel.

Eric Valli received its international reputation from contributions to Geo, National Geographic, the Sunday Times, the Smithsonian, Life and Paris Match.
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Alpha Resort-Tomamu’s Ice Village in Shimukappu

Fancy an “icy” outdoor bath during your next holiday?

At Alpha Resort-Tomamu’s ice village in Shimukappu town, you can stay in a hotel where dining room, bedroom and bathroom are all made out of ice.

Even dinner is served on an ice plate.

Room charges are at 80,000 yen ($900) for two per night. The hotel was open until Feb 15, 2009 but it will certainly re-open in 2010.

Temperatures in Shimukappu range between -1 to -10 degrees celsius during this period. Via Kineda. More pictures after the break.

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Artistic Art suites for the Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Mesmerize yourself with the artictic sculptures at the Ice Hotel. The world famous Ice Hotel is located at Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

Globally renowned ice sculpture artist gather to display their talent on ice at the ice hotel. The Ice Hotel has an Ice Church and Ice Bar.These art suites are made from the frozen water of Torne River.

Artistic Art suites Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotels exhibition has artist fro all parts of the world who gather in this small Swedish village, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, to create an exclusive art exhibition: ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi.

Ice Hotel suite
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