Hermes Makes $1.9 Million Gold Handbags

Hermes Most Expensive Handbag

Hermes, which already produces the world’s most expensive functional handbags, the Kelly and the Birkin, has unveiled four new designs, each priced at $1.9 Million.

The miniature totes, which are crafted from gold and studded with thousands of precious stones, double up as high jewellery.

Significantly smaller than the popular leather versions, they are designed to be worn as a bracelet, with the handbag strap resting on the wrist.

It took accessories designer Pierre Hardy, two years to produce the intricate creations. Each of the new designs will only be produced three times.

When asked who he thought would buy the handbags Patrick Thomas, Hermes’ CEO replied: “I have no idea. But maybe they will have two bodyguards!”

Source: Dailymail