Spending a night in a Dutch ice hotel

It could be any standard hotel room in the quaint northeastern Dutch city of Zwolle, with a bed, a minibar, bathrobes and two pairs of slippers. Except for the room temperature, which hovers just above freezing. Welcome to the first Dutch ice hotel, all the comforts at eight degrees Celsius (46 °F). “If you take … Continued

Canada’s coolest hotel warms hearts

Guests huddle for warmth in sleeping bags on beds of ice, bonnets pulled over their ears to prevent frostbite, while sipping cocktails in glasses also made of ice. This winter wonderland on the outskirts of Quebec City has become one of Canada’s hottest attractions and most sought out accommodations. A cool place to host a … Continued

Hotel de Glace prepares to cool Quebec

The Hotel de Glace, North America’s answer to Sweden’s famous Icehotel, will open its doors on January 7. The hotel, which is painstakingly constructed every year for a relatively short period of time, chooses a different theme for each season and has opted for “Biodiversity in all its forms” this year (which runs January 7 … Continued

Canada’s Ice Hotel

For a limited time, Québec plays host to North America’s only hotel made of ice. The Hotel only opens for four months a year, so guests need to be quick. Open until April 4, it is created from 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. The 36-room ice complex features a 7.6 meter … Continued

Hermes Fall / Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

For their latest ad campaign, Hermes has skipped fall and headed straight to winter. Brazilian top model, Raquel Zimmermann stars in the snow covered campaign shot by Eric Valli at Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel. Eric Valli received its international reputation from contributions to Geo, National Geographic, the Sunday Times, the Smithsonian, Life and Paris Match.

Alpha Resort-Tomamu’s Ice Village in Shimukappu

Fancy an “icy” outdoor bath during your next holiday? At Alpha Resort-Tomamu’s ice village in Shimukappu town, you can stay in a hotel where dining room, bedroom and bathroom are all made out of ice. Even dinner is served on an ice plate. Room charges are at 80,000 yen ($900) for two per night. The … Continued

Artistic Art suites for the Ice Hotel

Mesmerize yourself with the artictic sculptures at the Ice Hotel. The world famous Ice Hotel is located at Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Globally renowned ice sculpture artist gather to display their talent on ice at the ice hotel. The Ice Hotel has an Ice Church and Ice Bar.These art suites are made from the frozen water of … Continued