Gold Monopoly Game on Display in New York

A Monopoly board game made out of solid gold and encrusted with jewels is currently on display at The Museum of American Finance in New York City.

The gold-bound game was created by jeweler Sidney Mobell, who started in 1988 and worked every day for a year on creating the Monopoly game.

The board is made in 23 carat gold plate, and all the little houses and hotels are 18 carat solid gold. On the chimneys of houses are genuine rubies, on the chimneys of the hotels are genuine sapphires.

A glittering topaz marks the light bulb on the “Electric Company” space, and a ruby drips from the faucet on “Water Works.”

“If you take a look the dice are 18 carat solid gold and there are diamonds embedded in each one of the numbers. The little thimble, the race car, all the little tokens are 18 carat solid gold,” said Mobell.

It is believed to be the most expensive Monopoly game on the planet. Mobell said the game has an estimated value of $2 million, but added the precious game is priceless.

In 2003, Mobell donated the game to the Smithsonian, which is affiliated with the Museum of American Finance.

“Monopoly is a very symbolic game in America,” said David Cowen, president of the Museum of American Finance, on Friday morning.

“It was popularized during difficult financial times in the 1930s. As the nation again faces difficult economic times, I’m happy to have the item here.”

The gold and gemstone monopoly set will be on display at the Museum of American Finance until October 2012.