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Hatsune Miku

Louis Vuitton dresses 3D Japanese superstar

Hatsune Miku LV

Marc Jacobs has provided Louis Vuitton outfits for J-pop sensation Hatsune Miku, but there’s a twist: she doesn’t exist.

Hatsuné Miku regularly sells out stadiums in Japan, despite the fact that she doesn’t exist. The vocaloid popstar’s hits were in fact created via a ‘singing synthesizer application with a humanoid persona’.

Now Marc Jacobs is dressing Hatsune Miku in Louis Vuitton for a new tour which sees the star play ‘live’ around the world with the use of holgrams and other visual effects.

The video teaser for the ‘vocaloid opera,’ titled “The End,” features the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 outfits, but we’re yet to see visuals of the live tour which will hit Tokyo in May and arrive in Paris in November.

Two performances (Nov 13 & 15) are scheduled in Paris, at the famous Theatre du Châtelet. According to organizers, the show tests the “traditional tragic structure of an opera asking ‘What is death?’ and ‘What is an end?’ and puts Hatsune Miku as the mediator to reread it in a modern way.”

Louis Vuitton The Landmark Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton Hikes Up Prices on Iconic Bags

Louis Vuitton The Landmark Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton, which last month raised prices by 12 percent in Japan, has imposed similar increases on non-leather handbags in most of its main markets since the start of the year, according to Bloomberg.

LV lifted prices on bags such as the Speedy and NeverFull by about 10 percent in the euro region, Antoine Belge, an HSBC analyst, said today in a note to clients.

Vuitton raised prices by at least 10 percent in the U.K. and U.S., and by 5 percent to 10 percent in Asian markets including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, the analyst wrote.

Vuitton’s price increase in Japan, the biggest ever by the brand in the country, was taken to offset the impact of the yen’s slide on sales, the company said Feb. 20.

In addition to protecting margins, the “price increases must be seen, in our view, as a means to accelerate LV’s repositioning towards more leather,” Belge wrote. The decision will probably weigh on the number of items sold, though it’s “the right thing for brand equity longer term.”


Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Ad Campaign

LV Campaign Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton has released a new campaign for its Alma Bag starring Karlie Kloss, Jac Jagaciak, Daria Strokous and Iris Strubegger. The ads come with the tag line “Chic on the bridge.”

Photographed by Steven Klein, the four women carry bags in colors that are emblematic of the cities depicted: taxicab yellow for New York, French blue for Paris and lacquer red for China.

Created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the Alma bag was originally dubbed the Squire and was rechristened Champs-Élysées before settling on its current name.

Louis Vuitton Campaign Alma Bag

Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton

Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton

Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton

Team USA swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, fronts Louis Vuitton’s new Core Values campaign.

The 27-year-old, arguably the biggest star of the London Olympics, appears in a new campaign promoting the brand’s high-end range of day bags and luggage.

Shot by Annie Leibovitz, Phelps appears only in a black speedo and some goggles, submerged in a stark bathtub beside a Vuitton tote.
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louis vuitton waffle maker

Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker by Andrew Lewicki

louis vuitton waffle maker

Andrew Lewicki knows that people have gotten used to seeing luxury brands extend their influence into other industries.

From bicycles to tennis, rugby, football and golf balls, not to mention every kind of object and gadget, luxury brands have left their stamp on a multitude of products.

This time, fashionistas who are already dreaming of soft, yummy, branded waffles in the morning will have to wait, as this branded waffle maker is not for sale.
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gwyneth paltrow coach handbag

Top 10 Most Searched Luxury Handbag Brands

gwyneth paltrow coach handbag

The UK has topped a ranking of countries with the highest affinity for luxury handbags, while labels including Coach, Louis Vuitton and Chanel top a compilation of the most searched luxury handbag brands globally.

This first digital analysis of the luxury handbag market, dubbed World Luxury Index Handbags, has been presented by Paris-based luxury executives’ online community Luxury Society and international company Digital Luxury Group.
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Louis Vuitton jewellery store Place Vendome

Louis Vuitton opens jewelry store in Paris

Louis Vuitton jewellery store Place Vendome

LVMH has opened a Louis Vuitton jewelry store on Paris’ Place Vendome, in an effort to expand the brand’s image within in the global luxury jewelry market.

“The store and the workshop are an important step, a foundational decision, indicating that we look ahead with optimism,” said Hamdi Chatti, Director of the group’s jewelry and watches divisions, as quoted by Reuters.
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