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Art of Living by Aston Martin

A reflection of Aston Martin’s dedication to exclusivity and craftsmanship, Art of Living by Aston Martin is a curated series of experiences, objects and events that the company hopes will integrate into its clients’ lifestyle.

While luxury goods such as silk scarves, luxury watches and Marma London eyewear are part of the deal, the company’s clients will now also enjoy an exclusive Le Mans experience. This includes being flown to and from the event via the convenience of a helicopter ride, getting direct access to Aston Martin’s race team and retiring to a private chateau at the end of it all. To sweeten the deal, the British luxury car manufacturer also has exclusive visits to the Goodwood Revival – a gastronomic tour of California’s best vineyards and behind-the-scenes tours of Paris fashion houses – in the works.

Aston Martin isn’t the first in providing alternative services and goods besides its cars. Land Rover has previously ventured into bespoke holiday tours with Abercrombie & Kent while Porsche’s design studio, Porsche Design, has been offering clients products such as redesigned BlackBerry handsets bookshelves made of sportscar spoilers. Porsche has even launched an exclusive collection of clothes endorsed by current Manchester United manager José Mourinho.

Managing Director of Aston Martin Brands Katia Bassi said: “The Art of Living portfolio of products will be delivered with the same care and quality that would be expected of a bespoke Aston Martin sports car. This programme provides us with the opportunity to engage with our customers on a new level. We want them to share in the Aston Martin lifestyle.”




Final Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Our friends from the Men’s Folio Singapore team had a bright idea for looking at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – give the phone to non die-hard Samsung users for a fresh take. Below we present their final verdicts on the phone.

A Blackberry Classic user’s point of view

By Rachel Ang

Despite the cries of astonishment and undeserved horror whenever I whip out my Blackberry Classic to tap out a reply, I’ve stuck with the brand for the past four phones I’ve owned because I appreciate its focus on messaging, whether SMS, email, WhatsApp, or Blackberry Messenger. I’m not somebody who plays many games, so the fact that many applications aren’t available on the Blackberry platform doesn’t bother me. That being said, it was a pleasant surprise to see most of the common apps already installed on the Galaxy S6 Edge, even after rebooting it to factory settings. Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Drive are all there ready to go. For me, the only necessary app that needed to be downloaded specially was WhatsApp. Another reason I’ve remained using a Blackberry is its ability to multitask, especially between apps. I can easily minimize a browser window that is playing a YouTube video, and it will keep playing while I reply to any messages that come in. Although the Galaxy S6 Edge has a multi window feature, it unfortunately is not exactly user-friendly or intuitive. Perhaps, it takes a little getting used to. That being said, I do appreciate the touchscreen real estate on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which is halved on my Blackberry Classic due to the physical keypad. I’m rather hard pressed to choose between being able to browse beautifully through feeds and banging out emails under the table without having to look and check for autocorrect blunders.

Final Verdict: The sleek form of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge certainly wins points for attractiveness. While its user interface has room for improvement, I can certainly see myself living with it quite comfortably.

Lifestyle Image_9

A Nokia Lumia 930 user’s point of view

By Patrick Chew

Here’s the thing, I like my phones to have a bit of weight to them. I need it to feel solid and sturdy so that when I place it in my pocket, I’ll know it’s there instead of feeling the urge to perform the ‘mobile phone dance’ every once in a while, you know, the one where you’d frantically pat down all your pockets the moment you don’t feel like your phone is on you. That’s why the 132g and 7mm thickness of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (a feat that Samsung’s engineers must have worked tirelessly to achieve) just doesn’t quite cut it for me. Having said that, I do appreciate its sleek design, held together by a metal frame with chamfered edges, a refreshing step away its predecessors’ heavy use of plastic. The mix of curved lines with right angles also gives it a very contemporary and expensive look and feel. My moment of satori came when I turned on the phone. The images and colors were incredibly sharp and more vibrant than anything my Lumia 930 has ever displayed, courtesy of a Quad HD (2560×1440) 557ppi display, which made it slightly underwhelming when I switched back to my Nokia’s 1920×1080 resolution. Additionally, the Google Play store presented a vast variety of apps, from immensely useful ones to the downright redundant, that the Windows Store sorely lacks. For years, I had convinced myself that Window Store’s embarrassing array of apps actually enabled third-party app developers to release their own versions of popular apps, but with added features. But I’ve found that there’s nothing like owning official versions of apps and taking comfort in its guaranteed quality and customer service.

Final Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge succeeded in persuading me to consider switching to an Android operating system. But whether or not I eventually opt for the S6 Edge is something that’s still up in the air.


An iPhone 6 user’s point of view

By Beatrice Bowers

My first reaction to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was typical of any staunch Apple fan – derision that slowly faded into indifference. But pulling my courage and spirit of adventure together, I set my iPhone 6 aside (sorry, my love) for a day, and gave the S6 Edge a shot. Its 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen is significantly larger and has a higher resolution than the iPhone 6, so watching movies on it is particularly enjoyable, especially with the tasteful color settings that made visuals appear crisper. Also a plus, it processes most common video formats, allowing me to watch MKV versions of MasterChef on the bus without the hassle of converting them first. My inner narcissist also believes that the cameras is an important part of a phone and the S6 Edge’s 16-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front cameras, had me sold with the Beauty setting, which eradicated my blemishes and made me look like a K-pop star’s unsuccessful sister – a massive boost for my self-esteem since the front camera on the iPhone 6 tends to make my zits look more offensive than usual. When it comes to usability, and multitasking abilities, the S6 Edge left me confused. Being accustomed to the neat iOS interface without many opportunities for customization, its TouchWiz interface was overwhelming, partially due to my innate handicap from having used iPhones since its advent. It really took awhile to grow on me.

Final Verdict: If you’re one who enjoys making technology your slave instead of the other way around, and loves tinkering with interfaces, go for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Also, take lots of selfies. Your self-image will thank you.

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Officially Announced

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

BlackBerry is hoping to keep pace with the tech market with the release of its latest mobile device that boasts up to 30 hours of battery life.

The new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition includes a “best-in-class” battery life with up to 30 hours of mixed use; a large, high-resolution square screen; curved corners; touch-enabled keyboard; and reinforced stainless steel frame for extra strength and durability.

BlackBerry Blend will send messaging and content from the device to personal computers and tablets and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and  Android, powerful speakers and a quad microphone system.

Other specs include a QuadCore 2.2 GHZ Processor, 3GB RAM, 13 MP OIS rear camera and 32GB memory expandable up to 128 GB.

The device retails for $549 USD and is now available in North America. It will roll out across Europe in the coming weeks.

BlackBerry Passport Limited Edition

BlackBerry Passport Black & Gold edition revealed

BlackBerry Passport Limited Edition

 has announced the Passport Black & Gold, a limited edition consisting of just 50 devices.

In addition to a gold back cover and gold sides, this luxury edition of the Passport comes with a cover in Valextra leather.

Each device is numbered. The limited edition is available for $899.

Previously available in white, black and red, the BlackBerry Passport has a 4.5-inch square HD touchscreen (1440×1440 pixels) that breaks with current industry trends.

Powered by the BlackBerry 10.3 OS and a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, the 4G-ready smartphone has a 13MP camera with optical image stabilization and 1080p video recording, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The device is marketed primarily to business professionals and has a price tag of $699.99 (unlocked).

blackberry classic

BlackBerry Classic priced at $449, up for pre-orders now

blackberry classic

The back-to-basics BlackBerry Classic smartphone handset is now available to order ahead of an official launch on December 17.

It doesn’t boast a cutting-edge processor or a front-facing camera focused on capturing the perfect selfie.

It doesn’t have an integrated fingerprint sensor, the ability to film videos in 4K resolution or a gargantuan 5-inch plus HD display.

No, the Classic’s biggest selling points are that it’s very comfortable to hold with one or two hands and that it has a full, physical QWERTY keyboard.


And it’s that ability to type quickly and accurately and without obscuring the screen with fingers which is getting people excited and admitting that, in a world dominated by multi-touch screens, is a feature they now miss.

The response to the new handset is also a perfect illustration of how quickly technology is evolving; BlackBerry has managed to generate so much fond nostalgia among consumers for a device that as recently as 2007 was considered cutting-edge.

However, that trip down high-tech memory lane will come at a premium. The Classic, which has a square touch screen, will run the latest version of BlackBerry’s operating system and be capable of running Android apps, is expected to cost $450 off contract.

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry’s New Passport Smartphone to Sell for $699

BlackBerry Passport

 is set to unveil its latest smartphone Wednesday, in a move aimed at reviving the fortunes of the struggling Canadian tech group.

The BlackBerry Passport with a square 4.5-inch screen and physical keyboard will be priced at $699 without a contract in the United States, chief executive John Chen told the Wall Street Journal.

The price is slightly below the contract-free price of Apple’s new iPhone and high-end smartphones from Samsung.


It will be launched at events in Dubai, London and Toronto, before launching in stores 15 days later, he said.

The Passport launch follows the failure of devices on the BlackBerry 10 platform to gain traction, and a management shake-up last year aimed at stemming massive losses.


Porsche Design P’9983

BlackBerry unveils Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone

Porsche Design P’9983

 today unveiled its premium BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone as the successor of the last year-launched P’9982.

This might seem like a strange decision, especially considering the amount of competition in the smartphone market, but BlackBerry must have a market in mind for its latest premium handset, the P’9983, which will cost €1650 ($2350) when it goes on limited sale in October.


The P’9983 started out life as a lowly Q10 handset but has been given a thorough external aesthetic remodeling, and the result is a glass-encased angular handset with a textured glass-like full QWERTY keyboard.

It also gets a stainless steel chassis and Porsche Design rear-plate logo and a sapphire glass lens cover for the rear camera.

However, strip away the elegant façade and underneath it is still more or less the same handset, albeit one with a lot more storage (64GB plus MicroSD card support for a further 128GB) on board.


But this handset isn’t about internal hardware specifications, it’s about productivity, exclusivity and desirability. “The Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone from BlackBerry makes a statement about its owner’s impeccable taste and drive for achievement and success, as well as discernment in making the right choices with products that help them stay on top,” says Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group.

So it offers secure, encrypted messaging, an all-day battery life, and a special PIN that will tell any other BlackBerry owner that they’re messaging someone who owns a Porsche Design handset.


In terms of accessories, owners can snap up a custom Italian leather cover at extra cost, but the device will ship with an international charging cable for the productivity-focused global business traveler, a set of premium headphones, and a USB cable for faster, secure data transfers.

Qantas A380 Airbus

Qantas ditches BlackBerries for iPhones

Qantas A380 Airbus

Flagship Australian airline Qantas is ditching BlackBerry for Apple’s iPhone and rolling out in-flight iPad entertainment streaming, dealing a blow to the US firm’s rivals.

Qantas said it was switching 1,300 employee phones from Canada-based Research in Motion’s BlackBerry to the popular Apple device after a “large majority” of workers expressed a preference for the iPhone.

“Transition from the BlackBerry to the iPhone is part of Qantas’ broader mobility strategy and, once complete, will result in significant cost savings,” Qantas said.
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Dassault Aviation F50EX

Blackberry maker to sell jet to save $1 billion

Dassault Aviation F50EX

Research In Motion which has lost 95% of its market value since 2008, is selling one of its two business jets under a plan to save $1 billion in operating costs.

The maker of BlackBerry devices put its nine-passenger Dassault Aviation SA (DSY) F50EX up for sale, trying to fetch $6 million to $7 million.
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blackberry porsche design

Porsche Design P’9981 Blackberry

blackberry porsche design

Research in Motion, in collaboration with Porsche Design, launched its latest BlackBerry smartphone Porsche Design P’9981.

The exterior is made up of a forged stainless steel frame and the rear is covered with hand-wrapped leather. It also boasts of a laser cut QWERTY keyboard.

The P’9981 comes fully functional with 8 GB of hard-drive memory, a 1.2 GHz processor, as well as Dual-Band Wi-Fi capabilities and offering 720p HD video.
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Amosu Couture BlackBerry Bold 9900

Amosu Blackberry Bold 9900 Gold Edition

Amosu Couture BlackBerry Bold 9900

The recently announced BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the latest handset to receive the golden touch from luxury brand Amosu Couture.

The handset features a 24 carat gold bezel and can be customized to include Swarovski crystals, diamonds or personalized engraving.

There is also an option to purchase a handmade leather, python or crocodile case to match the phone.
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BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion just announced its iPad rival at its developers conference in San Francisco.

The PlayBook is aimed at business customers, co-chief executive Michael Lazaridis said during a speech at the conference.

The device is 9.7 millimetres thick and features a seven-inch touch screen. That’s smaller than the iPad’s 9.7-inch display.

It can run both HTML 5 and Flash 10.1 and has a one gigahertz dual-core processor with one gigabyte of RAM.
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Unlocking your hotel room with your smartphone?

InterContinental is to become the first chain in the industry to pilot technology that allows guests to open their guestroom with a smartphone.

The group will roll out the technology, designed by OpenWays, to two US Holiday Inn properties, gathering feedback from the first guests to use the system.

Travelers staying at the Holiday Inn & Suites Chicago O’Hare Rosemont and the Holiday Inn Express Houston Downtown will have the option to enroll in the program prior to their check-in date.
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UAE decision to ban BlackBerry services ‘final’

A decision to suspend key BlackBerry smartphone services that were deemed noncompliant with the laws of the United Arab Emirates is “final”.

“The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) decision to suspend certain Blackberry services from October 11th is final,” WAM quoted a statement by TRA director-general Mohammed al-Ghanem as saying.

“We remain open to discussions in order that an acceptable, regulatory-compliant solution might be developed and applied,” WAM quoted him as saying.
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Monocle x Blackberry 9700

Monocle has teamed up with BlackBerry to produce 100 unique Bold 9700 handsets.

Each device comes pre-loaded with Monocle’s 25/25 travel guides to the best business cities in the world and will also include specially design wallpapers.

They have 16GB cards and are also supplied with battery, charging pod, world charger, media player headset, USB and gift packaging.
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BlackBerry Royal Blue Edition

BlackBerry Bold has launched a unique and rich smarthphone: the new BlackBerry Royal Blue Edition.

Crafted by Katherine Hughes of Republica Fashion, it derives inspiration from the Everton Football Club and even bears its logo.

Diamonds are neatly placed around the shiny sapphire dressings which accommodate the year 1878, the birth of Everton F.C.
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Amosu Diamond Blackberry

You wouldn’t expect less from designer Alexander Amosu, than this stunning World’s Most Expensive Diamond-Encrusted Blackberry.

It took 350 hours of painstaking craftsmanship in solid 18 carat yellow gold, encrusted with 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds (weighing 28.43 carats).

Each phone can be personalized with your name or company logo while featuring a 24-hour global concierge service focused on “accessing the inaccessible”.
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Amosu Colour Couture

Amosu has recently launched Amosu Colour Couture.

The company claims that Colour Couture is available “in any color the customer wants,” though there’s currently no way to preview colors and combinations on its website.

You can also further personalize your Colour Couture device with your name, initials, logo, whatever for an additional charge.
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