Moody Aquarium Sink

Moody is not only a simple washbasin, but also an aquarium for goldfish, a Zen garden or a simple pebble river bed or whatever you would like it to be. It is completely watertight with a sand bed for fish, and provides the necessary lighting for maintaining your fish in healthy conditions.

A powerhead is also provided to ensure water circulation, oxygenation and filtration. There are two openings, one on each side of the basin, closed by soap dishes to access the crystal top for cleaning purposes or changing arrangement. (they’ve even tested it to make sure that the fish won’t die if you fill the sink with hot water!)

The washbasin is mounted on a chrome finish brass stand provided with a convenient front towel rail.

Moody is definitely a beautiful concept that will transform your bathroom to whatever you would like it to be (till you see the algae starts growing o_O) !

It might even get your kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth more often!

Distributed by Italbrass. Priced from $4495.