2009 Bentley Continental GT By Romero Britto

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Bentley Motors collaborated with artist Romero Britto to paint the first concept car of its kind ever to be designed, a prototype Bentley Continental GT.

The car is on display at Romero’s “Come to my World” exhibit in Berlin and, according to Romero himself, has been created to ‘put a smile on people’s faces’.

The design of the car itself features a number of symbols including stars, a happy flower, hearts and an all-over print of squiggle lines.

“Since everything in life moves toward an end”, says Britto, “we should fill our life with colour and hope.”

The “Come to my World” exhibition will run until September 6th as hosted by the Automobil Forum Unter den Linden in cooperation with the Mensing Gallery.

The Britto-Bentley will be auctioned off to benefit multiple sclerosis and the mentally handicapped.

Source: Luxurylaunches /