InterContinental Hotel Group Launches EVEN Hotels

EVEN Hotels bedroom

The InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) selected New York for its first EVEN Hotel, the new brand with a focus on health and fitness.

EVEN Hotels will put emphasize four spheres: exercise, food, work and rest. To address the needs of the clients, the 8000 square meter space will feature guest rooms with in-room workout elements such as coat racks that double as pull-up bars and menus offering healthy nutritional options.

“NYC is an ideal location, being one of the most health-minded cities in the US, so it will provide the EVEN Hotels brand with the right exposure to its target guest, the healthier-minded traveler,” IHG President for the Americas Kirk Kinsell declared.

100 EVEn Hotels are set to debut in the next five years in the US, mainly located in New York, San Francisco and Washington.

EVEN Hotels lobby