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Maserati Quattroporte: Racing Genes

Mar 23, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

The new Maserati Quattroporte is proof that the marque’s DNA is built for eating asphalt.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTS by Pininfarina

Mar 22, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

Take this classic car out for a tour or drive through the long winding road, as it is for springtime jaunts between countries, with only a passenger, a pair of suitcases, and the distinctive growl from the V12 engine as good company.

Classic Car: 1951 Jaguar XK120

Mar 21, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

Survivors are rare in any condition, but this example qualifies to run on the road again, after a simple restoration without sacrificing originality. 

Mercedes-Benz 300SL with Gullwing

Mar 20, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

The 1957s Mercedes-Benz 300SL with gullwing are considered the last of a legendary breed. Though such rare cars would normally fetch a high price at auction, all proceeds made from the sale of this car will go to the YMCA of Jackson, Michigan to fund the construction of a new building.

115 Classic Cars to go under the hammer this month

Mar 19, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

The Essen Techno Classica returns for another high-quality auction this March with 115 classic cars to go under the hammer and some of the major lots could go for an unbelievable value of €1.5 million. 

Aston’s Classic Car in Tudor Metallic Grey

Mar 17, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

The Aston’s DB5 of 1963 was made famous after it appeared in the popular James Bond film in the 1960s. Following, the new editions took the styling cue with improved aerodynamics and embodied the best class and style that Aston Martin is famous for, such as the DB6 Volante.

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