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Paul Qui restaurant

TOP 10 restaurants in the US 2014

Here is a list of 25 restaurants from GQ‘s Alan Richman, which the magazine refers to as the “best restaurants of the year” and the “most outstanding restaurants of the year.”

Paul Qui restaurant

Taking the top spot is Paul Qui’s Qui in Austin, which Richman describes as “the most fascinating new restaurant in America.”

“Qui’s talent is prodigious, and his food is filled with both subtle shadings and sheer sensationalism,” Richman writes, pointing to inventive and bold flavor pairings like Filipino dinuguan, a pork-blood stew with mushrooms and meat, with potato gnocchi.

Paul Qui

In homage to Texas, locally raised Wagyu rib-eye and dry-aged cote de boeuf are also on the menu, while beef tartare is spiced with kimchi.

Rounding out the top three spots are Trois Mec in Los Angeles, described as a “little piece of Paris in an LA strip mall,” and a Japanese seafood restaurant in Portland, Oregon called Roe.

Trois Mec in Los Angeles

Here are the Top 10 of 25 outstanding restaurants, according to Richman:

1. Qui (Austin, TX)
“Tasty Texan and uplifted Asian cooking on the other side of Austin”

2. Trois Mec (Los Angeles, CA)
“A little piece of Paris in an L.A. strip mall”

3. Roe (Portland, OR)
“A mostly seafood Japanese gem, hiding in plain sight behind another mostly seafood spot”

4. Carbone (New York, NY)
“The Little Italy–style joint you dreamed of discovering, right down to the veal parm”

5. King + Duke (Atlanta, GA)
“Where there’s smoke, there’s grilling, as all-American as a slab of swordfish”

6. Husk (Nashville, TN)
“Pork, oysters, grits, bourbon – all the best of southern cooking, elevated to a new level”

7. Gunshow (Atlanta, GA)
“They come bearing food, one cook after another – nobody can resist so much charm”

8. Orsa & Winston (Los Angeles, CA)
“Everything imaginable – plus Uruguayan rice”

9. Dover (Brooklyn, NY)
“The re-invigoration of fine dining for a new kind of customer”

10. Nico Osteria (Chicago, IL)
“Sometimes all you want is Italian food, exactly what you love”

Adam Simmonds

World’s most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner

Have £61,000 kicking around and want to impress your Valentine this year? A luxury retail website has designed a Valentine’s Day dinner featuring some of the rarest ingredients on the planet and a Michelin-starred chef.

Adam Simmonds

Created by the same folks who put together around-the-world trips to all 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a culinary odyssey to Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, the latest outrageously extravagant package from VeryFirstTo is an eight-course meal that would be prepared in the home by Michelin-starred British chef Adam Simmonds.

Predictably, the menu is designed as an aphrodisiacal experience that starts with oysters and Almus white caviar — a symbol of fertility — along with Pacific Bluefin tuna, foie gras, truffle salad and Wagyu beef.

Dishes are also paired with some of the finest wines in the world. Saffron risotto, for instance, is accompanied by a 1990 La Romanee-Conti, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, valued at £17,000 ($27,680).

To wash down the oysters, guests will sip on a £3,600 ($5,860) bottle of 1959 Salon Blanc de Blancs, that also comes with South Sea pearls.

To cap off the meal, guests will tuck into bowls of vanilla and smoke chocolate Kopi Luwak ice cream.

Kopi Luwak – known as the most expensive coffee in the world – is actually coffee berries extracted from the feces of the Asian civet cat.

Most Expensive Valentines Day Dinner Menu

vegetarian salad

Dining out while detoxing

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to forgo your social life while on a detox regimen. Giving up on certain foods doesn’t mean avoiding restaurants altogether, especially if dining out is an important element of your well-being.

That said, certain types of restaurants and dishes are more likely to be in line with your detox diet than others, so it all comes down to choosing wisely.

vegetarian salad

Head to the Mediterranean

Most nutritionists agree that there is something to the Mediterranean diet, with its emphasis on fish, whole grains and healthy vegetable oils. Restaurants serving cuisines from this region (Greek, Italian, Egyptian, Lebanese, etc.) are likely to offer a few dishes with healthy portions of detox-boosting vegetables.

Avoid fried foods and rich sauces, obviously, and seek out salads or other veggie-based dishes, whether raw or cooked. Cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, fennel, mushrooms, turnips, spinach and radishes are just a few of your detox allies, along with whole grains such as whole wheat pasta or rice, quinoa or bulgur wheat. Polenta, in reasonable quantities, also presents certain benefits to those on a detox diet, as it is usually gluten-free.

For dessert opt for dishes with dried fruits and nuts such as prunes, almonds, apricots, figs, raisins and dates, or with pomegranate when in season.

Asian inspiration

Whether your preference is for Thai, Chinese, Japanese or Malaysian food, you’re bound to find a number of detox-friendly dishes on the menu. Here as well, avoid rich sauces and fried foods and stay away from sushi, which generally contains more sugary rice than fish or vegetables.

Opt instead for sashimi, steamed dishes and broth-based soups with plenty of detox-friendly foods such as soy sprouts, cilantro, cabbage, bok choy, spinach, ginger or seaweed. Or order a salad with some of the same greens, packed with vitamins and fiber.

And don’t hesitate to order a pot of green tea for its antioxidant properties. Round out the meal with fresh mango or preserved ginger slices.

Go vegetarian

You don’t have to be a strict vegetarian to appreciate the cuisine offered in meat-free restaurants, especially when you’re trying to boost your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables. But don’t let your guard down: vegetarian doesn’t always mean detox-friendly. Steer clear of soy-derived processed dishes, with the exception of all-natural foods such as tofu or tempeh.

Ask your waiter exactly what’s in that veggie burger before ordering, and make sure the bun is whole grain. Usually, though, vegetarian restaurants offer a multitude of vitamin-rich soups, salads, whole grains and bean dishes that are ideal for those on a detox program. To really do your body a favor, add a freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice and a fruit-based dessert.

restaurant Alinea

Top chef considers baby ban in restaurant

A Michelin-starred chef took to Twitter to complain about a crying baby in his restaurant over the weekend, sparking a larger debate about banning babies in fine dining establishments.

restaurant Alinea

The tweet that launched the online dialogue dubbed ‘Babygate’ by pundits came from Chicago chef Grant Achatz, when he wrote: “Tbl brings 8mo.Old. It cries. Diners mad. Tell ppl no kids? Subject diners 2crying? Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no, but..”

According to a report by Good Morning America, the couple was forced to bring their baby to his high-end, triple-Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea Saturday when their sitter canceled at the last minute.

But what do you do when you’ve already paid up to $265 USD a person? In this case, the couple decided to bring their eight-month-old infant to one of the most expensive restaurants in the US, where, invariably, the baby broke out into fits of restless crying that could be heard all the way in the kitchen — a famously hushed and hallowed space at Alinea.

Baby crying

The debate has divided the Twittersphere into several different camps: those who side with Achatz; those who sympathize with parents; and those who complain about the complaining.

Some of the most vocal Achatz supporters? Parents.

Speaking as a mom and a restaurant owner I would never take an 8mo old to a restaurant like Alinea,” tweeted Sally Rich.

Another Twitter user and mother of four adds, “I would want to experience all of Alinea without having to deal with my own child, I feel for others!

Dina Yuen also notes that becoming a parent comes with a set of redrawn boundaries.

The real issue is too many new parents refuse to make sacrifices. You can’t always go to the same places when you have a baby.

But not everyone agrees.

We brought our infant to every fine dining restaurant around the world we went to. Never had a problem. Babies sleep hrs on end,” wrote a Twitter mom.

For his part, in an interview with Good Morning America, Achatz — also a parent — said he’s not against exposing children to the restaurant experience.

We want people to come and enjoy and experience Alinea for what it is but we also have to be cognizant of the other 80 people that come in to experience Alinea that night.

Meanwhile, the controversy also drew criticism from a different camp altogether, who derided the mere existence of the debate.

lol hilariously bourgeois debate on screaming infants and fine dining search alinea+baby right now,” tweeted Chicago-based freelance journalist Matt Kiefer.

Taiwanese chef Lanshu Chen

Lanshu Chen Wins Asia’s Best Female Chef 2014

A Taiwanese chef who mastered French cuisine in some of the world’s top kitchens and reinterprets classic dishes with an Asian twist has been named the best female chef in Asia.

Taiwanese chef Lanshu Chen

Lanshu Chen has been named Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2014, the second recipient after Thai chef Duangporn Songvisava, who took the title last year for her food at Bo.Lan in Bangkok.

As part of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, the lofty title recognizes the most creative, talented and dedicated female chefs in the industry. The recipient is voted for by 200 industry experts across Asia.

Chen began her culinary career in Paris, where she worked in some of the city’s most iconic restaurants including Les Ambassadeurs, Relais d’Auteuil. She also worked under chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in California.

After honing her skills in the culinary capital, she returned to her native Taiwan to open Le Mout in Taichung city, where she reinvents classic French dishes with Asian flavors.

Foie gras, for instance, is paired with ikura (salmon roe) and ginger flower-infused duck consomme. Aged gouda cheese is also served with a plum wine sorbet and matcha.

“By combining French culinary traditions with the local influences and ingredients she grew up with, Lanshu reveals both her mastery of authentic French cuisine and her ability to innovate,” say organizers.

“Her ever-changing menu is founded on classic cooking styles yet informed by her own heritage, creating a delicate cross-cultural fusion of flavours and textures.”

Chen will be honored in a ceremony February 24 at the Capella Hotel in Singapore.

restaurant Jules Vernes Eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower restaurant celebrates 30th anniversary

French chef Alain Ducasse has created a 9-course menu to fete the 30th anniversary of his restaurant Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower, with each course paying homage to his restaurant’s namesake.

On Thursday, January 30, Le Jules Verne will host an anniversary dinner that will take guests on a culinary journey through Vernes’ literary works. Dinner is a cool €550 a person.

restaurant Jules Vernes Eiffel tower

A starter of sea urchin, for instance, will be paired with a 1996 Dom Perignon to invoke “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

A dish of scallops, cauliflower, gold caviar and gelée will be served to represent “The Mysterious Island,” while “North against South” will be plated using truffled Brie cheese from Meaux, served with an herb salad. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the tower at 125 meters above ground.

10kg can Petrossian caviar

Caviar and champagne bar opens at LAX

French caviar house Petrossian opened a bar at the Tom Bradley International Terminal last week for passengers with gourmet taste buds and deep pockets.

10kg can Petrossian caviar

Menu items include a caviar martini garnished with a caviar-stuffed olive, caviar deviled eggs, hand-sliced smoked salmon, a smoked trout platter and caviar flatbread, reports The Los Angeles Times.

For those who absolutely can’t tolerate plane food, Petrossian also offers carry-on picnic packs that run between $205 to $1,582 which can be consumed in-flight.

According to the Times, the most expensive “Caviar in the Air” package includes top-shelf Tsar Imperial Kaluga caviar, creme fraiche, toast points, and smoked salmon in an insulated bag.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

TOP 10 Best Restaurants in Europe 2013

British chef Heston Blumenthal’s London restaurant Dinner has snagged the top spot in a list of the 101 Best Restaurants in Europe, a ranking dominated by French and British eateries.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Compiled by popular food blog The Daily Meal, the list is an interesting departure from one of the best known restaurant rankings, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: the dining destination ranked the best on the planet in that list, El Cellar de Can Roca, is ranked 11th on the Daily Meal’s European list.

Rounding out the top five restaurants are Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana in Italy; Taillevent in Paris, L’Arpege also in Paris and Noma in Copenhagen.


France and the UK tied, each boasting 23 addresses on the list: 15 of the French dining destinations can be found in Paris, 16 of the British restaurants in London.

Overall, 19 countries are represented, from Austria to Croatia, Finland, Hungary and Slovenia.

 Enoteca Pinchiorri

For the ranking, editors whittled down an initial list of 314 restaurants across 31 countries with the help of restaurant critics, food and lifestyle writers, industry professionals and the Michelin guide.

But editors weren’t “slaves” to the venerated Michelin guide or other rankings, omitting several starred restaurants and including more casual eateries off the beaten trail, like Fishy Fishy in Kinsale, Ireland and Da Fiore in Venice, for their “local character, ingredients and culinary traditions.”

bras restaurant

The list also includes dining destinations in unexpected locales such as Fosa in  the Croatian port of Zadar, The Yeatman in the Portuguese town of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London elevates traditional British classics into two Michelin-starred fare.

Main courses include an 18th century dish of spiced pigeon with ale and artichokes and a recipe of “chicken cooked with lettuces” taken from 1670, served with spiced celeriac sauce and oyster leaves.

L'Oustaù de Baumanière

Here are the top 10 restaurants in Europe according to The Daily Meal:

1.        Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (London)
2.        Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy)
3.        Taillevent (Paris)
4.        L’Arpège (Paris)
5.        Noma (Copenhagen)
6.        St. John Bar & Restaurant (London)
7.        Le Grand Véfour (Paris)
8.        Le Louis XV at Hôtel de Paris (Monte Carlo)
9.        Arzak (San Sebastian, Spain)
10.      The Fat Duck (Bray, Berkshire, UK)

Le Sommelier Copenhagen Airport

Top 10 Airport Restaurants in the World 2013

Le Sommelier Copenhagen Airport

Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro at Copenhagen Airport in Denmark has beat star-powered, Michelin-ranked chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay to be named the world’s best airport restaurant.

Brasserie Flo

Le Sommelier is described as the big brother and airport outpost of the city’s downtown location, which serves classic French dishes like Mallard duck and black currant sauce, bouillabaisse, moules marinières and creme brulee.

Globetrotting editors judged the restaurants based on cuisine, style, decor and service.

Plane Food

The list is dominated by US airport restaurants and is a mix of high-end fine dining restaurants and gourmet fast food joints like Shake Shack at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Salt Lick BBQ at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Bubbles Seafood and Wine Bar

Editors also placed high importance on local, fresh, sustainable foods — an emerging trend at airports around the world — as the Napa Farms Market in San Francisco placed fourth on the list.

encounter lax

Here are the Top 10 airport restaurants in the world, according to The Daily Meal:

1. Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro (Copenhagen Airport)
2. Porta Gaig (El Prat del Llobregat, Barcelona)
3. Salt Lick BBQ (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport)
4. Napa Farms Market (San Francisco International Airport)
5. Tortas Frontera (Chicago O’Hare International Airport)
6. Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)
7. Uptown Brasserie (John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City)
8. Obrycki’s (Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport)
9. Encounter (Los Angeles International Airport)
10. Crust (LaGuardia Airport, New York City)

For more, visit www.thedailymeal.com.

Union Jacks restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world 2013

Topping The Daily Meal’s recently released list of the world’s most expensive restaurants is Kitcho in Kyoto, Japan, where a traditional kaiseki meal  — a ceremonious multi-course, affair that originated with Japanese tea ceremonies  — will set diners back about $600 a person.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Overall, Japan leads the ranking with three restaurants represented, followed by France and Switzerland, which each have two addresses listed.

Another noteworthy restaurant is the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives, where diners eat five meters below sea level with panoramic views of underwater marine life thanks to a transparent tunnel.

Here are the Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world according to The Daily Meal:

1. Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan $600/person
2. Le Meurice, Paris, France $509
3. Masa, New York City $450
4. Maison Pic, Valence, France $455
5. Aragawa, Tokyo, France $370
6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives $320
7. Hotel de Ville, Crissier, Switzerland $318
8. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, London $289
9. Michel Bras Toya, Toya, Japan $287
10. Schloss Schauenstein, Furstenau, Switzerland $269

And the Michelin Pub of the Year is…

The Greyhound on the Test dish

The editor of the latest Michelin pubs guide UK is calling for an end to the use of the term “gastropub” as a means to denote watering holes that offer finer dining options.

With more than 570 pubs listed in the “Michelin Eating Out in Pubs Guide 2014,” 70 of which are new entries, editor Rebecca Burr said there’s no longer a need to differentiate pubs from gastropubs, a term that was officially added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary in 2012 to describe “a pub, bar, or tavern that offers meals of high quality.”

“Hopefully we can now all stop using the term ‘gastropub,’” Burr said in a statement. “Many of the establishments in this guide are traditional pubs playing a big part in the local community, complete with quiz nights and themed evenings. A pub doesn’t need a modern makeover to serve good food, nor does it need to transform itself into a restaurant.”

Meanwhile, a 600-year-old pub in Stockbridge, Hampshire took the title of Pub of the Year 2014 for its “character,” charming bedrooms, great food and cheerful staff.

Currently on the menu at The Greyhound on the Test are dishes like rib-eye steak with sugar snaps, leeks, Chateaubriand sauce and chips for £24; braised pork belly with celeriac puree and white beans for £15; and pan-fried hake with purple sprouting broccoli and lemon butter for £14.

Last year’s pub of the year was The Gunton Arms in the village of Thorpe Market in Norfolk county.

The Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, 50 km outside London, is the first pub in Michelin history to be awarded two stars and this year was also named National Restaurant of the Year 2013 in the UK last month. The “Michelin Eating Out in Pubs 2014” guide retails for £13.99.

The Greyhound on the Test

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon to open next restaurant in Bordeaux

Update: La Grande Maison luxury hotel to open December 9 in Bordeaux, France

a Grande Maison in Bordeaux

Next summer, Joel Robuchon will open a gourmet restaurant and hotel in Bordeaux, France in partnership with wine magnate Bernard Magrez.

The chef whose Michelin star count stands at a whopping 28 signed a property development agreement for the future home of “L’Hôtel de Bernard Magrez – Joël Robuchon Restaurant.”

The establishment, aiming to attract high-end tourists, will have six suites, a gourmet restaurant with around 50 tables, and a more relaxed and affordable “lounge” area, where diners can pay between €35 and €40 for a main course and a glass of wine.

Chateau Labottiere

Considering its setting in one of the world’s most prestigious wine capitals, in addition to the participation of wine magnate Bernard Magrez, the restaurant is bound to turn the spotlight on sublime food and wine pairings.

Four of the wine estates owned by Magrez in the Bordeaux region bear the “grand cru classé” designation for wines of extraordinary quality: Château Pape Clément, Château La Tour Carnet, Château Fombrauge, and Le Clos Haut-Peyraguey.

“The restaurant will be luxurious but without extravagance or pretentious ceremony; one will feel at home there. In terms of the kitchen, which will be staffed by a team of 30 people, we will place the accent on local ‘terroir’ ingredients and bring the best out of them,” Joël Robuchon says.

The restaurant aims to earn a three-star Michelin rating. Currently, there are no restaurants bearing the coveted three-star distinction in the Bordeaux region.

The hotel and restaurant will move into a 1900 private mansion located on the Rue de Tivoli, across from the Château Labottière, home to the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute.

Bernard Magrez and Joel Robuchon

Man Wah Restaurant

Top 10 hotel restaurants in the world

Man Wah Restaurant

A secret dining room tucked into the back of The Cosmopolitan in Sin City that serves more than 20 courses and seats just eight diners has been named the best hotel restaurant in the world.

It’s called é, and like the brevity of its name, the restaurant itself has been widely described as a beacon of discretion in a city of flashy lights. Set within chef José Andrés’ restaurant Jaleo, a visit to the exclusive eatery requires an escort away from the main restaurant, down a long corridor and into a hidden dining space and reservations must be made about three months in advance.

Its online presence is minimal, with the exception of a blurb buried within Jaleo’s restaurant description where it’s called a “secluded setting.”

e by Jose Andres

And according to a panel of bloggers, restaurant critics, food and lifestyle writers selected by The Daily Meal, the open-kitchen restaurant helmed by celebrity chef José Andrés is the best in show, beating out Michelin-starred eateries and longstanding hotel landmarks around the world.

For the list of top 100 hotel restaurants, establishments had to have a minimum of 15 rooms. Eateries come from more than 50 countries and represent 80 cities around the world.

Here are the Top 10 hotel restaurants according to The Daily Meal:

  1. é by José Andrés at The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  2. El Motel Restaurant at Hotel Empordà (Figueres, Spain)
  3. Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  4. Felix at The Peninsula Hotel (Hong Kong)
  5. Emiliano Restaurant at Emiliano (São Paulo)
  6. Aubergine at L’Auberge Carmel (Carmel, California)
  7. Livingstone Room at Victoria Falls Hotel (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)
  8. Joël Robuchon Restaurant at MGM Grand (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  9. Epicure at Le Bristol (Paris)
  10. Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong)

For the full list, visit http://bit.ly/GKqzmZ.

Man Wah Mandarin Oriental

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon loses a star in latest Michelin guide

French master chef Joel Robuchon is likely feeling bruised this morning, after the latest Michelin guide deleted a star from his London restaurant, demoting it from two stars to one.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon is a brand with a worldwide presence with locations’ rankings ranging from one to three stars. His Hong Kong and Macau outposts boast all three stars, for instance, while the flagship Parisian restaurant has two. The deletion reduces Robuchon’s star count from 28 to 27.

The big winners from the latest Michelin guide for Britain, meanwhile, include Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel in London which was promoted from one to two stars for being “a glorious celebration of Britain’s culinary heritage.”

French restaurant The Greenhouse in London was also given a second star for chef Arnaud Bignon’s “technically impressive and innovative cooking.’

The three-star category remain unchanged as an exclusive quartet made up of the Waterside Inn, The Fat Duck, Gordon Ramsay and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.

The full listing is available as of September 26 as an Apple app for £5.99, while the book version will hit bookshelves October 4 at £15.99 (€16.99 in Ireland).

dsquared2 twin brothers

Dsquared2 to open rooftop restaurant in Milan

dsquared2 twin brothers

Designing twins Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 are joining the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Versace, GQ and Vogue in making their foray into the restaurant business.

Ceresio 7 will open with a glamorous cocktail party this Thursday after Wednesday’s Dsquared2 runway show, as the city celebrates the start of its biannual fashion week.

Set on the top floor of the brand’s Milanese headquarters, and looking over the city, the penthouse restaurant also houses two pools, and options for indoor and outdoor eating.

“If you are stuck in Milan there is no place to go, as public pools here are noisy and not chic. We had London’s Shoreditch House in mind, but here you need to reserve, this is not a by-member but by-capacity locale,” Dan Caten told WWD.

Interior design was in the hands of Storage Studio and Dimore Studio, while the staff will wear Dsquared2 uniforms, “classic, unisex, with long Thirties aprons, long ties, white shirts and black gabardine pants — and sleek hair,” according to Caten.

The food will be taken care of by chef Elio Sironi formerly of the Bulgari Hotel, with the menu featuring seasonal Italian classics (plenty of wood oven baked dishes), a domestic wine list and champagne.

Meanwhile, luxury label Versace is set to open a palatial luxury hotel in Dubai next summer that includes a fine dining restaurant. A Palazzo Versace already exists in Macau.

Roberto Cavalli has the Cavalli Club at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai, while Vogue opened a café at the Dubai Mall this spring. Men’s lifestyle magazine GQ is also expected to open a new restaurant inside the world’s tallest hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai.

Waldorf Astoria unforgettable stories

Waldorf Astoria Unveils Unforgettable Stories Web Series

Rome Cavalieri hotel

Luxury hotel chain the Waldorf Astoria has launched a new video series that takes viewers to their properties around the world in virtual armchair tours of the cities they inhabit.

Dubbed “Unforgettable Stories,” the web series gives viewers an inside look at the makings of the brand which has become synonymous with luxury and haute living, including the chefs, artisans and designers.

In the inaugural video, viewers are taken behind-the-scenes into the triple Michelin-starred kitchen of La Pergola at the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria, where chef Heinz Beck produces fine dining meals to a fully booked house every night.

Waldorf Astoria Berlin Solistes restaurant

In addition to footage of the hotel’s stunning rooftop dining area and extravagant dining room, the video serves as a promotional tour of Rome, taking viewers on a virtual tour of farmer’s markets and major landmarks — a city Beck calls the most beautiful in the world.

Michelin-starred French chef Pierre Gagnaire and Roel Lintermans also discuss the makings of the restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, which opened earlier this year, while the Berlin Zoo biologist discusses the hotel’s exclusive after-hours zoo program for guests.

Other “cultural tastemakers” featured in the series include artisans, fashion designers and curators. Watch the Waldorf series on the brand’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WaldorfAstoria.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Vongerichten to open new restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a leading French chef whose cuisine at various international locations has earned him multiple Michelin stars, will open his first restaurant in the UAE, Market Kitchen within the famous luxury hotel.

The restaurant will open its doors by the end of this summer within the Royal Méridien in downtown Abu Dhabi. The five-star hotel is currently undergoing interior renovations to provide additional features for business travelers and open four new dining establishments.

Market Kitchen will serve haute cuisine with Eastern influences. A native of Strasbourg, Jean-Georges Vongerichten is a seasoned businessman as well as an accomplished chef. After training under the renowned Paul Bocuse, among others, he opened several restaurants worldwide, including establishments in North America and China.

In the US, where Vongerichten is well known for his culinary-themed TV appearances, he runs the three-starred restaurant Jean-Georges at the Trump Central Park Hotel in New York.


L’Enclume named best restaurant in the UK

enclume restaurant

Chef Simon Rogan’s farm-to-table restaurant L’Enclume set in a medieval village in the bucolic English countryside has been named the best restaurant in the UK.

Editors of “The Good Food Guide” gave the restaurant in The Lake District’s Cartmel top honors in the 2014 edition of the restaurant review guide for using fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients plucked straight from its own six-acre farm.

“Rogan rightfully takes his place as leader of the pack when it comes to modern British cooking,” said consultant editor Elizabeth Carter in a statement.

“His fantastic way with seasonal ingredients from the Cumbrian land and coast brings dishes that are a joyful celebration of this county’s magnificent diversity. L’Enclume is truly deserving of the #1 spot.’

Since opening in 2002, the restaurant has earned two Michelin stars. Tasting menus change every day and hinge on the farm’s fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers which are harvested just hours before service to maintain as close a link as possible with the earth. The country inn also has 18 rooms.

The 2014 edition is the first released under the guide’s new publisher Waitrose, the upmarket grocery chain in the UK which took over the reins of the 63-year-old publication this year.

Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, which has maintained a perfect 10 out of 10 score for the last six consecutive years, came in at a close second behind L’Enclume.

The top 10 list, meanwhile, remains relatively unchanged from last year, with addresses such as Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Restaurant Sat Bains, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Pollen Street Social, Hibiscus, The Square, The Ledbury and Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons all making the cut.

Copies of “The Good Food Guide 2014” will be made available in Waitrose shops and can also be purchased on Amazon.co.uk. The book retails for £18 (about US$28).

Ray Restaurant and Stark Bar

Most Expensive Water Menu Debuts in LA

Ray Restaurant and Stark Bar

A Los Angeles restaurant is making waves for announcing plans to launch a 23-page water menu that will serve 20 “varietals” of water as well as an H20 “tasting menu” for $12.

Starting next week, Ray’s & Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will serve up a separate booklet menu that features premium bottled waters from 10 countries accompanied by lengthy descriptions akin to tasting notes of fine wines.

What could you possibly need to know about water? Apparently, notes include everything from mineral content and the “terroir” of the water’s source.

It’s a concept developed by the same “water sommelier” who created a luxury bottled water pitched as the “champagne of water”earlier this year. Sourced from the mountain springs of northern California, Beverly Hills 90H20 claims to be ideal pairing for fine foods and wines for its “silky smooth” taste.

“Water has a significant impact on the way we taste food, just as with wine and spirits,” said sommelier Martin Riese. “We are already accustomed to pairing food with wine or beer, but many people don’t know that water is just as important to the entire dining experience.”

At the LA eatery, the water menu will include mainstream premium brands like Fiji, San Pellegrino and Evian, along with domestic mineral waters sourced from the US.

The Chateauneuf-du-Pape of the menu? A 750 ml, $20 Canadian brand Berg described as meltwater from a 15,000-year-old glacier in Greenland creating a water “virtually untouched by man with little to no trace of minerals.”

But just as restaurants significantly mark up the prices of wine, Ray’s has also marked up the prices of grocery-store water brands. A 750ml bottle of Evian, for instance, is priced at $8 while a 750 ml bottle of Perrier goes for $9. The restaurant also proposes a water tasting menu for $12.

One of the best known and most cultish water bars in the world, meanwhile, is Parisian fashion destination Colette, where the basement offers an extensive water menu divided into still and sparkling offerings and likewise spanning the world.

colette water bar

Best new restaurants for 2013

Best new restaurants for 2013: CNTraveler

Best new restaurants for 2013

In New York, the best new dining destinations of 2013 are imported restaurants from outside the city. In Paris, one of the best new eateries serves what’s described as the best sandwich in the city — with nary a baguette in sight. And in London, anything goes, with everything from a hot dog joint, Peruvian ceviche bar and a ‘rock ‘n roll’ ramen bar getting a nod from local food editors.

kitchen by mike

Those are just some of the restaurant picks from Condé Nast Traveler’s annual Best New Restaurants for 2013,  which trendspotted 70 new eateries spanning New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo and South America.

mission chinese restaurant new york

In New York, Grub Street editor Alan Sytsma picked Mission Chinese Food and Pok Pok NY as some of the best new restaurants in the city — both of which found fame and cult followings outside the city.

ultraviolet restaurant shanghai

In Paris, “Hungry For Paris” author Alexander Lobrano gives shoutouts to a small Franco-Japanese sandwich shop Abri, where they sell what he calls the best sandwich in the city made with tonkatsu pork, kimchi omelet, melted cheese, and a umami-heavy sauce on toast.

auberge flora restaurant paris

Bones, steered by Aussie chef James Henry, and Roseval, helmed by Simone Tondo and Michael Greenwold, are also given top nods, highlighting the emerging trend of young, dynamic expat chefs setting up shop in Paris and redefining the culinary landscape of a city where tradition holds a sacred place in gastronomy.

bones restaurant paris

In London, food writers singled out eateries like Bone Daddies, where an Aussie chef gives Japanese ramen Chinese flavors; Bubbledogs, where dressed-up hot dogs are paired with a glass of bubbly; and Ceviche, for its Peruvian ceviche.

The Clove Club London

And in Tokyo, where Northern Italian cuisine is all the rage, chef and food writer Yukari Sakamoto chose Da Olmo, where Italian dishes are reinvented with Japanese flavors, and La Sora Seed, which serves signature dishes like bamboo shoot risotto with boar pancetta.

Masterful udon and ramen shops like Udon Maruka and Menya Sumisu also made the list.

For the full list, visit http://cntrvlr.com/18PbY6Q.

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