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Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and more are auctioning Milan Fashion Week tickets for charity

It seems that the season for giving has arrived early in the fashion world. Earlier this week, Dior launched its #DiorLoveChain campaign in an effort to support a new educational initiative by WE Charity. Not long after, other fashion labels have followed suit.

From Versace to Salvatore Ferragamo, a raft of bigwig Italian designer brands have banded together to auction off tickets to their shows in the upcoming Milan Fashion Week. Held in collaboration with the Charity Stars website, the initiative will run until September 8, after which the proceeds will be donated to charitable foundations selected by the brands.

Fashion’s new charity movement will benefit a wide range of causes, including researching Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, fighting against AIDS and providing recreational support to hospitalized children.

Likewise, bidders are spoilt for choice. Versace is offering a pair of tickets to its Spring / Summer 2018 show on September 22, along with a meet-and-greet session with Santo Versace; Salvatore Ferragamo’s passes come with an invite to its after-show cocktail and party; Etro promises two backstage and standing passes, as well as the fashion house’s book signed by creative director Veronica Etro herself.

Other high-end labels — such as Prada, Miu Miu and Moncler — have taken part by putting their prized bags up for grabs instead.

This year’s Milan Fashion Week, which kicks off on September 20 and runs until September 26, is sure to make a positive difference. Some of the more coveted lots from the likes of Versace and Giorgio Armani are already fetching considerably higher bids ranging between $1,500 and $1,800.

Head over to the Charity Stars website to track the auction and place bids on the offers you can’t refuse.

Spring 2018 Menswear: Men’s Sartorial Report – Tom Ford, Brunello Cucinelli and Armani

To be a men’s sartorial conservative (I prefer my suits tailored to classic proportions even though I am adventurous when it comes to suit separates) and then provide commentary on Spring 2018 Menswear trends has been a bit of a mixed bag for me, particularly since I have a greater interest in Pitti Uomo, the Florence menswear trade show, sandwiched between London and Milan fashion weeks. Nevertheless, duty beckons and for Luxuo’s first Men’s Sartorial Report, I will be reporting on Spring 2018 Menswear from the perspective of sartorially conservative brands like Tom Ford, Brunello Cucinelli and Armani.

While both brands offer impeccably tailored ready-to-wear Spring 2018 menswear collections, only one of them looks like he's wearing his father's blazer. Guess which

While both brands offer impeccably tailored ready-to-wear Spring 2018 menswear collections, only one of them looks like he’s wearing his father’s blazer. Guess which

Spring 2018 Menswear: Men’s Sartorial Report

First, I am glad to report that the slew of superhero movies helmed by the likes of Henry Cavil, Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman haven’t raised the bar on masculine physique beyond what is mortally achievable with your average salaried employee, furthermore, there seems to be a slight regression from the uber-masculine David Gandy form to the gentler, more refined musculature of slimmer proportions. Most surprisingly, Tom Ford opted for the sharp jawed man-boy instead of the square jawed man-men of Brunello Cucinelli and Giorgio Armani. Second, for these key brands, classic proportions and slim-cut profiles reigned supreme

Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2018

As a predominantly menswear oriented company, Brunello Cucinelli stands impressively in terms of market cap with €1.3 billion. Over the years, the Italian brand has expanded into ready-to-wear women’s wear and accessories in key territories – Switzerland, Belgium, the United States, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, China, Japan and three years ago, Singapore.

The man informally dressed in Brunello Cucinelli spring 2018 menswear looks impeccable either on court or off the Saharan plains with hold all and fitted safari jacket.

The man informally dressed in Brunello Cucinelli spring 2018 menswear looks impeccable either on court or off the Saharan plains with hold all and fitted safari jacket.

Brunello Cucinello is headquarter in Italy's "Green belt", a castle on top of a hill.

Brunello Cucinello is headquarter in Italy’s “Green belt”, a castle on top of a hill.

Headquartered in a 14th century castle in the middle of Umbria, Italy, Brunello Cucinelli’s spring 2018 menswear collection is a reflection of that nobility and regal elegance. It’s a deeply humanist company unlike most purveyours and producers of fashion today – Brunello Cucinelli donates 20% of its profits to charity, pays its employees 20% higher than industry average and most surprisingly, does not allow after-hours e-mails – all while maintaining production in Italy where other companies have turned to most cost effective European cities to improve margins.

My dream is to set up a form of modern capitalism where business profit must be sought while respecting the human being’s moral and economic dignity. Hence our idea to act as guardians of the creation.

It is little wonder that their namesake founder was recently awarded the Global Economy Prize by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. As a merchant and a humanist, Cucinelli has managed to circumnavigate his brand through tough economic waters without sacrificing its humanist values in support of its bottomline. With Cucinelli’s family owning a majority 57% stake in the company, spring 2018 menswear collection is fully consistent with the founder personal style – the Italian penchant for sprezzetura, that is to say, the formally informal outfit, well tailored blazer, lived in and thrown over an informal shirt, crew-neck even sometimes, all while rocking ankle length pants sans socks.

Even dressed informally, the garments of Brunello Cucinelli spring 2018 menswear still bear a regal formality even with a colour palette which eschews the funereal and embraces sensual, warm and earthy hues of tobacco, iroko wood, and amber; accented with orange and red tennis knit pullovers.

Even dressed informally, the garments of Brunello Cucinelli spring 2018 menswear still bear a regal formality even with a colour palette which eschews the funereal and embraces sensual, warm and earthy hues of tobacco, iroko wood, and amber; accented with orange and red tennis knit pullovers.

For Brunello Cucinelli spring 2018 menswear, a dressed up sombre double breasted ensemble can be dressed down with grey chinois and tassel loafers worn sockless. Alternatively, exchange shirt with t-shirt and pull a disheveled jumper over the shoulders for that well-worn look.

For Brunello Cucinelli spring 2018 menswear, a dressed up sombre double breasted ensemble can be dressed down with grey chinois and tassel loafers worn sockless. Alternatively, exchange shirt with t-shirt and pull a disheveled jumper over the shoulders for that well-worn look.

Filled with earth tones and rust hues, Brunello Cucinelli’s new Spring 2018 menswear collection has a definite safari-adventure vibe which becomes all the more clear when Cucinelli himself refers to Out of Africa as his inspiration. Harkening back to the classic age of fitted double-breasted blazers and safari jackets in a variety of light weight wools and linens for Spring 2018.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2018

Over 40 years on, Giorgio Armani has made a name for himself not just in native Italy where the brand is still one of the peninsula’s most storied fashion house but the potency of the Armani cut and sense of style also encourages Hollywood to eschew their own costumers and wardrobe specialists for Giorgio Armani himself.

Movies like Gattacca are impeccably dressed and styled by Armani himself. For Giorgio Armani Spring 2018 menswear, the same silhouette and sombre colour palette returns.

Movies like Gattacca are impeccably dressed and styled by Armani himself. For Giorgio Armani Spring 2018 menswear, the same silhouette and sombre colour palette returns.

Stone, silver and slate featured strongly in the initial looks for Giorgio Armani spring 2018 menswear. At one point, an Armani overcoat was reminiscent of a pivotal scene in Gattacca and The Untouchables albeit in grey.

Stone, silver and slate featured strongly in the initial looks for Giorgio Armani spring 2018 menswear. At one point, an Armani overcoat was reminiscent of a pivotal scene in Gattacca and The Untouchables albeit in grey.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2018 menswear was home to larger than life menswear staples like a mixed linen long double-breasted trench and a relaxed grey double-breasted notch-lapel ensemble.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2018 menswear was home to larger than life menswear staples like a mixed linen long double-breasted trench and a relaxed grey double-breasted notch-lapel ensemble.

While shades of grey featured strongly for Giorgio Armani Spring 2018 menswear, the river of slate made way for light silvery, almost iridescent offerings as the collection transitioned from its more sombre offerings and made way for something almost equatorial – a welcome respite, as if a wintry gloom had lifted and as if to say, “spring hath sprung!”


Among the most prolific of Italian designers for spring 2018 menswear shows, Giorgio Armani commanded a runaway of consumer-friendly and fashion-savvy pieces within a massive collection of suits, knits and texture tailoring – fuschia paired with turqoise, a masterstroke for opening the palette tastebuds of a general audience in a fashion-forward manner. The Giorgio Armani spring 2018 menswear show finally closes with a slew of navy executive suiting and blue cotton worksuits.



Having designed Daniel Craig’s suits for his last three James Bond films: Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre, Tom Ford is well-known as having single handedly undone the nightmare that was skinny suits and slim lapels and revived a dormant classical male penchant for wide and peaked lapels, boys were out and men were in.

In even before he left Gucci, the later collections of Gucci menswear started to bear the aesthetic trademarks of Ford’s signature hyper-masculine style. As a designer, Ford was a power-house, his departure from Gucci Group necessitated the hire of four others to do the work that he was singularly managing. At Tom Ford, the aesthetic vision he heralded came to fruition, hyper-sexuality, and equal opportunity objectification, Ford built his empire on sex appeal and it worked. Ford once described the “the Tom Ford customer” as international, cultured, well traveled, and then for Tom Ford spring 2018 menswear, the deft, sharp cuts of suits remained but the models he chose somehow looked like they were wearing dad’s suits rather than their own. Was the “Tom Ford customer” suddenly a man-child with an allowance?

Tom Ford Spring 2018

Nevertheless, Oscar-nominated, statement-making and a creative genius equally adept on runway as on film, the master designer in signature black watch is Tom Ford Spring 2018 menswear collection ushered through Via Borgonuovu, wide shouldered suits with peak lapels and narrow waists draped on the shoulders of boys.

Ford’s mastery of colour combinations, even the ones that on hindsight seem sartorially adventurous actually become safe choices in the careful hands of Ford. Mustards, pinks and even leopard prints become less outlandish when carefully dressed with gold-chained loafers and retro sneakers – there is an art to trendy men’s fashion and Tom Ford spring 2018 menswear collection proves that Ford really knows how to help you, the straight (or otherwise) male work it.

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New luxury fragrance: Giorgio Armani’s ‘Si Rose Signature’ dressed in a new couture design

Launched in 2016, Giorgio Armani “Si Rose Signature” is an ode to the modern woman, with a busy and bold, yet elegant persona. Like a rose—the scent’s hallmark ingredient—”Si Rose Signature” blooms each springtime with a collector edition bottle this 2017. With actress Cate Blanchett as the face of this campaign, the scent is reinterpreted with a new couture design showcasing the fragrance’s feminine and sensual sides.

The “Si Rose Signature” fragrance remains unchanged in this collector’s edition, with the same floral aroma as the 2016 original. The scent has a double rose accord — with May rose and Turkish rose — enriched with notes of bergamot, mandarin, freesia and blackcurrant aromas of Cassis Neo Jungle Essence. This is matched with iris and osmanthus, ambrette and vanilla notes. This is followed by base notes of ambrette absolute, Pure Jungle vanilla extract and patchouli.

This year, Giorgio Armani has dressed “Si Rose Signature” in a silky powder pink ribbon that winds around the fragrance’s Onyx lid and falls down over the glass bottle, where its two ends cross. The ribbon evokes the décolleté of a haute couture gown, with delicate and refined style. A discreet black circular badge bearing the fragrance’s name holds the ribbon’s crossover ends in place, echoing the deep black finish of the lid, which has golden rings at its base.

Developed by perfumer Julie Massé, who created “Si Intense” with Christine Nagel, this Eau de Parfum stands out with its twin rose notes. In fact, “Si Rose Signature” inherits the signature May rose notes of “Si” and pairs them with Damask rose.

Giorgio Armani “Si Rose Signature” is available in 50 ml (€89) and 100ml (€128) Eau de Parfum formats.The 2017 collector edition of “Si Rose Signature” is available now February 2017.

Etro does stripes - spring/summer 2017 - Milan. © AFP PHOTO/ALBERTO PIZZOLI

5 Highlights from Milan Fashion Week SS17

Spring/summer 2017 of Milan Fashion Week bridged subtle sentiments and exuberant opulence. Even though eyes will be on Paris now, some offerings were just simply unforgettable. Here, we recap five highlights of the Milan presentations.

Frills for days

Like many labels showing collections in Milan, Diesel Black Gold brought frills to its spring/summer 2017 line. © ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP

Just like New York and London, frills were the trend-of-the-moment at Milan Fashion Week. It brings a display of flamboyance with a side of sensuality. Gucci’s interpretation was adorned with golden embellishment, while Blugirl and Diesel Black Gold (above) incorporated frills on their dresses.

Prints plethora

Prints on the Dolce & Gabbana runway - spring/summer 2017 - Milan. © AFP PHOTO/ALBERTO PIZZOLI

No matter the shape and size, prints and patterns are here for the season. Florals in spring may not be groundbreaking, but it is a perfect match – as demonstrated by Blumarine and Roberto Cavalli. Other designers also played with varieties of stripes (Etro, Cristiano Burani, Fendi), spots (Anteprima), geometrics (Versace, Byblos Milano), ethnic prints, and abstract patterns (Giorgio Armani). Dolce & Gabbana (above) stood out with Italy-inspired prints. 

Diverse array of dresses

A long dress by Blumarine - spring/summer 2017 - Milan. © GIUSEPPE CACACE / AFP

Dresses were all the rage at the Milan shows. Some were cut short, like at Francesco Scognamiglio, Fendi, Giorgio Armani and Giamba. Longer iterations carrying a bohemian and romantic vibe were seen at Blumarine (above), Gucci, and Etro. Meanwhile, N°21, Anteprima, and Bottega Veneta opted for calf-length cuts

A sporty finish

A pleated dress by Byblos Milano - spring/summer 2017 - Milan. © GIUSEPPE CACACE / AFP

The trend was spotted at Fendi, Versace, Byblos Milano (above), Philipp Plein and Francesco Scognamiglio. Even though most collections were naturally feminine and elegant, designers added more color with sportswear accents. Specialist materials, zips, hoods, pockets, and sneakers were incorporated to the collections. Athletic-inspired pleated dresses were also spotted.


etro hot pants from Prada - spring/summer 2017 - Milan. © ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP

The past merged with the present in conversation-worthy attire. Designers paid tribute to the 1970s with tight high-waisted hot pants and sensational prints at Prada (above), as well as Roberto Cavalli’s flared pants. Gucci in particular, fully embodied the retro spirit as it continues its current period.

Giorgio Armani Sport Photography Exhibition Milan

No, Italian fashion legend Giorgio Armani isn’t doing a Lagerfeld here, but his fashion label is showcasing sports photography in Milan. Curated by Armani himself, what’s on show at the Armani/Silos gallery are photographs focusing on sports that the brand has used for advertising campaigns and in magazine editorials. The shots, dating from 1985 to the present, have been printed onto giant slabs with a concrete finish to echo the look of the gallery’s architecture.

“Sport has always been one of my passions,” says the designer. “I believe it represents the qualities that improve us as people: dedication, sacrifice, perseverance and willpower.”

Titled Emotions of the Athletic Body, this is actually the third curatorial testament to Armani’s passion and stands in stark contrast to the lanky models that have dominated the scene in fashion capitals around the world. The exhibition features the likes of Serena Williams, David Beckham, Davide Zongoli (top) and Armani muse Pietro Bosseli. Armani himself is lifelong devotee of exercise and reportedly maintains his own physical regime even though he is in his 80s. On the business side of things, he’s of course the designer of uniforms for the Italian Olympics team and its national soccer team. Armani also owns Milan’s basketball team, Olimpia EA7.

6 Home Styles for Successful Gentlemen

As fashion and furniture continue to merge their ideals of beauty and form, homes can now dress to express their individual personalities – shaped and driven of course by the personalities and decisions of their owners. Basically, if you can sort of guess which brand is responsible for the look pictured top, you have the style chops to draw something useful from this story. So, leaving aside the admirable projects of refreshing your wardrobe or tricking out your vehicle, you might care for a bigger challenge this season. Our friends at Men’s Folio selected six different brand names to match six different personal styles. This is just the sort of thing magazine folks love to do and we thought we’d share it with you.

For an added sense of character (and better UX!), each of the suggestions is modeled on specific personalities.

The extravagant hedonistversace_home_les_etoiles_de_lamer_dining

Versace Home stays religiously true to its iconic over-style even as the lifestyle arm is brought in-house to complete the brand universe. Under the artistic direction of Donatella Versace, the ritzy collection fetes four brand new lines: Inspired by the Rosenthal-meets-Versace porcelain collection, Les Etoiles de la Mer commits to absolute opulence through precious materials such as Fiore di pesco marble, printed velvets and mercury wood, with prints awash in marine motifs; Vasmara evokes wildlife exoticism with leopard and zebra print decors; futuristic Gvardian is defined by clean lines and a neutral palette, with a carbon fibre table top conveying spacey visual and tactile effect; finally, the established Via Gesù Palazzo Empire range is expanded with a one-of-a-kind sky blue nubuck sofa shaped in the defining “V” of the brand. Standing out from the christened collections is the new climate-proof aluminum chair Mesedia. Crafted in the image of Versace’s unmistakable Medusa head, Mesedia is emblematic of the new Home collection and is available in five colours that remind of shifting skies: Haze, storm, cloud, purple sunset and sunrise.

Versace Home

The sensitive homebody_bcd5174-tissus-et-papiers-peints

They say home is where your heart is set in stone; is where you go when you’re alone (that there’s some catchy lyrics from Gabrielle Aplin’s 2013 hit single, “Home”). In any case, if home is truly where your heart lies, then no doubt you’ll be a fan of Hermès’ latest home collection inspired by the ideal of the home as shelter for body and mind. Under the aegis of artistic directors Charlotte Perelman and Alexis Fabry, the home is transformed into a refuge of relaxation with simple yet elegant touches. Different threads of the collection — ranging from the re-edited Oria chairs by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo to the showpiece Sellier sofa demonstrating the equestrian heritage of the Maison — collectively address the theme of balance, which Hermès believes thrives and reigns in enclosed spaces. This balancing act is also cleverly propagated in the Équilibre d’Hermès assembly of desk and decorative accessories, consisting of a harmonious blend of functional and whimsical pieces: A magazine rack in the form of a horse saddle, an icosahedron paperweight, a magnifying glass held in perfect equipoise atop a conical base.


The space rockerdiesel-living-at-salone-del-mobile-2016-3                                                                            

Imagine serving your favourite pasta on Venus, or scooping ice cream from moon craters — if you’re obsessed with astronomy and the stars, you’re in for a treat. For 2016, Diesel Living parades its latest collaboration with Italian design brand Seletti in its Cosmic Diner tableware line. Inspired by the universe, the heavenly (as close as it gets) collection comprises of porcelain plates representing the planets of the solar system, a Starman vase, salt and pepper grinders in the shape of rockets, as well as meteorite glasses to end the poetic set up. The collaboration with Seletti is among five ongoing projects that Diesel Living has going on, including Moroso for furniture, Foscarini for lighting, Iris Ceramica for ceramic tiling, and Scavolini for a new kitchen concept. The Moroso and Foscarini collections illustrate Diesel’s individualistic lifestyle with industrial design and rock styling, while the Diesel Open Workshop Kitchen with Scavolini celebrates the ethos of “Come in, we’re open!” with an open-concept social kitchen the builds on the brand’s creativity and free expression.

Diesel Living

The ethereal minimalistarmani-casa-store-in-corso-venezia-14_06-by-davide-lovatti

Unlike those of us who express our feelings through intense rituals — entire mornings spent painting, shouting out at open seas, retail therapy on useless junk — designer Giorgio Armani conveys his thoughts in a more refined manner. More often than not, he translates his obsessions into an elegant collection of timeless creations, and judging from his latest set for Armani/Casa, it’s pretty clear his current fixation is on light. The Time Of Lightness experiments with the notion of light and how its interplay (through shadows and reflections) can transform regular architecture into irregular elements, with Armani putting this sophistication into the perspective of minimalism and simplicity. The collection is gratifyingly considerate, keeping in mind all aspects of one’s lifestyle. It first offers a selection of tables — the Luna rotating table, Lewis oval table and Egidio low table, to name a few — then accompanies them with a complete tableware set. It also pieces together other home elements such as the Leonard buffet (two versions, with drawers and shelves or as a television unit) and Club bar cabinet, the latter a 50-piece limited edition hand-made with black straw marquetry and dramatized in an Ocean lacquer finish that calls to mind The Great Wave off Kanagawa by renowned Japanese artist Hokusai. These are topped off with resplendent Murano glass pieces and exquisite textiles by Rubelli.


The pop artistrock-valley-coffee-table_

Following last year’s series of ceramics-inspired leather bowls, Spanish luxury brand Loewe is back to win hearts with an entire bag of striking and eccentric designs crafted in leather marquetry. Conceived by creative director Jonathan Anderson, this latest collection of oak furniture is embellished with leather cut-outs in an array of shapes and colours pieced together to form mosaic drawings of flowers and landscapes. The project is partly inspired by the radical design ideas of pioneering artist-critic Roger Fry (furniture covered in bold, hand-painted patterns, for example), and the motifs are taken from silk prints found in Loewe’s archives, including a recurring carp adapted from a set of centuries-old Japanese wood screens Anderson found in Hong Kong. The end product is stunning, with six new creations, including a large wardrobe and two Baillie Scott chairs, along with lamps and cigar boxes as well as notebooks and leather pouches, all coated in fun to brighten up your living space.

Casa Loewe

The unrepentant gentlemanbottega-veneta-home-collection-bottega-veneta-via-borgospesso-home-boutique-3

Bronze tables surfaced in the signature intrecciato leather weave (an exclusive collaboration with Italian designer Osanna Visconti di Modrone), Murano lamps in new cigar and nero colorations, suede and leather drawers fitted with iconic bronzed handles — there’s nothing in Bottega Veneta’s home collection that doesn’t spell masculine decadence. When set against a backdrop of historic frescoes, coffered ceilings and stone walls found in a profound 18th century palazzo (Palazzo Gallarati Scotti in the heart of Milan, to be precise), the curated creations by creative director Tomas Maier even provide a taste of medieval excess. Apart from the aforementioned pieces, the collection boasts a suede seating set (club chair, foot rest, three-seat couch and day bed) named Rudi in collaboration with Poltrona Frau, a series of sterling silver collectible boxes each bearing semi-precious stones and planetary names, and a delicate hand-painted porcelain dining service. It’s a long list of complementary pieces that come together coherently to exude sophistication in the homes of those with discerning tastes.

Bottega Veneta

This article was first published in Men’s Folio.

Armani Backs Ricostru at Milan Fashion Week

Armani Backs Ricostru at Milan Fashion Week

Giorgio Armani has revealed Ricostru as the latest up-and-coming fashion talent to receive his support this Milan Women’s Fashion Week. Armani’s largesse is legendary and we last reported on his support for Miaoran.

This latest move by Italian designer will see his company host the Ricostru fashion show at the Armani/Teatro space in the city during the event, providing the label with an international platform from which to showcase its Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

Founded in China in 2011 by designer Rico Manchit Au, Ricostru focuses on comfortable but luxurious basics with clean structures.

Armani’s initiative to support young creativity is something of a fashion tradition, and previous recipients of his generosity include Israeli designer Daizy Shely, Japanese brand Facetasm and Greek talent Angelos Bratis. Milan Fashion Week runs September 21-26.

Giorgio Armani_MFW

Giorgio Armani Moves Show to Mid-Week

Milan Fashion Week doesn’t end until Giorgio Armani closes it with yet another one of his spectacular runway shows. This year, however, the Italian maestro has decided to move his show for Spring/Summer 2017 to mid-week instead, expressing fatigue at being the only international name to close Milan week year after year.

This stir-up comes after Giorgio Armani decided to show sister line Emporio Armani at Paris Fashion Week instead of Milan for Spring/Summer 2017. “Why should I be the only one to always close Fashion Week?” the celebrated Italian designer had said in June, WWD recalls. “There should be a turnover and I hope some of my colleagues will collaborate on this issue.”

Milan Fashion Week, which runs September 21 to 26 is slated to open with Gucci, followed by budding brands such as Piccione.Piccione, Lucio Vanotti and San Andrès Milano.

Giorgio Armani Foundation Rumor Confirmed

The rumor mill must have heaved a sigh of relief with this piece of good news that Giorgio Armani is indeed creating a foundation to protect his company and his legacy. The new was confirmed last week, as reported by Women’s Wear Daily. While the mill has been responsible for numerous reports of designers leaving their brands — most of which were true— they were right on the nose about Giorgio Armani Foundation. To be fair, this was long anticipated given that Armani has remained a private company and the foundation route was a logical one.

It was said in 2012 that the designer was looking for a way to create a foundation that would eventually control his company. Founded in 1975, the brand will now come under the Giorgio Armani Foundation, which will help to protect the Italian brand’s ethical approach to management. The foundation will also focus on innovation, independence, limited debt as well as implementing projects related to public and social interest. Given that Armani turns 82 this year, this move is very late, if anything.

In the luxury trade, the Giorgio Armani Foundation is hardly an anomaly, although it will be the biggest and most public move in recent memory. Savvy readers will of course know that Swiss watchmaker Rolex has been under the control of a foundation for many decades, which is what founder Hans Wilsdorf wanted to protect his company and his customers. Rolex is arguably the biggest single name in watchmaking and has only gotten stronger since Wilsdorf’s death in 1960.

Giorgio Armani SS 2017 Show Makes Paris Move

It may not be a permanent move but it is certainly a change for Giorgio Armani to showcase his Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Paris instead of Milan. While this is hardly the first time the designer has chosen to venture away from his usual Italian home, the move comes on the heels of many changes within the industry.

The world of fashion has been thrown several curve balls, so to speak, in the last few weeks but this one is a tactical move. It has a lot more to do with a revamped store than any sort of adjustment to new market realities. Thanks to the major overhaul of the brand’s Parisian EA Caffé as well as the city’s chic Saint-Germain neighborhood, its has provided Armani with an opportunity to rethink the location as well as the timing of the show.

Back in 2007, the designer chose to showcase his Spring/Summer collection in London to coincide with the launch of his Emporio Armani Product RED venture. The event was part of a concept by Bono of U2 and activist Bobby Shriver to help fight AIDS.


Liu Wen Interview: 6 Fashion/Beauty Holiday Tips

She has walked for runway shows, starred in ad campaigns for some of the biggest fashion houses and is the first East Asian model to walk for Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show. Really, what can Liu Wen not do? This FW16 sees her add being the face of Giorgio Armani New Normal and La Perla into her bevy of achievements – see what we mean? AFP Relaxnews gets up close with our (and Giorgio Armani’s new) favorite supermodel where she lets slip her her vacation beauty tips. Get ready for a little sneak peek into Liu Wen’s holiday suitcase.

Beachwear, casual or glamorous? What’s your go-to look when you’re on vacation?

It really depends on where I’m going… a mix of beachwear, casual, and glamorous is probably best – whatever feels most comfortable.

What are your three best fashion tips for holidays?

Bring positive emotions and a healthy body with you. Remember to pack comfortable shoes and fitness clothing, and make sure your luggage is large enough to fit everything!

What accessories do you always take with you on vacation?

The best accessory is your smile! And a camera, so you can document everything: friends, scenery, food… And of course, you can’t go without sunglasses, La Perla beachwear and a good hat!

What is your holiday beauty regimen?

I go through my usual routine of cleanser, moisturizer, day/night cream, but I remember to add sun protection if I’m going outside. Always spend some time to find the best spa possible, so you can have a great, relaxing beauty routine for your entire body.

What are your favorite makeup looks for day and night?

When I’m not working I don’t use makeup very much, but during the day I like to carry a colorful lipstick just in case. At night, if I’m with friends I like to put on some light makeup that looks refreshing. I would contrast that with a dark red lip color and some mascara. Of course, I don’t forget about some color on my nails!

Do you have a particular holiday anecdote or a special souvenir to share?

Every trip has really precious memories for me. I like calming scenes of nature, so the one that sticks out the most is probably a few years ago, when I went to Thailand’s Koh Samui Island with my parents and some friends for two weeks. That’s when I started recording my “Wen Li” webseries for China as well.

For souvenirs, I always take many photos no matter where I go, and I always buy fridge magnets that are local to the area!

World-Famous Designers Dress Rio 2016 Athletes

The hype is on. It is finally 2016, and the Rio Olympics is fast becoming an increasingly discussed topic, for good and otherwise – even in the world of fashion although happily, the news is all good here. With less than a month left on the countdown clock, world-famous designers have been tapped to dress athletic teams. May the odds ever be in the best team’s favor.

Stella McCartney for Team Great Britain


Following her work for the London 2012 Olympics kit, the British designer has once again been roped into designing for the opening and closing ceremonies of her hometown team. Featuring a high-tech fabric from Adidas that is 10% lighter than that of the 2012 kit (she collaborated with the sports label on that occasion), the athletes receive a boost to go further and faster. The collection also incorporates the red, white and blue of the Union Jack flag, as well as a specially commissioned Coat of Arms.

Polo Ralph Lauren for Team USA 


Who else, really, but Polo Ralph Lauren, the quintessential American athletic brand? Marking their fifth partnership with Team USA (they’re pretty much veterans themselves), the collection melds the label’s signature preppy style with the classic red, blue and white of the American flag (a lot of flags use this color combination). Supporters would be pleased to know that the looks are up for purchase here, with all proceeds going to USOC, a non-profit organization that sends American athletes to the Olympic games.

DSquared2 for Team Canada


Formal meets casual athleticism with Dean and Dan Caten, designers behind the world-acclaimed Canadian brand DSquared2. For Team Canada’s opening ceremony, the label injects its country’s red, white, black and iconic maple leaf emblem into a range of jackets, shirts and pants. Described as modern yet traditionally Canadian, replicas of the collection are available at all Hudson’s Bay locations across Canada, and online here.

Armani for Team Italy


A reprisal of his role in the 2012 London Olympics, Giorgio Armani once again lends his creative talents to Team Italy this year. The Italian designer taps on his iconic color of midnight blue in this collection of tracksuits, waterproof jackets, polo shirts, pants and beyond. On top of tapping on his elegant style, the range also includes the inscription “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers From Italy) as well as C-Cube technology (Carbon Cushion Control) for maximum comfort.

Giorgio Armani Capsule for Bugatti

Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani and French carmaker Bugatti have joined forces for a capsule collection of luxury ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, showcasing the elegance and expertise that characterize the two brands.

The “Giorgio Armani for Bugatti” range is a high-end men’s clothing and accessories collection aimed at sophisticated gents. It features superior-quality materials, such as calfskin, crocodile, cashmere and suede, used to craft a series of limited edition and individually numbered garments and accessories.

“It was very natural to come together with Bugatti. We both worship things that are made well, made to last, created out of the best materials. The capsule condenses this encounter in a series of clothes and accessories designed to be worn by men who only look for the best and who live an active and dynamic lifestyle,” explains Giorgio Armani.

giorgio armani bugatti bag

Due to land for the autumn/winter 2016-2017 season, the collection uses the symbols of the Bugatti brand, notably the horseshoe emblem seen on the front of its cars and the color blue. More generally, the collection’s color palette ranges from blue to cognac to khaki green.

The collection includes a wide range of luxury accessories, including a handmade calfskin briefcase — also available in matte crocodile skin — a weekend bag, belts, washbags, wallets and iPad cases.

As for clothing, the “Giorgio Armani for Bugatti” range features a coat and a jacket in double cashmere, cashmere sweaters, a leather jacket, denim jeans, a cashmere cap, a sports blazer in crocodile skin and calfskin sneakers.

The “Giorgio Armani for Bugatti” collection is due out August 2016 in selected Giorgio Armani stores and in Bugatti lifestyle boutiques.

Giorgio Armani Designs for Neon Demon

Giorgio Armani delves into the world of filmmaking once again for Neon Demon, a thriller starring Elle Fanning and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

This adult fairy tale tells of aspiring supermodels chasing youth and beauty in Los Angeles, with a focus on the doe-eyed protagonist Jesse’s (Fanning’s character) downward spiral. The movie sees her dressed in an Emporio Armani metallic blue strapless top with a matching skirt in the movie’s opening scene, and several other outfits from the designer throughout the film.


“I was lucky to have access to such a unique collection of beautiful pieces that helped elevate the look of the film,” explained costume designer Eric Benach, who received a Costume Designers Guild Awards Nomination for her work on the Oscar-nominated film Drive, also directed by Refn.


Armani’s accolades in Hollywood costume design started in 1980, where he dressed Richard Gere in American Gigolo and subsequently other movies like The Untouchables, Ocean’s Thirteen, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Giorgio Armani on his Pantelleria Holiday Home

The first time I set foot on the Italian island of Pantelleria (located in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea) was 30 years ago, when I made a trip there to visit a friend. Believe it or not, I didn’t like it. I expected it to be more exotic, not so “hard”.  There were no nice hotels, no restaurants, no life. We needed a generator to cook. The greatest excitement of the day was when a car went by on the road. But after a few days, I acclimatised to the inactivity. One day, I looked up to that clear sky and everything was just so quiet and calm – a pure silence.Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-3

In 1981, I returned to visit another friend and decided to purchase a house there. A few years later I bought another piece of land that was closer to the water and, ever since, this island home has been my summer refuge every August. Of course, these days, Pantelleria is quite different: it has electricity, there are a few hotels, and cars passing by on the road are no longer the big attraction. But it still retains that untouched wildness and beauty, which remind me of that moment when I first bought the house.Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-2

The original structures were two abandoned dammusi on this isolated spot where people often picked Indian figs from the giant cacti. (The dammuso is a traditional architectural structure made of natural materials such as rock, red tufo and plaster, and was introduced to Pantelleria in the 10th century.) The two-feet-thick stone walls are constructed from volcanic rock and the white domed roofs are natural forms of insulation and protection from the extremely high temperatures, so the rooms in the house are cool and the air is fresh constantly – it’s even better than air-conditioning!Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-4

Strangely enough, the sea was not a priority for me. It was the whole island, the light, and the coarse, wild terrain. It was humbling being surrounded by huge, black volcanic rock – it gave the locale strength. And I needed a natural force that strong to help me relax.Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-5

Over the years, I have worked tirelessly on the Oasis garden that surrounds my house. It includes spectacular Tiaré trees, magnificent rose bushes, jasmine hedges, rare cypress trees, and 300-year-old palm trees imported from Sicily, not to mention the local prickly Echninocactus grusonii (cactus) plants and Cycads. Every year, the property is given a maintenance makeover. In fact, last year, work was done to the swimming pool, and I also completely renovated the interiors using pieces from my Armani Casa line. Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-6

I chose to work with architect Gabriella Giuntoli on this house for a number of reasons. She is a native of Pantelleria and understands the natural surroundings perfectly. On top of that, she has an innate ability to comprehend someone’s taste and needs, transforming these ideas into a reality that is simple, natural, and, ultimately, luxurious. What do I love most about this house? The outdoor living room terrace that looks out towards the sea; the swimming pool that appears like a natural pool among the wild landscape; the sense of calm and relaxation; and the fact that it is so close to Milan yet feels like I am miles away from civilization.Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-7

This holiday home in Pantelleria mirrors my vision and personal style aesthetic perfectly. As with clothing, one’s home reflects one’s personality. That is why it is so important to select items that help to bring out your personality in a natural way. You have to feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered in your own home. I love anything that has its foundation in nature, whether we are talking about material, colour, or form. I have several homes now all over the world. Each one is very different, but the common denominator among them is that they all reflect my personality and the surrounding natural landscapes. Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-1

People often ask me to compare my home in Milan with my home in Pantelleria. They are two completely different realities and perform different functions. My home in Milan is where I spend my working life, and stick to the Monday-through-Friday work schedule. It is modern, functional, and linear. I can relax and have people over, and yet be in the office in two seconds. Plus, I’m right in the center of Milan!Giorgio-armani-Pantelleria-8

Pantelleria is my summer refuge. I live outdoors when I’m there. It’s the only place where I truly feel I can “switch off” and escape from the stress and wear and tear of working life. I used to visit only in the summer, but recently, I’ve headed there for long weekends in the autumn and spring. It’s so close to Tunisia that the weather is always warm and inviting. My sister says it’s the only place that makes my face change. It’s because I’m genuinely relaxed; the stress disappearsGiorgio-armani-Pantelleria-9

A day on Pantelleria

A day in my life on Pantelleria is the epitome of island life, lived to the fullest outdoors. My day starts off with a power hike around the island at 7:30am (I have always been an early riser) and, contrary to what people tease me about, I do not “make” my guests come with me – unless they want to, of course. I have breakfast with my family and friends after the hike because I am so energized, but they are always half asleep! After breakfast we usually take the boat out to sea and go for a swim. Then, we return to shore for lunch at around 3pm. Meals are always had outside. After lunch, I take a short nap until the late afternoon. Then, we might go out to the local market or watch a film. Dinner is always outside and always by candlelight.

Story Credits

Text by Giorgio Armani

Translated by Justin Cheong

This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

Armani Supports Miaoran For Milan Fashion Week

Having a good eye for new fashion designers with potential, Italian fashion icon Giorgio Armani has decided to host the label of Chinese designer Miaoran in the Armani/Teatro space as a part of Milan Fashion Week. This all comes into place as a part of his ongoing support program for fresh talent.

“Discovering new talents on the international scene is something interesting and stimulating, since it enables me to confront myself with very different stylistic ideas and creative visions” said Armani, in a report by WWD. Miaoran definitely fits that criteria to a key. His primary aim seems to be eschewing form and gender – creating ambiguous styles with oversized proportions. The designer picked up his skill by studying in Italy.

In thanks to Armani, Miaoran called the opportunity a “huge honor for a young designer who comes from far away”. When June comes around, we’ll be able to see what interesting styles he has to offer, amongst the other offerings over at Milan.

Stylish Subtlety: Giorgio Armani Private Bag

Some may mourn the passing of the days when men could get away with simply stuffing their tick wallets, mobile phones, and a whole bunch of keys into their pants’ pocket. We, however, are more than overjoyed that the era of awkward bulges are long gone. No amount of hands-free convenience can be worth the eyesore of those inappropriately lumpy thighs. Instead of groping blindly through a mass of loose change, keep your belongings within easy reach in the latest creation Giorgio Armani: the Private Bag.


Available in an extensive range of classic masculine colours, this latest series of business bags, produced by the prominent Italian fashion house, is the essence of elegance and understatement. Designed with the needs of the urban man in mind, it caters to the gentleman who is able to be simultaneously dynamic and reflective, fashionable yet unpretentious, allowing him to keep his everyday essentials at hand as he weaves through the crowd along the bustling city streets.


Apart from being an elegant style statement, the Private Bag also showcases Giorgio Armani’s painstaking craftsmanship. Every inch of this bag is made with an exacting eye for detail and boasts the luxurious feel of well-made leather goods.


The Private Bag is distinguished by the one-centimetre thick dark matte piping that runs along the edges of the exclusively selected tumbled calfskin and crocodile leather. This, as well as the thick thread used for the tone-on-tone stitching, not only calls attention to the bag’s simple and precise shape, but also adds a sturdy masculinity to its look. On the inside, the bag is lined with cotton twill in the same dark colour, with plenty of compartments that will keep all your gadgets well organised and easily accessible, making the Private Bag an amazing functional accessory.


Those eager to get their hands on this extraordinary bag will be happy to know that the Private Bag collection will be available this May. Offered in the colours of ivory, taupe, warm tan, red, dark green, dark blue, dark brown, and black, it will be retailing at select Giorgio Armani boutiques as well as the Armani online store.


Story Credits
Text by Rachel Ang

This article was originally published in Men’s Folio Magazine

Salone del Mobile: 5 Fashionable Standouts

For a week, the worlds of fashion and interior design collided in Milan at Salone del Mobile, also known as The Milan Furniture Fair, which is how we tag it on our site. The fair – held from 12 to 17 April – was dedicated to bringing together the best in the design industry, and that included some of fashion’s finest. Here are some of the standout presentations by fashion brands during Design Week.


With an innate Italian aura, Versace showed off opulent furniture creations this year. Highlights included the “Via Gesù Palazzo Empire”, a blue sofa inspired by the “Palazzo Empire” bag; the Mesedia chair, crafted out of climate-proof aluminum in a punchy array of colors – think deep purple and orange – that recall a mid-summer sunset; and wallpaper bearing the label’s bold prints.

Bottega Venetabottega_veneta_home_collection1

The Italian fashion house’s own Home Collection applied the brand’s coveted leather to a selection of new furniture creations, including the “Rudi” line, designed in partnership with Poltrona Frau. This featured a club-style armchair, a footstool, a three-seat sofa and a chaise lounge. The range also includes round tables with engraved bronze frames and since we’re being extravagant, a bronze lamp with a woven black leather shade to light up your very fancy casa.


La Perlala_perla_mia_vanitytable

High-end lingerie and furniture might seem like an unlikely match but La Perla made it work. Together with designer Walter Terruso, “Mia” was born – a sleekly sophisticated vanity table set against a large round mirror. In a design made from glass, brass and pleated silk, the starkness of the table’s geometric design is the perfect juxtaposition to the soft sensuality of La Perla’s lingerie.



Marni launched a collection of home furnishings and accessories with a vibrancy like no other. Like its ready-to-wear collection, the pieces had a jaunty, Sixties retro feel, mostly attributed to the combination of metal, wood and hand-woven PVC cord they’re crafted with. Amidst Cumbia dancers in long patchwork Marni circle skirts and scarves, the rocking chairs, floor lamps and cocktail tables in a riot of earthy hues and jungle bright tones stayed true to the fashion house’s bold patterns and palette.


Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio-Armani-Luna-Swivel-Chair

Giorgio Armani’s interiors brand presented a collection befitting its 41-year-old legacy. The “Luna” swivel table, for example, came equipped with a swivel system in satin-finished brass, complete with a walnut frame, glossy Himalayan lacquer and a swanky pearl and gold-colored fabric base.


This story was written in-house, with images and source material from the AFP

Fendi Turns 90 with Fourrure Show

Back in 1926, Fendi opened its doors in the Italian city of Via del Plebiscito. 90 years later, under the watchful eye of Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion house is now a powerful name in the fashion industry with an illustrious history. To celebrate the milestone birthday, the Italian label will be hosting a “haute fourrure” fashion show in Rome on July 7.

“An haute fourrure show in Rome is the best way to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Fendi to express our roots and our DNA while transmitting bold creativity and the unique expertise of fur,” said the brand’s CEO Pietro Beccari.

The decision to host a fashion show with a focus on fur is a controversial one to say the least. In recent months, several other key fashion brands such as those owned by Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss have announced plans to go fur-free. Other fur-free fashion labels include Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney. Animal rights activists have been pushing for the fashion industry to readjust their policies and a move such as this probably will not sit well with those supporting the fur-free moves. However, this is Fendi and fur is a central part of the brand’s offerings so the anti-fur lobby was never going to get onboard anyway.

9 Fashion Muse, Designer Pairings 2016

Muses. In Greek mythology, they were believed to be naiads (or water nymphs) and the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Ethereal and enigmatic, these goddesses of inspiration kindled the flames of thought and creativity in the realms of literature, science and the arts, and were invoked at the beginning of lyrical poems so that they might speak through the poet’s words.

Here they are among us, still. Manifested in the form of beguiling celebrities and models, the muses have ruled the cosmos of couture since time immemorial. One only has to mention “Givenchy” to recall one of the most sublime iterations of the designer/muse dyads – that of Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, who were acquainted with each other in 1954 on the set of the Billy Wilder film, Sabrina. A mutual success for both parties, the pairing propelled the brand and actress alike towards powerhouse status, one recognised as the quintessence of feminine and elegant style, the other transformed into an international icon.

That was only the beginning. The alliance between designer and muse has persisted fixedly: Joni Mitchell and Yves Saint Laurent, Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier, and, more recently, Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs, Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace. In the following pages, L’Officiel Singapore celebrates its ninth anniversary with nine of the most exciting and current designer/muse pairings.

The muses have arrived.

Saint Laurent

Former creative director Hedi Slimane’s muses are one of a kind. They love music, know a good party and are virtually inseparable (think Julia Cumming, Lida Fox and Grace Hartzel, who have gone from being fresh faces to superstar models). This Spring/Summer ’16, the designer’s cool-girl squad enlists new names Amelia Rose Akerhielm and Staz Lindes, who share their It list exclusively with L’Officiel Singapore.

Amelia Rose AkerhielmAmelia-rose-akerhielm-Saint-Laurent


“Next Management.”

Favorite music band

“Animal Collective.”

Your meeting with Hedi Slimane in three words

“‘Word bank insufficient’!”

Your favourite book

“Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, or maybe Brave New World, or The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna. My favourites change every day.”

Your favorite number


Your favorite artists

“Mark Ryden, Lori Early, Alex Gross and Matt Dangler.”

How did you get discovered?

“I was scouted by Mary and Jeff Clarke of Mother Model Management while photographing matching groups of blonde girls and women in neon pink.”

Was the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer ’16 show your first one? How was it?

“Yes, and it was an amazing experience. Though my flight was delayed and I hadn’t slept for a day, arriving in Paris and being at the Grand Palais seemed like a dream.”

Are there any models in the industry you look up to?

“Dita Von Teese – she’s lovely.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I have many vague plans but nothing definite; the future is blurry but colors leak through. I’d like to further my art career and do more live painting, learn to animate, act, write music, refine my poetry and own a chameleon.”   

Describe your personal style

“Eclectic. I don’t value pieces based on their age or price, but for their history and the feelings they evoke.”

Staz LindesStaz-Lindes-YSL



Favorite music band

“Best of Doo-Wop Compilations.”

Your meeting with Hedi Slimane in three words

“‘Surprising’, ‘easy’, ‘100 degrees’.”

Your favorite book

“The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Authorised Biography.”

Your favorite number


Your favorite artist

“David Hockney.”

How did you get discovered?

“My band, The Paranoyds, was playing at the opening of a show for my brother.”

Was the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer ’16 show your first one? How was it?

“Yes. It was very surreal and exciting. I felt so lucky.”

Are there any models in the industry you look up to?

“Lily McMenamy, Lili Sumner and Georgia Pratt – they do their own thing and stay true to who they are.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Having fun, whether with travel or settling down on a big ranch with all the animal friends I could dream of.”

Describe your personal style

“It depends what kind of a day it is, but I’m either very feminine or very boyish. Sometimes mature, but mostly adolescent.”


Muse: Karen Elson

Alessandro Michele might not have specified his official muse, but if we had to put money on it, we’d say it’s model-musician Karen Elson. One of Michele’s ardent supporters, the 37-year-old has been present at all the creative director’s shows since his Cruise ’16 presentation in New York, and was even the star performer at the after-show party. If that isn’t proof enough that the flame-haired beauty is Gucci’s muse, how about this laudation from Michele himself: “Above and beyond being a model, Karen is a woman with an outstanding character and a strong personality… the personification of what beauty means to me.”

Louis Vuitton

Lea Seydoux Louis Vuitton
Muse: Léa Seydoux

Talk about playing with the big boys. The 30-year-old Parisienne, who has been hailed as “Bardot meets Binoche”, has worked alongside Quentin Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds), Ridley Scott (Robin Hood), Woody Allen (Midnight In Paris), Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel), and Sam Mendes (Spectre). Why wouldn’t a brand that always aims for the finest quality choose a muse of an equally exquisite calibre? “I feel extremely proud at the thought of representing such a strong symbol of French elegance, an iconic brand whose initials are known the world over,” Seydoux has said. “I deeply admire Nicolas Ghesquière’s work, especially his modernity and his incessant search for novelty.”


Muse: Kristen Stewart

Call it a stroke of pure serendipity – Kristen first met Karl Lagerfeld in January 2012 during a photo shoot in Paris, during which she was decked out in Chanel Haute Couture. Soon after, in 2013, the star of Panic Room, the Twilight saga, and On The Road became the face of the Métiers d’art Paris-Dallas 2013/14 collection. Last year, the 25-year-old Certain Women actress was part of Chanel’s “3 girls, 3 bags” handbag campaign, shot by Lagerfeld himself. “It always felt like a privilege to wear Chanel and to be around Karl who is an artist that, for me, constantly inspires,” Stewart has said.


Muse: May & Ruth Bell

Cara Delevingne, James May, Edie Campbell, Tom Odell – just some of the names that have inspired Christopher Bailey. This season, the spotlight falls on twins May and Ruth Bell. “Shooting our first Burberry campaign was surreal – you don’t ever really think that you’re going to do something like that,” they’ve said. “You wish you will one day, because when you think of who has been in Burberry campaigns in the past, they’re just on a different level!”

Diane von FurstenbergKarlie-Kloss-DVF

Muse: Karlie Kloss

“Karlie was a perfect choice to represent – and celebrate – the multifaceted nature of today’s woman,” says Diane von Furstenberg. “She is a supermodel, she is an entrepreneur, she gives back, she is a student, she is close to her family. She’s passionate, constantly improving herself, fearless. She knows who she is and is never afraid to show it. She is the woman she wants to be. Together, we invite all women to find this spirit and confidence in themselves.”


Muse: Antonine Peduzzi, Chelsea Tyler, Chloe Norgaard, Cora Corre, Giulia and Camilla Venturini, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Langley Fox Hemingway, Lizzy Jagger, Louisa Gummer, Mae Lapres, Polly Morgan, Quentin Jones, Sonia Sieff, and Tea Falco

When the muses speak, one listens. In the case of Tod’s, the brand has taken heed of 15 of them – all strong personalities from the fields of music, art, film, fashion and photography. Collectively dubbed Tod’s Band, the ensemble includes fashion’s newest darlings, twin sisters and artists Giulia and Camilla Venturini, as well as Chinese-Canadian model Mae Lapres, illustrator Langley Fox Hemingway (great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway), and celebrity offspring Louisa Gummer and Lizzy Jagger (daughters of Meryl Streep and Mick Jagger, respectiviely).

Kate SpadeJourdan-Dunn-Kate-Spade

Muse: Jordan Dunn

Crowned Model of the Year at London’s British Fashion Awards last November, the 25-year-old brunette leads a colorful cast of characters in Kate Spade New York’s Spring 2016 campaign. Says Deborah Lloyd, the brand’s president and Chief Creative Officer, “Similar to our customer, Jourdan is a woman who wears many hats, as a model, mother, philanthropist and chef. She embodies the spirit of the ‘Kate Spade New York girl’ perfectly, and we’re excited to share this spirit through our spring 2016 campaign and collection.”

Giorgio ArmaniCate-Blanchett-Armani

Muse: Cate Blanchett

How does one turn a fragrance advertisement into an impassioned short film worthy of an Oscar? Have two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett as a source of inspiration – and the star – of course. Always a vision on the red carpet, the 46-year-old Australian is the face of Si, Giorgio Armani’s eau de toilette fragrance. “Working with Cate Blanchett, on and off the screen, has always been a highlight for me,” Giorgio Armani has said. We couldn’t agree more.

Story Credits

Text by Justin Cheong & Kenny Loh

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore.