choose your own adventure video campaign

British Airways launches ‘Yourope’ digital campaign

British Airways has created an interactive “choose your own adventure” video campaign that offers European holiday ideas based on the user’s travel preferences.

British Airways digital billboard

British Airways Billboards Interact With Their Planes

British Airways’ digital billboard can point out specific flights as they pass overhead.

British Airways A380

British Airways to start A380 service to LA in October

British Airways airline is now taking bookings for its first superjumbo Airbus A380 flight, which will travel from London to Los Angeles on October 15.

kim wilde

British Airways announces ‘Gig in the Sky’

British Airways is hoping to break a Guinness World Record for the highest concert when the carrier flies iconic 1980s bands like Bananarama and Go West 43,000 feet in the air

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Emirates President Tim Clark

Qantas Airways teams up with Emirates

Qantas Airways announced on Thursday that it was teaming up with Emirates of Dubai after ending a long-term partnership with British Airways.

UK carrier British Airways

British Airways launching video for nervous flyers

Starting this fall, UK carrier British Airways is offering a video to help its passengers overcome feelings of anxiety when flying.

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