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quiet please

Light sleeper? A new site will help find a quiet hotel

quiet please

Ever have your stay in a hotel ruined by noise? A Dutch website offers tips on how to find a quiet hotel room.

Set to launch this year, Quiethotelroom.org will begin listing hotels that carry the Quiet Room label, a certification that’s meant to identify hotels that offer well-insulated, noise-repelling rooms.


An initiative of the Knowledge Center Sound Insulation (KGI), the site will scout out hotels with four or more stars and rate their noise levels.

To determine noise levels, inspectors from the KGI measure the two adjacent rooms, airborne sound and impact sound.

The concept builds upon consumer demand and the growing importance for a restful stay. In a survey conducted by FlyerTalk last year, excess noise ranked fifth as the biggest pet peeve among hotel guests.


In the US, a similar site aims to serve a similar purpose, except that Quiethotels.com is based on user-generated recommendations rather than expert sound and acoustic inspections.

Over at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago, guests can choose to stay on the Quiet Floor, where rooms are reinforced with additional insulation between walls, and come with complimentary earplugs and noise reducing door sweeps.

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

Carnical in New Orleans

TOP 10 Most Expensive U.S. Destinations for NYE

Carnical in New Orleans

New Orleans is the most expensive US destination in which to spend New Year’s Eve, according to a new survey.

After collecting the minimum room rates for hotels on December 31 across 30 major destinations across the US, TravelMag.com deduced that New Orleans is the priciest city for lodging, clocking in at $359 for the most affordable double room. That’s 300 percent higher than off-peak rates.

Only hotels with at least three stars were considered for the ranking.

Not far behind is Atlantic City, which recorded the biggest price jump — a whopping +586 percent — over the holidays, at $350 for New Year’s Eve.


New Orleans French quarter

At the other end, Los Angeles emerged one of the most affordable destinations, with the minimum hotel rate of $209.

Here are the most expensive destinations for overnight stays booked on December 31. The second number reflects the percentage difference for the least expensive rate for the following week.

1. New Orleans $359 (+ 302%)
2. Atlantic City $350 (+ 586%)
3. New York City $345 (+287%)
4. Miami Beach $313 (+ 144%)
5. Honolulu $284 (+ 162%)
6. Nashville $284 (+ 167%)
7. Denver $269 (+ 108%)
8. Las Vegas $249 (+ 117%)
9. Savannah $223 (+ 153%)
10. Los Angeles $209 (+ 36%)

Six Senses Nin Vanh Bay

Is this the world’s sexiest bedroom?

Six Senses Nin Vanh Bay

There is no stripper pole or ceiling mirror in the bedroom that’s just been named the sexiest hotel bedroom in the world.

Instead, the water villa at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam offers sunset views of the bay, thanks to a king-sized bed positioned to face the water in an open-concept, doorless hideaway that harnesses its natural surroundings — water, tropical jungle and light — to seduce its tenants.

spa Dormy House Cotswolds

For the second edition of the Smith Hotel Awards, hosted by boutique hotel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith, the Six Senses luxury resort and spa nabbed the title of sexiest bedroom for offering “ravishingly romantic” villas that evoke the notion of a castaway romance.

This year’s pick marks a stark contrast to last year’s winner, the Corfu Suite at Blakes Hotel London (below), a lavish bedroom featuring detailed mother-of-pearl dressers and a four-poster bed draped in gossamer nets.

Corfu Suite Blakes Hotel London

Instead, the seduction of Water Villa 5 could be its understated minimalism, accented simply by a draping mosquito net over a king-sized bed and open concept to excite the imagination.

“Water Villa 5 is the pick of the bunch, with an infinity-edge plunge pool set seductively into the rocks, a private ladder leading into the ocean, and rustic-luxe good looks that conjure a cocoon of pure castaway romance.”

Uxua Casa Brazil

The Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa in Bahia, Brazil (pictured above) was also a big winner in the Smith Hotel awards, taking the title of Best Smith Hotel for offering all-natural spa treatments in tree-flanked pavilions, a quartz-lined pool and inventive Brazilian cuisine, editors said.

The hotel was designed by the former creative director of Italian clothing company Diesel.

Monastero Santa Rosa

Other winners included:

Best Hotel Restaurant: Hartnett, Holder & Co at Lime Wood, UK
The Eco Award: Sal Salis, Australia
Hottest Hotel Bar: The NoMad Hotel, US
Best Spa Hotel: House Spa at Dormy House, Cotswolds
Best Budget Hotel: 1888 Hotel, Sydney Australia
Best-Dressed Hotel: El Fenn, Morocco (below)

For the full list visit smithhotelawards.com/2014/winners.

El Fenn Morocco

underwater hotel room

The hotel room of the future

Hotel Atlantis Dubai underwater room

In 10 years’ time, hotel guests will don sleep suits that can monitor blood pressure and glucose levels and lay their head on smart pillows that can provide head and neck massages.

Instead of making Skype calls to their loved ones back home, guests will be able to beam kids and spouses directly to their hotel room in holographic form. And smart showers will tell us how clean we are with light indicators and douse us with sprays of vitamin C.


These are among some of the fascinating prophecies being made in a wide-sweeping report released from Skyscanner, in which the online booking site tapped futurologists and industry experts to gaze into their crystal ball and paint a portrait of how the world will travel in 2024.

The notion of hotel rooms doubling as mini spas and health clinics isn’t so far-fetched, given that leaders in the industry are already introducing innovative services with the guest’s well-being in mind.

At the MGM Grand’s Stay Well room in Las Vegas, for instance, lighting is designed to help fight jet lag by resetting the internal clock, while shower water is infused with vitamin C, points out the report.


The shower of the future, meanwhile, may offer chromatherapeutic lighting: violet lighting to relax muscles, yellow to help with digestion or soft blue to stimulate and energize, experts predict.

Shower technology is also being developed to “agitate dirt” from our bodies and, in future, could tell us how clean we are with a lighting system that would illuminate green or red.

Likewise, sleep suits will be embedded with sensors that can monitor a guest’s health and even offer dietary advice.


The hotel experience in 2024 will also become highly personalized, allowing guests to control lighting, curtains and temperature with the press of a few buttons and swipes on their tablet device, a service that already exists at The Peninsula Hong Kong.

In fact, experts envision that guests will even be able to change the decor of their room via interactive walls that can display different desktop-like images, films and family photos via a smartphone app.

“The Future of Travel 2024” was written by a team of 56 editors, researchers and futurologists around the world.

The chapter on hotel rooms marks the final installment of the three-part report that included planning and booking and travel journeys.


hudson studio

Beyoncé Filmed One of Her Videos at This Hotel

The New York hotel where Beyonce shot the video “Rocket” is set to profit from the exposure, after it helped play a role in an album that shattered records just a few days after its release.

hudson studio

Beyonce’s eponymously-named fifth album sold one million copies just six days after being released without promotion, breaking iTunes records.

hudson studio bathtub

In her black and white video “Rocket,” Queen Bey is captured alternately writhing on Italian bedsheets, gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling windows towards the Manhattan skyline, and hovering Exorcist-like over the bed in the Hudson Studio at The Standard High Line.

Shot in the 400-square foot (37-square meter) apartment,  the seductive video shows the studio’s signature feature, a freestanding bathtub. Located in the heart of the trendy Meatpacking district, the 18-storey tower offers sweeping views of the Hudson River.

Corfu Suite Blakes Hotel London

The sexiest hotel bedroom in the world

Inside the suite dubbed the sexiest bedroom in the world, couples are greeted by a four-poster king-sized bed draped in light gossamer nets and a pair of exquisitely detailed mother-of-pearl dressers.

Corfu Suite Blakes Hotel London

The bright airy room with high ceilings and clean, white elegance has made the Corfu Suite at Blakes Hotel London a favorite among honeymooning couples and caught the attention of boutique hotel specialists Mr and Mrs Smith, who named the French Provencal suite the world’s sexiest hotel bedroom.

To mark their tenth anniversary, the online booking site compiled a list of their favorite properties around the world in categories such as best Smith hotel, sexiest bedroom and hottest hotel bar.

Post Ranch Inn

Room 505 at Blakes Hotel London — which bills itself as the first boutique hotel in the world —  was designed by Anouska Hempel, a London-based hotelier and interior designer whose portfolio includes the flagship Louis Vuitton store in Paris and retail stores for Van Cleef and Arpels.

“There’s such a leap of imagination from the streets of London to the bedrooms of Blakes. They’re so exotic, elaborate and escapist. The perfect boudoir” said Mr&Mrs Smith’s head of curation Mary Garvin.

Snagging the title of Best Smith Hotel was The Post Ranch Inn, a boutique property carved 1,200 feet (365 km) above the Pacific Ocean in the rugged cliffs of Big Sur.

Post Ranch Inn bedroom

Designed to maximize the beauty of its natural surroundings, the free-standing Cliff house, for example, features a deck suspended over the cliffs, a glass-walled bedroom and outdoor stainless steel hot tub, all designed to offer sweeping views of the ocean.

Luxurious Tree Houses, meanwhile, are built 9 feet (2.7 meters) off the forest floor as free-standing structures, for an adult-version of the overnight experience that includes a king-size bed, fireplace, and skylight for stargazing at night.

Upper House Hong Kong

Here are the winners:

Best Smith Hotel 2013: Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California, USA
Sexiest Bedroom in the World: Blakes Hotel, London
Best-Dressed Hotel: Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali
Hottest Hotel Bar: Ace Hotel, New York
Best Spa Hotel: Como Shambhala Estate, Bali
Best Hotel Restaurant: Bastide de Moustiers, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Provence, France
Best for Families: Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood, Thailand
The Eco Award: Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy
Best Budget Boutique Hotel: Brody House, Budapest
The Greatest Outdoors: Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, USA
Above and Beyond Award: The Upper House, Hong Kong
Best Newcomer: Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada

An underwater hotel room

A new underwater hotel room has opened off the coast of Tanzania for intrepid, adventurous and ocean-loving travelers. Set off Pemba Island, also known as ‘the Green Island’ in Arabic, guests of The Manta Resort’s underwater room are dropped off at a self-contained hotel which literally drifts at sea.

underwater hotel room

Guests can sunbathe on the top deck of their private island accommodations by day and dine on a lounge deck at water level. By night, they’ll then dive into the sea to access their hotel room, where they nod off amongst the fishes and their marine surroundings.

For an ethereal effect, the suite, which is built four meters below the surface, is lit by underwater spotlights to provide a backlit projection of the Indian Ocean’s tropical sanctuary.

Part of the experience also lies in its isolation and underdevelopment as a tourist destination. The most reliable way to access Pemba Island is by chartered flights from Zanzibar.

And while interest in the region is growing amongst divers for its unspoiled reefs, the area has yet to be paved by large-scale resorts and tourist crowds.

The Manta Resort

The suite is designed by Swedish outfit Genberg Underwater Hotels, which opened its first underwater property in a Swedish lake near Stockholm in 2000.

The Utter Inn is a single room that lies three meters below the surface and contains twin beds and a table. Room rates at The Manta Resort start at $750 per person a night.

Monaco Monte Carlo

Where you’ll find the most expensive hotel rooms

Monaco Monte Carlo

If you’re looking to travel to Monte Carlo, brace yourself and your pocketbook as average hotel prices in 2012 were highest in the Monegasque capital and lowest in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh.

In the ninth edition of hotels.com’s annual Hotel Price Index, which reviewed global hotel prices during 2012, the capital of Monaco topped the list of destinations with the highest average hotel prices last year, experiencing a six percent price hike from £189 (€220) in 2011 to £200 (€230) in 2012.

Looking for a cheap vacation? At the other end of the spectrum, the average hotel price for a room in Phnom Penh, Cambodia clocked in at £40 (€46).

Meanwhile, globally, guests around the world paid three percent more for their hotel rooms compared to 2011, the report points out.

In what could be construed as a harbinger for areas of growth, the index also charts the biggest percentage price rises in 2012 and found that hotel prices in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt skyrocketed 34 percent over 2011, from £69 (€80) to £92 (€107).

Rounding out the cities that experienced the biggest percentage price hikes between 2011and 2012 are Perth, Australia; San Francisco, California; Orlando, Florida; and Siem Reap in Cambodia.

The report looked at the prices of more than 155,000 properties around the world.

The 10 destinations where average hotel prices were steepest during 2012:

1. Monte Carlo, Monaco – £200
2. Muscat (capital of Oman) – £188
3. New York – £179
4. Rio de Janeiro – £177
5. Moscow – £160
6. Geneva – £159
7. Key West – £154
8. Boston – £151
9. Cannes – £149
10. Perth – £142

The 10 destinations with the lowest average hotel prices during 2012

1.Phnom Penh, Cambodia – £40
2.Pattaya, Thailand, Cambodia – £48
3.Hanoi, Vietnam – £49
4.Siem Reap, Cambodia – £51
5.Chiang Mai, Thailand – £53
6.Vilnius, Lithuania – £53
7.Riga, Latvia – £54
8.Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – £59
9.Krakow, Poland – £61
10. Bangkok, Thailand – £61

Dutch ice hotel Zwolle bedroom

Spending a night in a Dutch ice hotel

Dutch ice hotel Zwolle bedroom

It could be any standard hotel room in the quaint northeastern Dutch city of Zwolle, with a bed, a minibar, bathrobes and two pairs of slippers.

Except for the room temperature, which hovers just above freezing. Welcome to the first Dutch ice hotel, all the comforts at eight degrees Celsius (46 °F).

“If you take a shower before bed, make sure your hair is dry or it will freeze. Do not drink too much alcohol, or eat too heavy a meal. Make sure you change clothes before entering the room,” hotel manager Annet van Limburg told first-time visitors.
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New York Luxury Hotel room

Hotel Rates in New York City skyrocket ahead of NYE

New York Luxury Hotel room

New York may be officially the most popular place in the US to spend New Year, but travelers will still be paying through the nose for the privilege.

Staying in the Big Apple in 2012 will cost revelers up to 700 percent more than normal, price comparison site NewYorkHotels.org said this week.

On average, the 50 properties that have room availability are charging more than triple their regular rates, the website calculated.
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Dukes Hotel London

London’s Dukes hotel introducing ‘women only’ rooms

Dukes Hotel London

A London hotel has become the latest to roll out a suite of amenities for women, despite a ruling that declared a similar scheme in Copenhagen as illegal under discrimination laws.

The Dukes Hotel in London will assign some of its rooms ‘Duchess Rooms’, loading them with treats to tempt single female travelers or groups of women.

The Duchess rooms will be looked after by exclusively female room attendants, contain extra items such as a makeup mirror, hair dryer and styling accessories, and offer a selection of glossy magazines.
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Resorts World Manila to add 4 hotels by 2016


Philippine casino operator Alliance Global plans to build another 6,500 hotel rooms over the next five years as it ramps up investment in the country’s tourism sector.

The plan includes the launch by year-end of its 2,500-room Resorts World Bayshore project on Manila’s seafront, its chairman Andrew Tan said in a statement.

It also includes a previously launched $345-million project to build a 2,500-hotel room tourism estate called Boracay Newcoast on the central resort island of Boracay.
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Banyan Tree Macau

Banyan Tree opens Macau resort

Banyan Tree Macau

The new Banyan Tree Macau has opened within the US$2 billion Galaxy Macau resort complex, providing a luxurious retreat for gamers.

The all-suite resort offers such extras as a relaxation pool in every room and the brand’s signature villas situated beside the resort’s unique rooftop wave pool.

As more and more tourists head to China, major tourism operators are looking for new and improved methods to grab their share of the market.
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snore absorption room

Crowne Plaza to trial “snore absorption room”

snore absorption room

InterContinental-owned Crowne Plaza has unveiled a room designed to help the long-suffering partners of snoring sleepers get a good night’s sleep.

The chain said that a “snore absorption room” is being rolled out at nine of its global properties on a trial basis to see if it can help couples snooze in more comfort.

Based on “proven technology,” the room has been given a set of extra features Crowne Plaza believes could help reduce snoring, tackling both the snorer and the person being kept awake.
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Ian Pearson

A look inside the hotel room of the future

Ian Pearson

A renowned futurologist has predicted that by 2030, our hotel rooms will be able to change themselves to match our preferences for a perfect night’s sleep.

Ian Pearson made the predictions in Travelodge’s Future of Sleep report, a six-month project looking at the way hotels and travel are going to change in the future.

A highlight of the report was the concept of the “dream management system”, which would allow people to control the content of their dreams.
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Hotel receptionist

A glimpse at the future of travel

Hotel receptionist

Robot receptionists, smart hotel rooms that know guests’ preferences and virtual postcards are all set to change the way we travel over the coming years.

A study commissioned by the organizers of ITB Berlin, one of the world’s largest travel shows, suggests that technological advances are expected to produce some far-reaching changes in the way we plan, book and enjoy our vacations.

Within ten years, smart rooms could be a reality, changing their lighting,  colors, air conditioning and even minibar options depending on the preferences of guests.
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2010 ends with a bang for French luxury hotel chain

Accor-owned brand Sofitel is to wrap up 2010 with a triple-whammy of hotel openings in exotic locations around the world, the company said December 13.

The five-star brand is opening properties in Austria, Mauritius and Cambodia this week, including a new flagship for Europe in Vienna.

The new Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom features a futuristic glass and steel tower which rises 18 stories high and showcases art by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist and a living garden wall by landscape architect Patrick Blanc.
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Nagano hotel offers model railroad suite

A hotel in the northern Japan city of Nagano has installed one of the largest scale model railway sets in the country in a special luxury suite.

The diorama measures 6 meters by nearly 2 meters wide and displays many of the prefecture’s most popular tourist spots, including Zenkoji Temple and Nagano’s famous mountains.

The Hotel Metropolitan’s model has four kinds of electric trains that guests can steer around the track, including a miniature version of the Asama “shinkansen,” the bullet train that runs between Nagano and Tokyo.
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