Luxur PLC – Forever Luxury !

A true specialist of the finer things in life, Luxur PLC is armed with a stunning portfolio of goods & services for the discerning clientele.

The company was established in the UK, with a global logistical operation, accomodating the requirements of high net worth individuals online, worldwide.

Uniqueness and Individuality is an ethos the group strives for to reflect Luxury.

Their portfolio consists of fine mobile phones, exquisite jewellery, beautiful hides of leather bags & purses & a breathtaking lighting collection incorporating gold & diamonds.

Opulence is another brand owned & operated by Luxur, with a unique, never before seen, shopping entertainment system.

This is set for launch at some point in 2010 & promises to be a global, groundbreaking e-commerce site for anything Luxury, at truly bargain prices.

This is certainly just the start for the young group, and rapid plans for expansion are on the horizon.

The company considers itself as a new generation e-commerce entity for Luxury goods & services; A funky, savvy & fresh establishment with world class innovations & ideas.

The current portfolio can be viewed online at