Blueseed, the floating Silicon Valley


Blueseed is a conceptual floating island-ship intended to house technology startup founders and employees only 30 minutes from California’s northern coast.

The founders, who include an ex-Yahoo software engineer, plan to open the ship to inhabitants by the third fiscal quarter of 2013.

Nearly 150 technology startups have said they’re interested in building businesses on the high seas, according to a report recently released by Blueseed.

The idea behind Blueseed is to provide a visa-free locale where foreign entrepreneurs can create technology companies that utilize resources in Silicon Valley without having to deal with the cumbersome process of obtaining a U.S. visa.

Rent aboard the ship will cost around $1,600 a month plus the equity stakes that Blueseed takes in each resident business.

If you seek a shared cabin, then the cost incurred shall be around $1,200. The top-tier single cabin shall be rented out at $3,000 per month.

The city will have host of facilities like: high-speed wifi across the ship, 24-hour cafes, a full-service gym, concierge, medical services and a post office.

Source: Venturebeat