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Louis Vuitton temporary tattoos

Following Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel ‘tattooing’ their models last fall, Louis Vuitton got into the fake ink game during the recent men’s fashion week.

Designer Marc Jacobs reportedly asked his personal tattooist, the artist Scott Campbell, to come up with spray-ons inspired by the iconic LV monogram, which were worn across models’ necklines, much like ‘tattooed-on’ scarves.

Campbell also customized some of the leather bags seen on Vuitton’s runway.
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First look: Chanel’s transfer tattoos

French luxe brand Chanel has released pictures of its transfer tattoo range that will hit international department stores March 1.

The tattoo’s tacky seafarer image is long a thing of the past, but getting a brand logo permanently inked onto your skin was so far reserved for rappers and other flamboyant figures in show business.

Now, with its line of temporary tattoos, Chanel has found a way to win over the rest of us.
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Gucci’s tattoo heart bag for UNICEF

For its fourth annual campaign to benefit UNICEF, Gucci has launched a special white version of its Tattoo Heart Collection.

All handbags in the range feature Gucci’s iconic heart and rose design, a colorful print which contrasts with the purses’ stark white backgrounds.

“I love the idea of a heart being tattooed onto the handbags,” explained Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini, who has been involved in Gucci’s annual charity line since 2005. “It’s a permanent mark that you can wear with pride that stays with you.

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Swiss man sells back tattoo to gallery

A man has sold an elaborate tattoo of the Virgin Mary, which is still on his back, to an art collector who plans to ‘exhibit’ him three times a year.

The extraordinary transaction – which Zurich gallery owner Jutta Nexdorf claims is the first of its kind, earned the vendor, Tim Steiner, 150,000 euros ($218,000).

The tattoo was designed by Belgian artist Wim Dalvoye and took 35 hours to create. In return Steiner is required to exhibit the work three times a year in public and private shows.
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