Yves Saint Laurent’s Prunier Caviar Love Tin 2012

Since 1970, Yves Saint Laurent has been creating original drawings, inspired by the “sesame” word LOVE, which have become his greeting cards. Convinced by the quality of the Prunier caviar, Yves Saint Laurent accepted that each year one of his drawings be used to illustrate the tins of the caviar “Love” selection.

WWF sounds warning on caviar

Poaching and illegal trade in sturgeon caviar persist in Romania and Bulgaria, posing a serious risk to the highly threatened species of fish, WWF warned Monday. A total of 52.5 kilos (115.7 pounds) of illegal caviar, retailing for upwards of 6,000 euros ($8,200) per kilo, originating in the two countries was reported by European Union … Continued

Abu Dhabi to build largest caviar factory

Abu Dhabi is closer to building the world’s largest caviar farm after two dozen live sturgeon were flown from Frankfurt in last month. The fish arrived at the world’s largest aquaculture plant in Abu Dhabi, a new 60,000 square meter facility that is expected to produce 32 tons of caviar a year. The notion of … Continued

Russia aims to boost caviar exports with fish farms

Once the world’s top exporter of black caviar, Russia is building fish farms to harvest the gourmet delicacy as it aims to bring its sturgeon stocks back from the brink. In Gamzyuki, a tiny village in the Kaluga region, around 200 kilometres (125 miles) south of Moscow, a fish farm has the ambitious goal of … Continued

Yves Saint Laurent’s Prunier Caviar Love Tin 2011

Caviar House & Prunier have introduced their new caviar tin Love, inspired by one of the famous greetings cards of Yves Saint Laurent. Since 1970 the incredible French designer has celebrated and shared love creating his own greetings cards for closed friends and family. Perpetuating the spirit of this tradition since 2007 Caviar House & … Continued

Russia resumes sturgeon caviar exports to Europe

Russia has resumed sturgeon caviar exports to the European Union after a nine-year ban, a fisheries watchdog said Monday. Russia has decided to allow exports to Europe of up to 150 kg (330 lbs) of black caviar from farmed fish as “a symbolic volume,” said Alexander Savelyev, a spokesman for the Federal Fisheries Agency. “The … Continued

Caviar: the ultimate delicacy, from a farm near you?

The grey pearls burst on the tongue to release their salty, marine aroma, lifted by notes of nut or fruit. Caviar remains the ultimate luxury food — except these days the Caspian delicacy likely comes from a farm near you. Exports of wild sturgeon eggs have been restricted since 1998 under UN quotas set to … Continued

Beluga caviar back on table

Reputedly the finest form of caviar, beluga, is back on the table this year, after five key source countries agreed on export quotas for the delicacy. Trade in beluga caviar was halted last year as countries failed to agree on quotas, in line with a 2002 CITES agreement. But during a meeting in Tehran, Azerbaijan, … Continued