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Japan Airlines

Top 10 performing international airlines

Japan Airlines has emerged as the most reliable carrier in the world, posting the best on-time performance.

Japan Airlines

After collecting real-time flight status information of the top 200 airlines in the world, Flightstats.com came up with a ranking that puts the Japanese carrier at the top of the heap: of the 129,300 flights tracked, in 2013, Japan Airlines posted a 93% on-time departure rate and an 89% on-time arrival rate.

For the report, on-time performance for departures was defined as leaving within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, while arrivals had to come in within 14 minutes of the scheduled time to qualify.

To be considered in the report, published earlier this month, carriers must rank in the top 60 worldwide in terms of capacity and data tracking must be available on 90 percent of scheduled flights.

JAL Cabin Crew

Here are the Top 10 performing international airlines:

1. Japan Airlines
2. KLM
3. ANA
4. Iberia
5. SAS
6. Saudi Arabian Airlines
7. Delta Air Lines
8. Air New Zealand
9. Lufthansa
10. Korean Air Lines

Here are the regional winners:

North America: Alaska Airlines
Europe Major Airline: KLM
Asia-Pacific Major Airline: Japan Airlines
Middle East and Africa Major Airline: Gulf Air
South America Major Airline: Copa Airlines (Panama)
Low-cost airline: Thai AirAsia

KLM to allow flight payments via Twitter and Facebook

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has announced a new service that allows customers to make seat reservations, book or rebook flights, request excess baggage tags, and pay for all of them using their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

KLM Twitter message

After making their request, customers will be sent a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Flyers can then select their preferred method of payment and complete the transaction. One of 130 dedicated social media service agents then send a confirmation of payment.

Agents field 35,000 queries on Facebook and Twitter from flyers around the world every week. And recently, the airline gained its 5 millionth Facebook fan making KLM the carrier with the most fans in the world.

Meanwhile, KLM also recognized the opportunities presented by professional networking site LinkedIn, when they launched a Meet & Seat program allowing flyers to share their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles with fellow passengers.

KLM Aviation Empire

KLM plans airline game

KLM Aviation Empire

Along with phone bills, traffic and the weather, airlines likewise rank high on the ‘favorite things to complain about’ list. Now Dutch carrier KLM is handing over the reins to consumers who think they can do a better job of managing an airline in a new 3D video game for mobile devices.

After a beta test earlier this year, KLM will launch tomorrow Aviation Empire, a simulation game in which the mission is to run a successful and profitable airline.

Players can add strategic destinations, build a fleet, invest in airplanes and upgrade airports according to the technologies available at the time.

The game starts in 1919 — the year KLM was founded —  challenging players to grow the business as pioneering entrepreneurs and see it through periodically turbulent times in aviation history.

Players can sign up to be among the first to receive a notice when the game — which is available on both iOS and Android — goes live. The KLM game is based on the same principle as “Airline Simulation” for PC, which likewise allows players to run their own airline.

Likewise, in 2011 the Marriott hotel chain launched a Facebook game which allows fans to run their own virtual hotel in a bid to attract new staff for its properties.

KLM World Business Class

KLM reveals new World Business Class cabin

KLM World Business Class cabin

Dutch airline KLM has unveiled the latest makeover of its new World Business Class Cabin, which is carpeted with discarded bits of old uniforms and is designed to evoke the comforts of home.

For the redesign, the carrier teamed up with Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, whose portfolio includes clients like Ikea, Nike, Evian, and the United Nations lounge.

With a color palette based on different shades of blue, a polka dot motif, panels, curtains and cushions are meant to warm up the cabin and help passengers feel more at ease during their flight.

KLM Business Class cabin

The cabin will feature new full-flat seats that can be reclined horizontally, while strategically placed TVs and partitions ensure greater privacy for passengers. Seats will come with more storage compartments.

The cabin’s carpet, meanwhile, uses recycled bits of old, discarded KLM women’s uniforms.

The changes are being made on the fleet’s Boeing 747-400s and will debut in an inaugural flight in July. The entire 747 fleet is expected to have incorporated the new design by April of next year.

KLM World Business Class

airfrance iphone app

Air France KLM to offer in-flight wifi

airfrance iphone app

Starting in 2013 Air France- KLM plans to test, in partnership with Panasonic Avionics, a program that brings on-board connectivity to the airlines’ long-haul flights.

The experimental project will allow passengers to connect to the internet, send emails and SMS text messages, and, eventually, watch TV shows on their computer.
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What’s cooking on board aircraft this winter?

KLM announced a partnership with Dutch chef Jonnie Boer this week, adding yet another name to the roster of kitchen superstars providing our in-flight meals.

From December 1, business class passengers onboard the flag-carrier of the Netherlands will be able to enjoy traditional Dutch food designed by Boer, whose Restaurant de Librije is ranked as one of the best in the world.

Menu selections will be accompanied by wines selected by his wife Therese Boer and served on tableware created by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.
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Virgin and KLM – the new space race?

KLM has laid down the gauntlet to Virgin by announcing that it too will offer sub-orbital flights to its customers.

The Dutch flag-carrier said November 17 that it will support Space Experience Curacao by allowing members of its frequent flyer program Flying Blue to redeem points for space flights, as well as including it in future KLM vacation packages.

The deal will also see KLM marketing and selling flights operated by Space Experience Curacao, which use a Lynx suborbital spacecraft.
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