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World Premiere: Blu Martin Yachts Sea Top 13.90

The Cannes Yachting Festival is gearing up to be one exciting event with a slew of world premieres. Another manufacturer planning a big reveal at the festival is Blu Martin Yachts, with a brand new Sea Top 13.90.

The 14-meter yacht is inspired by a classic model from the Blu Martin range but is updated with a modern design and new technology. The clean lines offer guests an spacious entertainment area on the outer deck as well as cabins for guests to stay. Thanks to two different layouts, owners can choose between having two or three cabins below deck along with a galley, dining area and two bathrooms.

Apart from providing visitors with a change to get on board the yacht, Blu Martin Yachts will also use the Cannes Yachting Festival to feature future projects that it has in store. For more information on the Sea Top 13.90, visit Blu Martin Yachts.

Media Premiere: MCY 80 Yacht, Trieste

Monte Carlo Yachts went back to its hometown of Trieste, Italy, late last month for the unveiling of its brand new yacht the MCY 80. We joined several invited guests for the exclusive media premiere to find out more about the yacht and witness the exquisite design for ourselves. At a gala dinner on July 23, Monte Carlo Yachts brought out the newest member of the Monte Carlo Yachts family. While the MCY 80 was the star attraction, the Beneteau-owned firm also invited opera singers Christiano Cremonini and Simona Ferrari to serenade guests as they wined and dined the night away.

While the public will be able to lay eyes on 24-meter yacht at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September, we can provide you with a few titbits about the sixth yacht to join the MCY collection. To craft a new addition to the award-winning model line-up, Monte Carlo Yachts teamed up with the MCY designers Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. The result was an elegant design that kept the classic elements of the MCY range while providing a spacious area for relaxation.

Interior of the MCY 80

Interior of the MCY 80

Far from minimalistic, the yacht is fitted with bleached oak floors alongside luxurious leather and stone fittings and finishings. Adding to the design of the interior are furnishings from luxury labels such as Hermes, Armani Casa and Minotti for a modern and tasteful result.The MCY 80 doesn’t hold the title of third largest yacht in the collection for nothing. While the yacht is crafted to serve as a home while out on the high seas, it aims to be a powerful and refined piece of machinery that provides good performance.

“Don’t call ours a dream, call it a vision,” says Carla Demaria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts. “Behind every success story there is always a powerful dream, but we prefer to call it vision. A vision is the art of seeing what it is invisible to others, but to deliver results, the vision needs to be converted into a strategy, and the strategy deployed into a plan of action. 80 is our new goal, that is the MCY 80s campaign claim, and it is a fitting motto for the way Monte Carlo Yachts operates.

Monte Carlo Yachts is represented by Simpson Marine (Asia) and Asia Yachting (Hong Kong, Macau). For more information on the MCY 80, visit Monte Carlo Yachts.

Benetti Unveils New Models: Monaco Yacht Show 2016

The Monaco Yacht Show is a wonderful opportunity for distributors and manufacturers to showcase their splendid creations. Benetti is one of the many yacht builders set to make use of this event to bring out its finest and shiniest new superyachts to the playground of the rich and famous. Straight from the Italian yacht builder’s Custom Line comes the Benetti MY Domani (above) and the Benetti FB 264, both of which will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show.

We first take a look at the MY Domani that measures in at 45 meters. Spanning three decks, the yacht has four guest cabins that provide comfort and space for those on board. The upper deck plays host to the VIP cabin while the main deck houses the full beam owner’s suite, complete with a private terrace that gives you a view of the sea. Those looking for some fun under the sun can enjoy the sundeck that is split into three different areas. Choose between frolicking under the rays on a dedicated sunbathing space or cool down in the pool then enjoy a meal in the external dining area.

The Benetti FB 264

The Benetti FB 264

Slightly larger than the MY Domani, the Benetti FB 264 comes in at an impressive 63.5 meters. Boasting a steel and aluminum hull, it is clear the Benetti took inspiration from naval architecture. With four decks, designed by FM Architettura d’Interni, the superyacht is fitted with four guest cabins on the lower deck, much like the MY Domani. However with the extra space, Benetti was able to include one extra VIP cabin on the main deck with an 80 square meter owner suite on the upper deck. An external salon also takes its place on the upper deck, providing ample room for entertaining and dining. Those who love fitness will enjoy the sun deck. With a 4-meter swimming pool, gym and beauty area, we can’t think of a better place to get in touch with yourself.

For more information on the MY Domani and the MY FB264 at the Monaco Yacht Show, visit Benetti Yachts.

This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Read it here: Benetti Memamerkan Model Baru: Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Megayacht Concept by Hareide Design

In case you didn’t already know, we love a megayacht that combines luxury and functionality. So when we heard about this new 108-meter hybrid mega yacht concept by Hareide Design, it got our attention for several reasons. The Norwegian company based the six-story (yes, six) design on a classic 108-meter mono hull design.

Entertainment Space

Entertainment Space

The perfect mobile home for a billionaire, it will feature a spacious outdoor deck that has an infinity pool with a garden. If the renderings are any indication, the megayacht will also be fitted with a second infinity pool at on the upper deck. It also boasts a ‘hole’ in the hull of the yacht, where lavish parties can be thrown. With its very own helipad, there is little need for the mega yacht to be docked near a marina to allow passengers to board.

Shallow Pool

Shallow Pool

The back of the mega yacht features a unique design that, when built, will have a covered sitting area with sun loungers along with a shallow pool. The pool dips into the ocean, making for an interesting entertainment area on the mega yacht. Should the design ever become a reality, it will hold the record as the largest megayacht — until another ambitious plan comes to life. To provide power and lighting for entertainment, the mega yacht will also be fitted with 3,000 square feet of high-efficiency solar panels and a diesel-electric propulsion system.

This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Read it here: Megayacht Konsep Oleh Hareide Design

V-Technology Rotary Sofa for Yachts

No matter what anyone tells you, the layout is an important aspect — if not the most important aspect— of a yacht that ensures you provide ample room for guests. With a little help from European firm V-Technology, you can now have an interior space that is versatile. From an entertainment area with two sofas to a circular sofa that allows you to look out and enjoy the view of the ocean, it is hard to choose.

With a semi-circular rotary sofa, the firm allows you to customize the formation of your sofa at the drop of a hat. The engineers at V-Technology utilize a rotary floor, to morph a sofa in multiple positions. With its low installation depth, the sofa can rotate 360° anywhere on the yacht. For those worried about the aesthetic effects or the safety of guests, the design is free of visible rails or drives.

To further ensure that it sits firmly on the floor, the rotary sofa’s electric drive is equipped with brakes that keep the banks from moving due to the movement of the waves. The world of customization never ceases to amaze us but with the smaller details such as a rotating sofa, it is something that we can look forward to.

Pretty Fly: Azimut 100 Leonardo Superyacht

Bigger is always better — at least that is what we have been told when it comes to yachts (and beds). With the new Azimut 100 Leonardo, it truly is the case. What sets this superyacht apart from the competition is the flybridge that maximizes space in a clever way.

Boasting a main deck that stretches out across 30 meters, the superyacht is one that provides luxury and comfort. An ingenious play on the design of the space, allows for guests to enjoy the large refined areas onboard. Overlooking the sea, is a terrace that once again reinforces the scale of the superyacht.

The Owner's suite

The Owner’s suite

Over on the flybridge sits the perfect area for entertaining guests. Yes, the flybridge is really a great place to entertain! Thanks to the dining area, sofas and a whirlpool bath, it would be difficult for one to say that this superyacht lacks seating space. If two entertainment spaces aren’t enough, Azimut has included a third area for relaxation.

The Flybridge

The Flybridge

Able to accommodate 12 guests, the Azimut 100 Leonardo offers a master suite in the center of the yacht with large rectangular windows on both sides for a panoramic view. Other facilities here include are wardrobes, a vanity area and bathroom with a large whirlpool shower and a double washstand made of blown glass. Playing on contrasts, the superyacht pairs teak flooring with shades of ivory and cream that add to the sophistication of the interior.

Mr. Choppy Tan, CEO of Azimut Yachts Singapore has stated that “it has been extremely gratifying to witness the extent to which the Singapore market has embraced us.” He goes on to say, “we look forward to introducing Singapore to the range of yachts from our broad catalogue and also plan to expand into other key Southeast Asian markets. We’ve built a strong local network within a year and look forward to many more successful years ahead.”  The new dealer in Singapore is part of Azimut’s revised Asian distribution partnership strategy.

This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Read it here: Pretty Fly: Azimut 100 Leonardo Superyacht

Ride UberBOAT in Cannes Today

Uber is well on its way to conquering the world with its services available for land and sea. Yes, you can Uber at sea although you can’t yet summon an Uber yacht to get you home if you’re lost at sea. For the duration of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which will be held until June 26, visitors will have UberBOAT at their service.

Much like the private car hire service, the UberBOAT will be available for hire via the regular Uber app. The boats, from Wajer Yachts, can seat as many as 12 people and will ferry passengers from Cannes to Saint-Tropez, Monaco or the Lérins Islands. Prices range between €300 for a trip to the Lérins Islands or €1,000 for trips to Monaco or Saint-Tropez.

Prior to launching its services here, the high-end water-taxi service was made available in cities such as Boston and Istanbul. Another arm of Uber’s transportation service, is the UberCOPTER that will ferry passengers between Nice and Cannes in a matter of minutes — so Uber may just conquer the air too. The expansion of the company has not been limited to transportation though, as the company has also kicked off a food delivery service that delivers food from partner restaurants to users’ doors in what we are told is record time.


Port Montenegro Yacht Club Announces Expansion

It only makes sense that, with its sight set on expanding its reach in the world of luxury yachting, Port Montenegro Yacht Club provides guests with additional amenities. The club now houses a Sports Club, Tennis Club, 64m outdoor infinity pool and outdoor dining space, adding to its current line-up for members.

Thanks to the expansion, the club is now regarded as one of the Mediterranean’s elite yacht clubs. Designed by Richard Hywel Evans and first opened in 2006, the main building still stands out for its architectural design. Today, it boasts a newly refurbished private Members Lounge that was created with the help of MHZ of Paris. The lounge even comes with a view of the waterfront as well as the new infinity pool and restaurant.

“The PMYC has a stunning backdrop to sail against and a first class yacht club with outstanding facilities, we are now developing an ambitious new racing programme to complete the picture”said Admiral James Wates, Admiral and Board member of the Montenegro Yacht Club. Along with this new expansion, the club also adds internal structure to the club by appointing a seven-person Board.

For more information on the Port Montenegro Yacht Club, click here.


Shaddai: All-Powerful Mega Yacht

The concept of power varies with each individual. In the case of Gabriele Teruzzi, this translated into his design of the mega yacht concept called Shaddai. The name translates to “Omnipotence”, meaning all-powerful. History is full of structures that were conceived with this in mind — from the Pyramids of Egypt to modern skyscrapers.Shaddai-three-levels

Measuring 150 meters, the mega yacht brings you closer to both the sea and sky. The upper deck provides you with a space to relax by the pool. It happens to be an infinity pool, which certainly doesn’t hurt. It drops off like a waterfall, to the main deck below it, which houses a second scenic infinity pool — one can never have too many on a mega yacht.

Main Deck of the Shaddai.

Main Deck of the Shaddai.

This being a creation packed with luxury, it is no surprise that the infinity pools are not the main highlights. Situated below the main deck, is the Beach Club, which at 300 sqm, not only houses an aquarium in the middle of the room but also calls the infinity pool “ceiling.” This helps to create a spacious feeling while serving as a vantage point for those on board.

The Beach Club of the Shaddai.

The Beach Club of the Shaddai.

While the various amenities may spell luxury, the star of the mega yacht is the Owner’s Cabin suspended 38m above the two decks and Beach Club. We wouldn’t blame you if you started quoting the Lion King in the presence of company since the cabin offers you a view of the ocean as far as the eye can see. Bringing the owner privacy is yet another infinity pool that gives a wonderful sensation of being in paradise. Face it: if you are kicking back on this yacht, you probably already are in paradise.

The Suspended Cabin of the Shaddai.

The Suspended Cabin of the Shaddai.

Of course, having luxurious one-of-a-kind amenities is not the only draw of the mega yacht. It will be decked out with materials and textures that are inspired by some of the finest fashion houses in Italy.

Evo 43 Official Tender at Rolex Capri Regatta 2016

For four days in May, Rolex Capri International Regetta 2016, saw some of the finest yachts sail around the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. With the Evo 43 as the official tender, the competition saw superyachts; Maxi and Minimaxi racing and cruising fleets compete in one of the biggest offshore season events.

Organized by the Italian Yacht Club, Yacht Club Capri and Circolo Canottieri Aniene and in collaboration with Rolex, the regatta marks the opening of the Capri Sailing season. With the irresistible blue ocean, serving as the backdrop, VIP guests were able to closely follow the competitors on board the 13-meter day cruiser by Evo Yachts.

Designed and manufactured by Sea Engineering Group, the tender is the first creation by the Evo Yachts brand. The yacht boasts interior and exterior designs by Valerio Rivellini from Studio Rivellini and is powered by two Volvo IPS 600 engines. As expected from a luxury yacht, the Evo 43 features materials such as teak, glass and leather. Said to be 20% lighter than yachts in its class, the Evo 43 can also reach a maximum speed of 38 knots and has a range of 300 nautical miles.Evo43_Rolex-International-Regatta-2016-(6)

“Rolex Cup has definitely been one of the most prestigious experiences Evo 43 rewarded us with. We are extremely proud to have been chosen as the official tender, which allowed us to follow closely all the regattas,” said Vito Prato, CEO of Sea Engineering. “With the racing crews, then, we feel like we share the same passion for the sea, speed and challenges, the same passion that has led us to design first, and then built later, the Evo 43,” he added.

Review: Prestige 680 Yacht

This new model combines luxury with function, and the versatile Prestige 680 is a winner for both her entertaining and her long distance cruising abilities. Her exterior styling is ageless, in keeping with the Prestige heritage, and she is relatively light for her size, due to smart manufacturing techniques that deliver superior strength in a lighter hull. Proprietary computer-aided design software and digitally controlled assembly processes combine to ensure that components are finished and assembled correctly the first time round. The whole boat (hull, grid and decks) is built using infusion, thus ensuring an overall light weight.

The extra large flybridge is broken up into three areas: the helm and observation seating

The extra large flybridge is broken up into three areas: the helm and observation seating; forward sun pad; and an L-shaped seating area aft with built-in table

XXL Flybridge

The flybridge is a large private space, which is broken up into three primary areas: the helm and observation seating; forward sun pad; and an L-shaped seating area aft with built-in table. The Prestige 680 comes standard with an overhead arch and hardtop containing a foldaway sunshade, with a set of protected teak ‘flying’ stairs with stainless steel finishes that lead the guests from the lower deck to the bridge deck.

The helm station bench provides room for two, and has a full set of gauges and navigation tools located slightly below the operator’s line of vision. To port, another dual bench seat provides space for observers, but can also fold down and extend the already spacious sun pad. A dedicated lounging/social area is located forward of the upper helm station directly below the windscreen, which provides an effective windbreak. The outdoor galley is fully equipped with a sink, ample counter space, a grill, refrigerator and a separate icemaker. The separate seating arrangement with a dining table provides the perfect alfresco entertaining area on a sunny day, and with its retractable soft-touch sunshade, it may well become the most popular spot on the boat.

The flying bridge deck extends all the way to the transom over the aft deck, providing sun and rain protection, and also allowing for a retractable vertical screen. The deck can also be enclosed for use in bad weather. While the 680 is a flush-deck motoryacht, the lower helm is on a special raised platform forward of the saloon, and this arrangement creates better visibility for the captain, and handy access to the watertight doors directly to starboard.

Easy to drive for the hands-on owner

Easy to drive for the hands-on owner

360° Vision

Three large windows in the main saloon give guests a 360° vision while cruising, and bathe the interior in light. On entering the main saloon the galley is at the entrance and opens onto a dining area with a table that can seat 6-8 guests. A large lounge/sitting area in the middle of the yacht provides space for all the guests to enjoy a sea view. Each area has plenty of specially designed storage space, and on some models there is also a separate access from the starboard sideway that extends the saloon like a balcony with a large, glazed sliding door.

Main Saloon

The main saloon is a small step up from the galley, and features an L-shaped sofa with two additional accent chairs and a hideaway flat screen TV. A glass coffee table continues the theme of ‘open’ concept, and still leaves plenty of room for a gathering and entertaining space. The hardwood floorings flow from the galley to the saloon seamlessly, while area rugs add a sense of warmth and colour. All lighting is built into the overhead, and HVAC is run behind the moulding (invisible to the eye). Bose surround speakers continue the theme of luxurious amenities without sacrificing the breathtaking views from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Al fresco dining

Al fresco dining

Galley and Dining

In response to customer feedback, and current trends in design, Prestige Yachts went ahead and moved the galley aft. The L-shaped island creates a sense of division between the dining area and the saloon, without sacrificing an open feel. When entertaining, the aft location becomes even more ideal as it provides easy access to all four-entertainment venues: the dining area, the saloon, the seating area on the aft deck, and the stairs up to the flying bridge. The Prestige Yachts 680 has a separate dining space and table, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual L-shaped settees next to the helm of raised bridge deck designs. Located directly across from the galley, it adds functionality and another venue for entertaining. A glass table with a built-in bench seat to starboard maximizes seating without sacrificing space or the “open” concept.

The master suite

The master suite

Master Suite

The private master suite is conveniently located down two steps adjacent to the lower helm. This arrangement is quite unusual for a motoryacht of this size, and it mimics the traditional layout plan of much larger superyachts. The master suite has a lounger to port, and a desk to starboard that also serves as a vanity. A flat screen TV on the forward bulkhead and built-in surround speakers add a touch of luxury. A walk-in closet to port and a separate head with a large shower stall, and a doublewide single sink to starboard, complete the layout. Directly above are three large windows that make the space open and bright, and at the press of a button the blackout shades close off the windows for privacy. An overhead skylight right over the head of the berth allows for stargazing from the bed. Separated from the other accommodation on the yacht, the master stateroom design creates a large measure of privacy for both the owners and their guests, and makes cruising all the more comfortable for everyone on board. It also allows guests coming back to the boat late at night more freedom to move around without waking the owners as the guest quarters have their own private entrance farther aft.

The ensuite bathroom

The ensuite bathroom

VIP Staterooms

A second companionway in the saloon leads to the aft staterooms, where the owner has the option of two or three separate quarters. The VIP stateroom is standard, while forward is the option of either an additional full-beam VIP stateroom, or two smaller rooms with twin berths for added functionality. The second option would be a popular one for those interested in chartering as it provides the maximum number of berths aboard. Many buyers choosing a motoryacht of this size will be travelling with friends, and with this in mind Prestige has designed the yacht to be able to accommodate three master suites so the two VIP guest couples feel pampered. While the VIP staterooms do not have overhead skylights, the staterooms feature ample lighting provided by large side windows with portholes for additional ventilation.

At the Bow

Separate lounging and socialising spaces with endless entertainment possibilities, particularly for those interested in sun tanning and fresh air, can be found at the bow of the yacht.  A forward facing bench seat can accommodate multiple people, and a sun pad with a retractable cabana-like sunshade can easily deploy during hotter afternoon hours. The wide side decks also allow free movement throughout the yacht.

Main Saloon and helm station

Main Saloon and helm station

Aft Deck

Located off the aft swim platform, a watertight transom door leads to the crew cabin and engine room. The crew quarters are smaller in size, but adequate for sleeping and privacy. The cabin features twin berths with light through transom windows, a private head, and a washer/dryer combination. Engine access is also available through the crew cabin. Down three steps is the hydraulic swim platform that lowers into the water to create the popular ‘teak beach’ experience. The platform also provides a place for launching PWC and/or a small tender. As an added perk of having the crew quarters accessed from the swim platform, the “crew” head also serves as a day head for those enjoying the benefits of the swim platform. This alleviates the need for guests who are resting on the submerged platform from having to enter the saloon and traipse below in wet feet and bathing suits just to use the head.

Engine Room and Performance

The Prestige 680 preserves the technical attributes of the Prestige DNA by offering a Volvo IPS 1200 engine type for easy maneuverability and suitable even for cruising short-handed. The engine room is accessed from either the watertight door ahead of the crew quarters, or a hatch in the aft deck. The layout is roomy, with all areas being easily accessible. With the engines located forward and the pods well aft, there’s a better balance achieved with the weight distribution. The draft on the Prestige 680 is 5’2” (1.57 m) and this is impressive for a boat of this size. The shallow draft allows more flexible access to a wider range of cruising grounds, particularly in Asia where water depth can be a consideration. Another feature of this model is its stated displacement of just under 66,000 lbs. (19,937 kg). This has to do with her proprietary build techniques that reduce weight, while maintaining strength. The performance advantage of lighter displacement translates into smaller engines, better fuel efficiency and greater range.

For more information: www.prestige-yachts.com

Other Highlights
All living spaces on one level
360-degree panoramic views
Independent owner’s suite and guest suites
Retractable sunshades
Wide side decks
86,000 BTU Mediterranean air conditioning
Hydraulic platform
POD Joystick system

Length Overall: 21.46m (70’4”)
Beam: 5.33m (17’5”)
Draught: 1.58m (5’2”)
Fuel Capacity: 3,450 Gal (911gal)
Water Capacity: 920L (243gal)
Engine Options: 2 x 900hp Volvo Penta IPS 1200, 2 X 900hp Volvo D-13 IPS3

Story Credits
Text by Suzy Rayment

This article was originally published in Yacht Style

Review: Absolute Navetta 58 Yacht

Italian boatbuilders Absolute received an important accolade at the Boat Show 2015 in London: Best Motor Boat in the Trawler and Aft Cabin category. They are naturally very chuffed; years of innovation and design have paid off. Absolute were early adopters of the Volvo IPS drive system, and have made full use of the space savings made available. IPS drives are more powerful and more efficient than conventional shaft drives of the same size, and take up less space than the equivalent-power shaft drives.

All this space is made available to the passengers and crew (while the owner trousers the fuel-cost savings), and the general impression of this vertical-knife-bowed stubby trawler is that of a 70ft boat, not the more compact 58ft-er she really is.

Intimate dining with a view

Intimate dining with a view

“Trawler” is more of a term to describe its shape than a job-description. No fisherman needs to shift at 29kts, or even cruise at 10kts – the Navetta 58’s most efficient cruising speed.

Eschewing the normal salesman’s grandiloquency, Absolute say of her: “She is a real boat.” That makes you sit up and pay attention: so much that is out there isn’t fit to be more than a couple of miles from shore in anything like poor weather, so it is interesting to look at what they say she can do.

“Navetta” can be taken to mean “nice little ship” and she does seem more the ship than the boat, albeit boat sized.

Stylish ensuite luxury

Stylish ensuite luxury

Safety starts with getting on board without a ducking or worse and access is from the stern, or either side directly onto the side passages behind the high bulwarks and protection gunwale along the entire edge of the main deck and flybridge; handrails are available along all passages, the deck is in teak and non-slip surfaces without steps up to the side pilot door.

Safety is even more emphasised by the great visibility from both helm of stations, by the two independent accesses to the engine room and by superior manoeuverability in all conditions of use.

She looks strong, sturdy, yet on the inside, like the best praline chocolates, all is luxury and comfort.

Owner's suite with views on both side

Owner’s suite with views on both side

She is high. Ceilings throughout, from the owner’s cabin to the crew quarters and the engine room are the highest in the category, and all this vertical space makes it easy to offer decks without steps and doors and passageways like those in a home. Windows and portlights provide views on all sides and the feeling of even more space. Despite the modest length, a lot is squeezed in without conveying any impression of being squeezed. There are three double cabins, plus two singles for the crew, all with private heads and a full complement of the appliances you normally leave behind on shore as well as generous wardrobes and modern multimedia gadgets to help you while away the long passages this boat is capable of making.

The upper deck has space for a couple of loungers in addition to the built-in dining/lounge just aft of the helm station which has an excellent view of the main deck forepeak and its sunpads and forward-facing sun lounge. Main deck right aft is the cockpit, a wide lounge and a table capable of seating all the guests leading forward through a disappearing bulkhead to the saloon, then up a couple of steps to the galley and dining area, the indoor helm station and the companionway down to the three cabins, all en-suite.

LOA: 17m (55.09ft)
Beam: 5m (16.05ft)
Max Speed: 28.5kts
Cruising Speed: 10kts
Engines: 2 x IPS 600 or IPS 800
Fuel Capacity: 2,400 liters
Water Capacity: 600 liters
Builder: Absolute
Website: www.absoluteyachts.com

Story Credits
This article was originally published in Yacht Style

Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show Goes Affordable

‘Affordable Luxury’ might seem like an oxymoron, especially in a country where billionaires and the elite life are associated with the excesses of people like Stephen Hung. Yachting is, likewise, an activity synonymous with an idea of exclusivity only beholden to the super-rich. This year’s Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show, running 29 April to 2 May 2016, aims to dispel that idea by setting up ‘Affordable Luxury’ as its primary theme. With the growth of a burgeoning middle class across Asia, yachting may be one of the hobbies that takes its place in the ‘Chinese Dream’ of a wider population.

This year’s Boat Show is expected to draw in over 12,000 visitors with more than 60 major international exhibitors and 75 yachts participating. The show will be backing up a good cause too, with aims to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation by holding the Cardboard Boat Charity Regatta. In that event, participating teams from Hong Kong corporations, institutes of learning, and other organizations will use materials provided to make their own skiff for a race. In addition to all the fun, the event aims to reach more than just yacht enthusiasts by accommodating the whole family with a Food Street, mixing diverse cuisines from both East and West, and a Children’s Entertainment Zone.

The Charity Regatta

The Charity Regatta

Totaling at a combined value of HK$1 billion, including everything from small sailboats to superyachts, the yachts start at less than HK$100,000 and finish at more than HK$50 million. We won’t leave you waiting. Let’s go into some of the notable vessels out there:

Capri, 27/06/11 Arcadia Illusion 8 Photo: © Emilio Bianchi

Arcadia 85

The 85-feet long Arcadia 85 is named after the home of the Greek god Pan, master of wine and song. With modern and vibrant lines, and fitting up to 8 guests in its interior, this vessel lives up to that image of a spot to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures. Yet, it also brings an awareness of eco-friendliness into its pleasure by using 431 square feet of solar panels, powering into a maximum of 18.5 knots.

Princess S72

Princess S72

The Princess S72 has a touch of regality infused into its top tier British craftsmanship and style, featuring a wide sunroof, a hydraulic bathing platform and three en-suite cabins. This superyacht was launched by Princess Yachts International and it is 72 feet long — hence the name — draws at a top speed of 40 knots.

Project 31 Interior

Project 31 Interior

Project 31 has a mysterious ring to its name and will make its exclusive debut at the boat show. In actuality, it is a rebirth of sorts. The name comes from the first boat ever released by Princess Yachts International. This model has been restored back to represent its glory and elegance. The refurbished interior and exterior displays the shipyard’s ability for style and innovation.

“We are very enthusiastic to present our 16th edition of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show, which has attracted more international exhibitors and visitors each year. With more than 260 islands and 700km coastline, Hong Kong is an amazing destination for boating. Over the four days, we will showcase the region’s pleasure boating industry and aim to offer both local and overseas boat lovers a variety of options for every kind of budget.” commented Robert Blythe, General Manager of the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club.

With the array of possibilities on display, yachting may pick up a new fans across the East.

Lightweight Cruiser: Numarine 60 Yacht

Numarine are an unusual manufacturer of luxury yachts in several respects, but being in Asia and 8,000km from Hong Kong is just part of the story. They build and design in Istanbul, and have a large, modern, hi-tech, ISO9001-certified yard there, capable of building over 50 boats a year in the 55ft -130ft range. They mostly design in-house, but don’t hesitate to bring in other architects and designers – in this case Umberto Tagliavini as the naval architect. Locals, Gurit, did the structural engineering and Numarine’s long-term lead designer, Can Yalman, did the concept, lines and interiors.

The Numarine 60 is fast and stylish with a comfortable foredeck area

The Numarine 60 is fast and stylish with a comfortable foredeck area

The Numarine Flybridge 60 was designed to have the largest volume in this market category, and like the other boats to seemingly spring from this Turkish yard, is designed with a certain sporty comfort and cheer that goes well with Numarine’s characteristic traditional layout.

Tradition does not stand in the way of innovation. The full-beam owners’ suite has the bed off-center to make way for plenty of private sitting space – important to fully-appreciate the big picture windows that reach down to water level if you get tired of the fabulous view from the bed. Both the other guest cabins have en-suite heads too, as does the twin-berth crew cabin below the cockpit.

The aft deck is the perfect entertainment space

The aft deck is the perfect entertainment space

The main saloon is pleasingly asymmetrical with seating to starboard facing the big TV and galley with dining just behind the helm position and the steps down to the sleeping accommodation. Big well-placed windows give great views and simply huge amounts of light. The cockpit is also asymmetrical with the table and seating for the entire guest complement in a u-shaped configuration to starboard. Port side is given over to the steps down to the stern swim platform and the stairs up to the Flybridge.

The Flybridge is large for a boat of this size – it has two seating/lounging areas – each of which can hold up to 6 people – the upper helm position and plenty of sun space and a nifty mini-galley. Serious sun-seekers will be down on the foredeck where the usual sunpads are placed – albeit in a different way to the usual arrangements. With more space than usual, the foredeck includes deep sheltered forward-facing long seats with a folding Bimini roof and two raised benches for the flat-sunpads placed athwartship at each bow. There is also plenty of room, not just for cabin passengers, but for day visitors, whether it’s for a cruise, or drinks at anchor after the day’s end.

Numarine 60 Master Suite

Numarine 60 Master Suite

As for cruising, this hull hits the sweet spot. The engines aren’t that big, yet she does 28kts without breathing heavily and will get up to 35kts at a push. She carries as standard twin Volvo Penta IPS 950 engines. These are the modern multi-directional drives which make handling a breeze, even when docking. Not only handy, but very small too, so the engine room is unusually-small, giving space for larger fuel tanks. That, and the Pentas offer considerable fuel consumption savings – as much as 30% lower – and similar savings in emissions and noise, while extending range, speed and improved handling. You also get a bargain price: engine cost is a very significant part of overall cost. The Numarine 60 Fly costs a little under EUR1.3m.

The hull was designed around these engines – not just to use the extra space – but they also had to have a hull that would be able to handle conventional in-line engines. Just as well – Numarine have already built, sold and delivered one of each and that was before the boat was officially “released”.

For more information:  www.numarine.com / www.amysasia.com

LOA: 18.4m (60’4”)
Beam: 5.08m (16’8”)
Displacement: 27 tonne
Fuel Capacity: 3,200 litres
Water Capacity: 900 litres
Engines: Twin Volvo IOS 950
Max Speed: Up to 35kts
Cruising speed: Up to 28kts
Cruising range: Up to 375nm
*Engine options are available

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This article was originally published in Yacht Style Magazine

Mercedes-Benz Introduces Luxury Motor Yacht

Mercedes-Benz may not be the first to have been the first to unveil the first-ever luxury motor yacht — we’re looking at you Aston Martin and Bugatti — but the German automaker is making a splash nevertheless. The Arrow460-Granturismo was presented to the world in Côte d’Azur, France.

The 14-meter long ‘silver arrow of the seas’ is the perfect blend of what motor and boating fans look for. With a 960 horsepower (706 kW), the yacht brings the performance of Mercedes-Benz sports cars with the unique innovations of the boating industry. This move to areas outside the automotive industry is another chapter in the brand’s expansion.

Commenting on the debut of the “Arrow460–Granturismo,” Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Ron Gibbs said: “Almost everything about Arrow460-Granturismo is unique, from its concept to the smallest bespoke detail. It is a motor yacht with a personality that truly embraces life, combining the best marine engineering with the inspired innovations and elegance that the world associates with the Mercedes-Benz name. By merging marine and automotive worlds, with their respective design language, technologies and ideas, we have created a new standard of motor yacht, unlike all others.”

AM37: New Aston Martin Powerboat

The Salone del Mobile at the Milan Design Week welcomed Aston Martin as the brand unveiled the AM37. No, it was not a new luxury GT. Instead, the British luxury car manufacturer has decided to take a dive and turn its attention to boats.

The AM37 isn’t just any boat, it is a powerboat that showcases the best of Aston Martin’s design and approach to aesthetics and comfort. The powerboat has been in the making for over five years, as part of Aston Martin’s collaboration with Quintessence Yachts. More than just a pretty face, the boat will not be used to generate publicity. One lucky bidder will be able to purchase the AM37 later this year once it goes on sale.

“It is true that a beautiful, simple shape is critical to a product’s success but it must also have drama, which is provided by surface language, proportions, and through the choice of exciting materials,” said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman. “The new powerboat represents the ideal combination of luxurious and technical materials, generating a powerful yet understated finished product.”

As for why the AM37 is making its debut at the Salone del Mobile, we honestly have no clue but Reichman’s emphasis on design language offers the best clue.

Athena: For Sale by Burgess

Care to own your own 90 meter sailing yacht? Now you can. Currently holding the title as the largest sailing yacht for sale and the fourth largest sailing yacht in the world, the Athena is your for the taking. With the help of Burgess, her original owner, who is an experienced yachtsman, is selling off the three-masted schooner that has both traditional designs and modern technology.Athena-exterior

Having set sail in 2004 and experienced a complete refit in 2011, the yacht is an example of the best Northern European shipbuilding. The late Pieter Beelsnijder and Gerard Dykstra & Partners, who happen to be talents in naval architecture, designed the yacht while the renowned Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman was behind the custom build.Athena-exterior-2

Her interior is a mix of functionality and elegance, with a generous mix of rich, soft furnishings and lightly stained mahogany. The three levels have several areas where guests can interact and relax, such as the bridge deck saloon, media room, spacious main saloon and formal dining room. Below deck, sit five cabins suitable, including the master suite with a separate study, walk-in-wardrobe and Jacuzzi tub in the luxurious bathroom, for 10 guests. Even her teak joinery is luxurious with beautiful varnished teak.Athena-interior

Two levels of the yacht provide privacy for guests who wish to spend their day at sea, either under the sun or comfortably shaded. Apart from a 360º bird’s eye view at 58 metres via the hydraulically hoisted crow’s nest, the Athena also has Panamax masts that are equipped with nearly 2,500 square meters of sail power, controlled at the touch of a button. Awarded Best Sailing Yacht over 40 meters and Best Sailing Yacht over 36 meters in 2005, the Athena has been used privately by her owner and also chartered by those who wish to enjoy a special sailing experience.

The asking price of the Athena is set at US$69,900,000 (€61,353,000) but is not for sale to US residents while in US waters. For more information, click here.

Top 10 Superyacht Launches in Asia 2015

With the Singapore Yacht Show well underway, we take a look back at some of the best superyacht launches from last year. With the spending power in the region growing each year, several big names in the yachting industry have strengthened their presence in the East. With Asian shipyards going from strength to strength and Asian clients becoming more knowledgable and more adventurous, YACHT STYLE has put together a unique selection with an eye on the Asian market.

Rather than simply the largest or the newest, we have compiled a list designed to inspire and show the many facets of the yachting world. We present 10 superyachts – vessels generally 24m and above – from 2015 built in Asia, built for Asian clients and those that are deserving this discerning market’s attention. 2015 was a year that saw some extremely innovative projects and 2016 looks like it will be no different, as owners look to challenge the norms of design and efficiency; thus YACHT STYLE highlights 10 of the most boundary-pushing projects. Of course, innovation isn’t possible without imagination and inspiration, so we also look at five unique superyacht concepts from design studios around the world that would hold appeal for the Asian market.

King Baby

LOA: 42.7m
Year: 2015
Builder: IAG Yachts
Exterior Design: Evan K Marshall
Interior Design: Evan K Marshall
Naval Architect: Sergio Cutolo
Built for an American client, King Baby (pictured top) is the Zhuhai shipyard’s largest launch to date and the first of its new NobleStar 140 series. A superyacht with a decided rock ’n’ roll edge, she is well suited to entertaining, with adaptable outdoor social spaces. Large windows and high ceilings ensure that the comfortable, contemporary interior is always full of light.

F870 Tai He BanTai-He-Ban-Ferretti-YachtStyle

LOA: 26.5m
Year: 2015
Builder: Ferretti
Debuted and sold at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show, the F870 Tai He Ban special edition is Ferretti’s answer to the preferences of the Asian market. The yacht’s interiors have been designed to host business meetings, receptions and informal events, drawing inspiration from Bejing’s famed Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City. The F870 refreshingly abandons traditional layout formulas, replacing a full-beam master stateroom a ‘playroom’ for karaoke, cards and private socialising replacing a full-beam master stateroom.

Moon SandMoon-Sand-Feadship-YachtStyle

LOA: 44.2m
Year: 2015
Builder: Feadship
Exterior Design: De Voogt Design
Interior Design: Bannenberg & Rowell
Naval Architect: De Voogt Naval Architects
With tidy design solutions and sophisticated engineering, the beautifully refined Moon Sand is what happens when Feadship combines forces with clients who are as passionate and exacting as it is. A labour of love with experienced Asian clients, this is a yacht that packs in a lot of design innovation for its size. The contraflow swimming pool on the aft deck, for example, is a Feadship first, with the team engineering a system that lowers the deck and fills the pool in 20 minutes. When it came to the interior concept, the clients worked
closely with Bannenberg & Rowell to create elegant spaces suited to socialising and full
of bespoke pieces.

Sea EagleSea-Eagle-Royal-Huisman-YachtStyle

LOA: 43.3m
Year: 2015
Builder: Royal Huisman
Interior Design: Rhoades Young
Naval Architect: Germán Frers
Sea Eagle signals Royal Huisman’s first ever delivery to the Asian market. Designed and engineered for Taiwanese businessman and philanthropist Dr Samuel Yin, this sloop effortlessly balances performance and style. Destined to take her owner around the world, participating in the occasional superyacht regatta along the way, Sea Eagle will be as at home lazily cruising in South East Asian waters as she will be racing head to head against sailing veterans in the Caribbean.

MCY 105

LOA: 32m
Year: 2015
Builder: Monte Carlo Yachts
Exterior Design: Nuvolari & Lenard
Interior Design: Nuvolari & Lenard
Naval Architecture: Monte Carlo Yachts
The cover star of YACHT STYLE Issue 33, MCY 105 is the new flagship for French-Italian shipyard Monte Carlo Yachts. Built for a hands-on Hong Kong owner and revealed at a private event in Venice in July 2015, this chiseled yacht is all the more impressive for her condensed six-month build time. MCY’s advanced construction methods enable it to offer highly customised projects in significantly less time than it would take most yards to deliver a production project of this magnitude. And crucially, this yacht feels anything but rushed: sporty, spacious and stylish, she is a credit to MCY’s fresh approach to yacht building.


LOA: 42.8m
Year: 2015
Builder: Sanlorenzo
Exterior Design: Francesco Paszkowski Design
Purchased at 2015’s Monaco Yacht Show (reportedly by an Asian client), Moka marks a new direction for Sanlorenzo as the first explorer from its 460Exp range. While her lines are that of a classic expedition yacht, Moka still has all the style you would expect from an Italian shipyard. The shallow draft will make sure that few places are off-limits and she will be able to cruise for long periods with low fuel consumption. Inside, contemporary cool style seamlessly blends with comfort, creating welcoming spaces that anyone would happily watch the world go by from.

Sea ‘N Sea

LOA: 30.48m
Year: 2015
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Exterior Design: Evan K Marshall
Interior Design: Evan K Marshall
Naval Architect: Ocean Alexander
One of two OA100 models to be delivered in 2015 by Taiwanese builder Ocean Alexander, Sea ’N Sea was sold to her owner at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and is another example of the evolution of the highly customised production yacht. By bringing in designer Evan Marshall, typically known for his larger custom projects, the yard has created a pocket-sized superyacht that takes the yard’s aesthetic to the next level while maintaining the OA ‘look’.

Lagoon 630

LOA: 19.5m
Year: 2015
Builder: Lagoon Motoryachts
Exterior Design: Nauta Design
Interior Design: Nauta Design
Naval Architect: VPLP
With an LOA that is just nipping at superyacht status heels, the Lagoon 630 has been gaining a steady following since its appearance in 2014 and is worthy of a mention. Behind this catamaran is a design and engineering dream team: VPLP, known for developing hyper-fast sailing multihulls like S/Y Comanche, and Nauta Design, the designers of countless sailing and motoryacht projects from 10m to the 180m M/Y Azzam. Offering superyacht style, reliability, stability and low fuel consumption plus real value for money, this is an attractive option for newcomers to the yachting lifestyle who still want something with real pedigree. It is no wonder that brokers have found the Lagoon 630 to be particularly popular with the Asian market in 2015.

Princess 88Princess-88-Princess-Yachts-YachtStyle

LOA: 26.8m
Year: 2015
Builder: Princess Yachts
Exterior Design: Princess Design Studio
Interior Design: Princess Design Studio
This Princess 88, delivered last year, was produced specifically for the Chinese market. Featuring a chic Hermès interior and stove element adaption for a wok. As a concept, the Princess 88 is the ultimate pint-sized superyacht. High attention to detail, efficient hull, top performance, clever use of space, extremely customisable and good value-for-money: all the boxes ticked.


LOA: 32.2m
Year: 2015
Builder: Sanlorenzo
Exterior Design: Nauta Design
Interior Design: Nauta Design
Naval Architect: VPLP
2015 saw Sanlorenzo energise its efforts in Asia. As well as opening a Shanghai showroom, it debuted the SL106 Special Edition at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show, designed and built specifically for the greater Chinese market, with Simpson Marine selling it to an Asian buyer later in the year. This yacht keeps in mind that boats are typically used as much for business as pleasure in this region and that clients here take an unobtrusive approach to ownership. Partitions and multifunctional spaces, a round dining table and auspicious fish tank, separate crew passages and extra privacy – this is a yacht that understands its audience.

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Text by Angela Audretsch

This story first appeared in Yacht Style.

Review: Leopard Powercat 51

The Leopard Powercat 51 was designed by Simonis Voogd Design, Dutch master-designers and built by Robertson & Caine in Cape Town, one of the largest catamaran builders in the world. Simonis Voogd know how to design hulls, amongst other things, and this top-of-the-line powered catamaran has very respectable speed, efficient fuel consumption and the range to pop down to Florida from New York without stopping. Or from Hong Kong to Manila and back.

Robertson & Caine’s location on the cusp of the Indian, Atlantic and Great Southern Oceans makes for some very chancy water indeed. The company’s own-bottom blue-water delivery method means that every Leopard, power or sail, has had exposure to whatever the sea can throw at it. These are not just for pottering around in coastal waters. These are boats.Leopard-Powercat-51-Moorings-Onboard

So what do you get, apart from a proven ocean-worthy long-range family cruiser at a bargain price? 3 or 4 double cabins according to choice, an option for separate crew cabins, and the ability to personalise the interior if you order a new one. The three-cabin version provides a larger master-head and a semi-private lounge on the starboard hull. The 4 cabin version has 4 identical cabin-head combinations, two per hull. Up half a level from the cabin floor is the saloon that reaches all the internal and external spaces. Both 3-cabin and 4-cabin versions have space in the fore peaks to take additional single berths or heads.

The saloon is modestly-sized, given the room, with a kitchen-sized galley in the rear port quarter, a large 8-seat dining area forward and starboard and doorways through to the fore and aft external areas. The saloon is surrounded on all sides by windows and is always well-lit, with truly panoramic views visible from everywhere within the saloon. Even the people in the galley can enjoy the views, as well as the ergonomically-designed kitchen.Leopard-Powercat-51-dining

The foredeck is large and open, with a sheltered seating cockpit with folding tables just in front of the doorway.

The rear cockpit is more elaborate – it has steps down to the stern and the boat-lift which doubles as a swim-platform. It has steps up to the fly-bridge and its helm position (you can have another in the main saloon). It has a large dining/socialising area and more steps leading to the gangways forward.

The fly-bridge alone is large enough to seat 8, and another galley, and a forward-extending twin sunpad. The main body of the fly-bridge is covered with a hard top light roof.Leopard-Powercat-51-bedrooms

At 51ft, this is a big boat. Add a beam of 25ft and you’ve got something like 1,200 sq ft to work with on the main deck alone and it draws less than 3ft of water. There’s plenty of room for engines and 1,500 litre fuel tanks which even at maximum speed of 25kts give a range of 230nm. Cruising at a nippy 17.4kts , you get over 310nm between refueling stops. And that is with twin 370hp engines – tiddlers in the big-boat world. If you really want to get the maximum range out of this boat, set the throttle at 6.8kts, turn right and head for Florida. You’ll get there, provided you started in New York, almost 1,400nm later. Take enough food.

The saloon layout has been thought through well. As befits a boat capable of handling big waves, nothing is very far away. There’s always a handle to hold nearby, a safety-rail, and despite the openness of a full-deck 50×25 layout, there’s shelter from sun and wind, as well as rain and spray.Leopard-Powercat-51-(Light-Interior)-Moorings

LOA: 15.54m (51’)
Beam: 7.64m (25’ 1”)
Draft: 0.98m (3’3”)
Displacement: 18,500kg
Fuel Capacity: 1,500litres
Water Capacity: 780litres
Engines: 2 x 370hp
Cruising speed: 17.4kts
Maximum Speed: 25kts
Range at cruising speed: 311nm
Range at max speed: 231nm


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This story first appeared in Yacht Style.

Focus: Sanlorenzo Explorer 460Exp

Sanlorenzo’s first Explorer, Moka, was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2015. She has just successfully concluded her maiden voyage, a transatlantic ocean journey that brought her to American shores where she was met by her owner. With a successful crossing under her keel, Sanlorenzo is keen to promote this new addition to their superyacht range.

The Explorer superyachts launched by Sanlorenzo are specifically designed to undertake long-range cruising. The fully equipped vessels offer a variety of services and features (and, of course, all the oceangoing superyacht necessities), along with large internal spaces that are so important to an owner intending to cruise for prolonged periods.

Characterized by Sanlorenzo’s unmistakable and distinctive lines, the 460Exp measures up at 42m in length and tips the shipyard scales at 460 gross tons. She has a displacement hull in steel, and an aluminum superstructure inspired by big exploration vessels capable of reaching far flung destinations. Spaciousness on board, safety and self-sufficiency are the three key factors that make this yacht unique, with the aim of the 460Exp bringing back the real meaning of ‘adventure’ for an owner.Sanlorenzo-460Exp-main-deck

The design of this superyacht pays great attention to environmental and conservation concerns, and the 460Exp has been classified as “Green Plus” by RINA. ‘Smart design’ allows her to remain at anchor for long periods of time without having to make use of generators – thereby eliminating emissions, vibration and noise. The level of self-sufficiency and cruising stability are notable for a motor yacht of this size, and the boat’s length allows it to be both more agile and more maneuverable when turning, permitting access to confined harbours, ports and docks.

The interior décor was chosen by the owner of the first in the 460Exp line. Like all Sanlorenzos, it is ‘made to measure’, and is perfectly in keeping with the expedition philosophy of the yacht. Wood features strongly, in the most classical shades of mahogany and teak, matched with elegant and timeless furniture, and with intensely coloured leathers by way of accents, creating at the same time a relaxing environment.

The lower deck hosts four large double bed cabins and a wellness room which includes an endless swimming pool, gym, and sauna with a Turkish bath. The room is illuminated by large vertical windows on either side, offering tantalising views of the sea and nature.Sanlorenzo-460Exp-Living-Area

The lower deck also houses the crew cabins, and the Captain’s cabin is on the main deck, adjacent to the wheelhouse, allowing the Captain to be on hand and ready to supervise operations during long range cruising passages.

The fun factor has not been forgotten. The Sanlorenzo 460Exp can accommodate a huge number of water toys in the large stern area on the lower decks; these include tenders, speed boats and fishing boats up to 9 meters, and other toys such as sailing dinghies, jet skis, Sea Bobs, windsurfers, surfboards and more.

At anchor, and once the large teak deck at the stern is free of toys, the area becomes a large recreational space where guests can enjoy sunbathing, or swim against the current in (another) large and aptly named ‘endless swimming pool.’
The stern area also offers a complete beach club with bar, a sauna, and space for diving operations.Sanlorenzo-460Exp-Master-Bedroom

The Sanlorenzo 460Exp seems to be bigger inside than out, offering more volume than her size suggests, and less fuel consumption during extended voyages thanks to her two 1,300+ hp engines, giving the yacht a maximum speed of 16kts. With a fuel capacity of 50,000 litres, she can cruise for more than 4,000nm at 11kts without refueling.

Keeping with the Explorer philosophy, the superstructure is located further forward than on conventional yachts, leaving an ample aft deck capable of carrying a tender of dimensions far exceeding what one would expect to find on a yacht this size.

Following hull #1, M/Y Moka, four further units of the 460Exp have been sold and are currently under construction.Sanlorenzo-460Exp-Gym

Diary of an Atlantic Crossing

Straight out of the box: Confident in the ability of the newly-launched vessel, and after extensive sea trials conducted by her new crew together with the relevant technical consultants, the owner called for the SL460Exp to be delivered to the Caribbean immediately. Her maiden voyage was, therefore, a cold and wintry Atlantic crossing.Sanlorenzo-460Exp-Helm

11 December 2015:
Only a few hours after the delivery celebrations, Moka departed with her Captain and eight member crew from the port of Viareggio, heading for Palma de Mallorca, arriving 13 December after a passage of 500nm through the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Golfe de Lyon.

21 December 2015:
Taking advantage of a break in the weather, Moka departs and arrives two day days later in Gibraltar, the gateway to the Mediterranean. After topping up her fuel tanks, Moka sets sail on the same day into the Atlantic Ocean. The next stop will be in the Canaries. The weather on this leg was not ideal, and Moka experienced severe conditions along the African coast, with beam seas and crosswinds. None of these constituted a problem, and she arrived safely in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Christmas Day.

25 December 2015:
The yacht makes a stopover in Santa Cruz to refill fuel tanks and load fresh supplies before the longest leg of the journey.

28 December 2015:
Moka departs from Tenerife and sails 2,700nm before reaching her next stop – Saint Martin, half French and half Dutch.

6 January 2016:
The Captain catches a glimpse of the dark landmass of St Martin on the horizon, and Moka has completed the longest leg of her ocean crossing without any fuss at all.

7 January 2016:
Moka sails towards West Palm Beach in Florida. She still has to cover 1,100nm, over a third of the Atlantic crossing, passing the British Virgin Islands and through the channel between Cuba and the Bahamas.

10 January 2016:
Florida’s luxurious city welcomes Moka to her warm waters, after a month at sea covering 5,600nm at an average speed of 12.5kts. Moka does not show any sign of wear and has experienced no serious issues along the way.

Gross tonnage: 460 GT
Overall length: 42.20 m
Maximum beam: 9.20 m
Draught at full load: 2.50 m
Displacement at full load: 430 t
Guest cabins: 5-6
Crew cabins: 4
Engines Caterpillar: C32 Acert or MTU 8V 4000 M63
Power output: 2 x 970 kW (1.319 cv) or 2 x 1,000 kW (1.360 cv)
Maximum speed: 16 knots
Max range: >4.000 nm at 11 knots
Fuel: 50,000 litres
Water: 8,000 litres
Construction: Steel and aluminum
Displacement hull Design: Sanlorenzo

Story Credits

Text by Suzy Rayment, Editor-at-large, Yacht Style

This story first appeared in Yacht Style.