Asia’s most expensive drink goes for $26,000

Jewel Of Pangaea

Asia’s most expensive drink can be had for a whopping S$32,000 (around $26,000) at a club for the super rich in Singapore, reports Malaysia’s Bernama news agency.

The cocktail, dubbed ‘The Jewel of Pangaea’, was recently launched at the Pangaea in Singapore, a club that targets the super rich and famous.

Open only three nights a week, the club reportedly charges between S$2000 to S$15,000 (around $1600-$12,250) for a table.

The cocktail, created by master bartender Ethan Leslie Leong, is a concoction of gold-flecked Hennessey brandy, 1985 vintage Krug champagne and sugar, garnished with a Triple X 1-carat diamond by Switzerland-based jeweler Mouawad.

“The Jewel of Pangaea was custom-designed to actually taste great. Most of the expensive cocktails around the world simply throw a precious diamond into a martini, but in this case I wanted to use the most premium products available, and ones that would perfectly complement the stunning Mouawad 1-carat diamond,” Leong said.