Abramovich’s Eclipse Available for Charter

Eclipse world largest private yacht

Six months after he finally took delivery of the Eclipse, the world’s largest yacht, Roman Abramovich is offering it up for charter at a rate of $2 million per week.

The 538-ft. Blohm + Voss behemoth is available via ultra-exclusive brokerage SuperYachtsMonaco, and is the world’s most expensive yacht charter by far.

The yacht, which has space for 30 guests and 75 crew, reportedly features a military-grade missile defense system, armor plating, bulletproof windows, three helipads, two swimming pools and a wellness center, among other luxe amenities.

Its annual running costs are estimated to be about $50million – filling the fuel tank alone costs $650,000.

However, Mr Abramovich, 44, is rumoured to have spent only a few hours on board the 162m-long (533ft) vessel.

Sources: Jameslist Metro

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