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evian alexander wang bottles

Evian x Alexander Wang water bottle

evian alexander wang bottles

Fashion designer Alexander Wang has collaborated with Evian to design the French mineral water company’s latest bottle.

This is the ninth time Evian has collaborated with the fashion world to create a new design for its water bottles.

Wang’s design features one black and one white bottle, with a bar code print and reproducing a design he often uses in his clothing.

The designer has collaborated with other household brands, such as H&M, in the past but this is his first time designing for a beverage company.

The Wang/Evian bottles come in two formats and will be presented at Wang’s spring fashion show. The bottles will be distributed in hotels, restaurants and shops beginning this month.

Elie Saab evian

Elie Saab Designs Latest Evian Bottle

Elie Saab evian Bottle

Evian has collaborated with Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab to create a new, limited edition glass bottle. This year, the two brands unite with the common theme of purity.

The luxurious Evian bottle is decorated with a signature Elie Saab lace pattern, that recalls the feminine and elegant designs featured so prominently in the brand’s collections.

The delicate white lace has been applied with architectural accuracy, bringing added refinement to the clean lines of the bottles silhouette.

The partnership between evian and Elie Saab is the latest to follow six years of evian associating itself with international fashion brands. Previous designers include: Issey Miyake, Paul Smith, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Courreges and most recently Diane von Furstenberg.

“We are thrilled to see our bottle dressed by Elie Saab: this masterful artist designed a unique, subtle lace gown for our glass limited edition that elegantly underlines its purity while capturing how unique and precious the evian water is”. Martin Renaud, President Evian Volvic World.

3 evian Bottle with Bag

Evian’s Design Bottle by Courreges

3 evian Bottle with Bag

Evian has this year partnered up with French fashion designer Courrèges to imagine a new limited edition bottle.

This design combines evian’s free-minded spirit with the House of Courrèges’ nonconventional creativity.

Courrèges is known for pioneering key trends though the decades, from having discovered pants for women in 1963 to starting the mini-skirt revolution.

The evian bottle by Courrèges features the design house’s elegant white and pink emblematic flower on the backdrop of evian’s iconic glass bottle silhouette.
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Karl lagerfeld coca cola light bottles

A New Breed of Fashion Collaborations

karl lagerfeld coca cola light bottle

This week, the Berlin-based fashion designer Esther Perbandt joins the long list of style icons who have lent their creative vision to everyday objects ranging from jackets for Prosecco bottles to macaroons.

Here’s a roundup of the most buzz-worthy collaborations between renowned designers and non-fashion retailers in 2010.
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Evian by Issey Miyake Water Bottle

Evian has partnered with fashion designer Issey Miyake – known for his innovative and minimalist style – to unveil its fourth annual limited edition designer bottle.

Miyake joins a celebrated line-up who have unveiled designer bottles for the brand since 2008, including Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Paul Smith.

The new bottle design is decorated with an imaginary, shimmering flower; a symbol of youth and the evian signature message, “Live young.”
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Paul Smith for Evian

Paul Smith, known for his sense of fun and optimistic attitude, has designed a bottle for Evian which will be on sale in limited amounts until Christmas.

It is a nice glass bottle with colourful stripes around the top, printed with organic ink!

The annual Evian designer bottle tradition began in 2008 with a limited edition bottle designed by Christian Lacroix, followed in 2009 with Jean Paul Gaultier.
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Evian Haute Couture Bubble Bottle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Are you thirsty just looking this stunning bottle of water?

You’re right because new Evian Haute Couture Bubble Bottle, dressed by internationally acclaimed French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, is really sublime!

But catching one of these objet d’art may be more difficult because only 5 five unique and exclusive bottles for 2009 have been created worldwide.
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Evian Teams With Jean Paul Gaultier

Every year during the holiday season Evian, the World’s Most Luxurious Natural Spring Water, teams up with a European artist to create a special bottle. Over the years the pieces have become real collectors pieces.

Last year for Paris Fashion Week Evian partnered with Christan Lacroix and this year they worked with high fashion designer and Hermès Creative Director Jean Paul Gaultier.

He uses two unique creations – a “Prêt-à-porter” and an “Haute Couture” version – to crystallise the very essence of Evian water with his wonted talent
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World’s Most Expensive Bath at Hotel Victor for $11,000

This soak is strictly for those who can afford not only to read about the most expensive stuff but all indulge in some. Earlier we have mentioned about the limited edition and pricey edible water, Evian. But that was for guzzling down to quench your thirst.

This time it’s a dip in about 1000 liters of Evian Natural Spring Water that sums up to the Most Expensive Bath. Folks at Hotel Victor have bought to our notice that at $5,000 a pop and available exclusively in the $6,000 per night penthouse suite of the hip Miami Beach hotspot Hotel Victor, the Evian Experience is the world’s most expensive bath for $11,000.

And this package also takes care of your appetite for luxurious food as well as customized spa services. Roll over to know more about the EVIAN BATH…
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