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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

Special editions and festively packaged spirits

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

Whisky, cognac, vodka, rum… Whether sipped in cocktails before a meal or straight up after dessert, spirits are an essential holiday tradition in many a family. These 10 holiday editions are sure to add a bit of extra flair to the yuletide table.

Truffle and Vodka by Belvedere

Belvedere Unfiltered vodka,

This year, Belvedere’s holiday gift set honors the rare and precious truffle, whose intense taste provides a sublime accompaniment to vodka.

A bottle of Belvedere Unfiltered is nestled in a birch box alongside a 25g truffle and a special knife, providing everything you need for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Price: €200 (around $275) – Available at La Grande Épicerie, Lafayette Gourmet, Lavinia and Hédiard

The Nikka Box

Nikka Box

The whisky distillery is offering a highly original gift set this holiday season. The black cube-shaped box sits atop a lacquered wood base, which becomes a service tray when removed.

The top part of the box unfolds to become a mini-bar, containing six of the distillery’s finest whiskies. A limited edition of just 500 Nikka Boxes are available, for sale in Europe only.

Price: €595 (around $815) – Available at the Maison du Whisky and select wine shops

Ballantine’s 12 years by Front

Servingware by Front for Ballantines

Ballantine’s enlisted the help of Front, a collective of three Swedish product designers, to create unique and innovative servingware for its holiday gift set.

To accompany the 12-year aged whisky, the three designers created an intriguing ensemble of copper, glass and oak to ensure a festive and interesting tasting session.

Price: €375 (around $515) – Available in a limited edition at select stores.

J&B Tattoo Colors: Sébastien Mathieu edition

JB bottle by  Sebastien Mathieu

The classic J&B bottle has been wrapped in a skin-like silicone cover and tattooed for the “Tattoo Colors” limited edition, first launched earlier this year.

This December, a special limited edition will be available at the Publicis Drugstore on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, featuring a tattoo design from well-known tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu.

A graduate of the prestigious Beaux-Arts school, Mathieu is the co-founder of Sphinx, a popular Parisian tattoo parlor.

Price: €150 (around $205)  – Available at the Publicis Drugstore in Paris from December 1

A bottle of 40-year old cognac from Delamain

Delamain Cognac 1973

This year, the prestigious cognac distiller is offering an exceptional bottle, aged since 1963 and made from grapes from the finest growth region (or cru), Grande Champagne.

Price: €650 (around $890) – Available directly from Cognac Delamain

A handmade sculpture for Grey Goose vodka

Sculpture for Grey Goose vodka

For this ultra-limited edition, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka goes inside a true work of art. A total of 250 hours of work went into creating this oval-shaped metal sculpture, which features interlacing lines and a wheat motif, a nod to the vodka’s main ingredient.

Price: €450 (around $615) – Available at select high-end wine shops

Grand Marnier honors its Parisian heritage

Grand Marnier homage to Paris

This holiday season, Grand Marnier is paying tribute to its birthplace on the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The label is shaped just like the famous street signs of the French capital, and the bottle itself is decorated with a sketch of the city’s skyline.

Price: €19 (around $25) – Available in a limited edition in select stores

A limited edition carafe for Bombay Sapphire

Carafe for Bombay Sapphires

To celebrate the opening of its new distillery at Laverstoke Mill in 2014, Bombay Sapphire has produced a limited edition carafe honoring the site.

In the brand’s signature blue, the distinguished and refined carafe would make a lovely addition to a holiday table.

Price: €115 (around $160) – Available from November 1 in select stores

Zacapa XO rum in a miniature barrel

Zacapa XO gift set

The Guatemalan rum, aged at 2,300 meters above sea level, is available for the holidays in an original gift set. A case resembling the barrels used to age the rum opens up to reveal a bottle of Zacapa XO and two tasting glasses.

Price: €120 (around $165) – Available at select wine shops

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

This very luxurious edition allows whisky aficionados who are also jetset travelers to collect their favorite beverage on their journeys. Designed by Innovation Kitchen and featuring drawings by Michael Ng, editions for Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Auckland and Singapore feature the skylines of each city and are only available in the city in question.

Price: $399 – Available in limited numbers only in the city inspiring the design

Ritz Carlton St Louis Lobby Lounge

At $500, you may want to nurse this martini slowly

Ritz Carlton St Louis Lobby Lounge

A martini made with premium cognac, Grand Marnier, champagne and a twist of lemon is being sold for $500 in the US — but don’t worry, you get to keep the glass.

To celebrate the completion of a $1 million-renovation of their Lobby Lounge and Bar, the Ritz-Carlton St. Louis in Missouri has created a $500 martini they’ve dubbed the Grand XIII.

The luxury cocktail takes its name from the Louis XIII de Remy Martin cognac which makes up the base of the drink — a bottle of that costs more than $2,000 itself.

The beverage is served in a Waterford crystal glass that the customer can keep.

The bar at the Lobby Lounge — which offers a selection of 200 different martinis — includes flavors such as the Strawberry Fields Forever martini made with Stoli Strawberry vodka and the Gooey Butter Cake martini, a liquid version of the savory treat that native St. Louisans grow up on.

And while $500 may sound like a lot to drop on a cocktail, the martini is a steal compared to the Guinness World Record holder created by an Australian mixologist earlier this year.

The ‘Winston’ was made with 60 ml of Croizet’s 1858 Cuvee Leonie cognac, also the Guinness World Records holder as the most expensive cognac sold at auction. The drink sold for £8,583 ($12,970).

never-collapsing souffle

Cronut-maker debuts the never-collapsing souffle

never-collapsing souffle

As a follow-up to the sugary, buttery phenomenon that has sparked a global craze, New York-based French chef Dominique Ansel has created a “never-collapsing” Grand Marnier chocolate souffle that hides a molten chocolate center, all entombed in a toasted orange blossom brioche.

All week, Ansel played a game of 21 questions with followers of his Twitter account, challenging fans to guess the sequel pastry that was being whipped up in the kitchens of the bakery that bears his name.

The promise of being among the first to try his latest creation and a free cronut set his Twitter feed abuzz, with fans and serious bakers taking stabs at trying to decode Ansel’s mystery new pastry.

Meanwhile, those lucky enough to get their hands on a Magic Souffle would do well to heed Ansel’s specific eating instructions which include consuming it on the spot immediately while it’s still warm, and biting directly into or cutting into the cube with a serrated knife as the souffle is tender.

Those who choose to enjoy it at home are also advised to avoid refrigerating or reheating the pastry which can either cause the brioche to turn stale from the humidity or ruin the molten center.

The Magic Souffle is available at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York and is priced at $7.

Limited Edition Grand Marnier 2011

Red Ribbon Limited Edition Grand Marnier 2011

Limited Edition Grand Marnier 2011

Grand Marnier is celebrating this year’s winter holiday season with the ninth annual limited edition of its classic Cordon Rouge.

The bottle makes a bold transition from its usual brown and red seal, to brilliant white, with a red ribbon elegantly wrapped around its sleek curves.

The new red ribbon design 70cl bottle will be available in selected wholesalers and luxury retail outlets. The price tag of this Grand Marnier special edition is at $59.
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Grand Marnier Quintessence

Quintessence by Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier Quintessence

Drawing on its 19th Century heritage, the Marnier-Lapostolle family have created Quintessence, a reinterpretation of the original Grand Marnier liqueur.

Set to be introduced at the 2011 TFWA World Exhibition next month, Quintessence blends rare Cognacs with a subtle orange essence.

It is described as having a more subtle bouquet, fusing long-held standards with a contemporary vision.
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An “Irresistible” bottle of Grand Marnier

France’s Iconic Orange Liqueur Grand Marnier is celebrating this year’s winter holiday season with a playfully red limited edition of its classic Cordon Rouge, named ‘Irresistible’.

Adorned with vivid red lacquer, it is the 7th of a series released annually by Grand Marnier since 2003.

This year’s theme celebrates a “playfully indulgent” holiday season with elegance and a slightly unorthodox yet refined adventure for the taste buds.
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Menage a Trois – Most Expensive Las Vegas Cocktails

You can order a Menage a Trois served nightly at Tryst at the 5 Diamond Award-winning Wynn Hotel.

This sexy cocktail is creates a perfect threesome using Cristal Rose, Hennessy Ellipse and Grand Marnier Cent-cinquantenaire.

23-karat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup decorate this decadent cocktail. For $3,000 you can sip this drink through a golden straw studded with a 9-point diamond.