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Perini Navi Building Megayacht to Top Maltese Falcon

At 289 ft., the amazing Maltese Falcon is the world’s largest, best designed, and most expensive sailing yacht – for now.

Its builder Perini Navi is now hard at work on a much larger sailing megayacht, a 335-ft. craft dubbed the C.2157, James Spotting reports.

Similar is styling to the Maltese, the 335-footer also has three enormous self- standing, rotating masts masts and will be equipped with an even more impressive version of Perini Navi’s revolutionary carbon fibre DynaRig sailing system.

Topping the Maltese’s 15 sails and 25,791 sq. ft. sail area, the 335 will be capable of a maximum speed of 19.5 knots despite its impressive size.
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Elena Ambrosiadou buys superyacht Maltese Falcon‎

News is out on who the mysterious buyer of the Maltese Falcon is.

The sale of the 289ft hybrid beast of a superyacht has been quite a serial in the luxury world, being closely followed by blogs and newspapers alike.

The WSJ reports that mist of secrecy surrounding the identity of the buyer, or caretaker as she prefers to title herself, has cleared off.
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Has Maltese Falcon been sold?

Tom Perkins, the American venture capitalist, is close to completing the sale of his clipper-style superyacht the Maltese Falcon.

The 289ft boat is believed to have fetched about £60m ($100m) after being on the market for more than a year.

The yacht, named after the Dashiell Hammett crime novel and its Humphrey Bogart film version, has three carbon-fibre masts carrying 15 sails.
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Maltese Falcon Yacht For Sale

The best designed and most expensive sailing yacht, the famous Maltese Falcon has been listed for sale via luxury marketplace JamesList for $130 million.

Maltese Falcon was launched in 2006 by Perini Navi Istanbul and has won many prizes since, including four Showboats International Awards and three World Superyacht Awards.

It is the largest privately-owned sailing yachts in the world at 88 meters (289.1 feet).
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The Maltese Falcon Yacht: Set to Sale

Just in time to set sail this summer, the Maltese Falcon mega-yacht, measuring 288 feet long, is for sale.

Sailing charter company Perini Navi USA recently put this yacht on the market for an eye-popping $115 million.

The Maltese Falcon sailed for the first time last June, awing nay-sayers with its revolutionary technology and groundbreaking design.

The Maltese Falcon sports a riveting fifteen sails with an area of 2,400 square meters.

There are five lavish staterooms that can be used to entertain up to 12 guests and house 18 crewmembers (including six attractive stewardesses), and has a revolutionary navigation system called the Falcon rig.

The Maltese Falcon is powered by two Deutz TBD60 engines and will fly through the sea at an amazing nineteen and a half knots per hour.

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