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Luxuo Airbus A380 exclusive search function

Prefer Flying A380? Airbus Launches Dedicated Search

Travelers looking to fly long-haul on the Airbus superjumbo can now book tickets directly via a new dedicated online search platform developed by the aircraft’s maker. Why would this be useful? If for example you love Etihad’s suites or the same on Qatar, Emirates or Singapore Airlines, what unites all these excellent options is the Airbus A380 so being able to search for A380-specific flights may help you find the right service.

A survey of passengers arriving at London Heathrow Airport quoted by Airbus reveals that 60% of passengers are willing to put their hand in their pocket to fly on the A380. Some, it seems, are ready to go the extra mile to travel long-haul onboard one of the airliner’s two passenger decks.

Today more than ever, aircraft type is an important factor for travelers booking flights. However, passengers aren’t able to search specifically for tickets on their favorite planes when booking online. Now, thanks to a new travel search engine called iflya380.com, travelers looking specifically to fly on the Airbus A380 can do just that.

The site takes the form of a regular travel search engine for booking flights, but here, only flights operated by A380 aircraft are listed in the results. Thirteen airlines currently operate the Airbus superjumbo, which offers passengers more spacious traveling conditions and a quieter cabin: Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Qantas, Air France, Korean Air, Etihad Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, China Southern Airlines and Asiana Airlines.

The site, launched by Airbus, lets users view and compare the range of onboard services from each carrier. Users search for flights by entering details such as departure and destination airports, dates of travel and preferred class. However, passengers are redirected to the airline’s own page for the final stages of booking.

Luxuo Airbus A380 exclusive search function

Panama city

Emirates announces ‘world’s longest’ flight to Panama

Panama city

Dubai’s Emirates Airline announced Thursday it will launch the world’s “longest non-stop flight” in February from the bustling Gulf emirate to Panama City, lasting more than 17 hours.

The carrier will fly daily to Panama’s capital in a passenger flight operated by a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft which can also carry up to 15 tonnes of cargo, Emirates said in a statement.

The flight between the two trading hubs will last 17 hours and 35 minutes, making Panama the airline’s first destination in Central America, it said.

Currently, the longest flights connect Dallas to Sidney (almost 17 hours), Johannesburg to Atlanta (16 hours 40 minutes), and Dubai to Los Angeles (16 hours 35 minutes).

Previously, the longest flight, lasting almost 19 hours linked Singapore and New York, operated by Singapore Airlines.

But it was suspended in 2013 in a bid to cut costs.

Emirates operates a fleet of 235 aircraft, serving 147 destinations in 81 countries. The airline has the world’s largest fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, with another 274 planes on order worth $135 billion.

Emirates shopping bags

Emirates recycles billboard posters into shopping bags

Emirates shopping bags

What happens to advertising banners once they’re removed from the billboards? In the case of the airline , they’re turned into shopping bags, in one of the latest innovative recycling projects by a carrier.

The company recently took one of its 208 square meter PVC posters from a billboard at Zurich Airport and transformed it into over 300 reusable totes.

The image, a giant photo of an Emirates Cabin Crew member, was repurposed into a limited edition line of “upcycled” bags by 10 workers at Feinschliff, a Swiss company that supports long-term unemployed people returning to the labor market.

Each bag took 27 minutes to fabricate, with a process involving cutting and washing the poster and stitching on the 13 straps.

The lightweight accessories were then imprinted with the company’s ‘Where will you be tomorrow’ tagline and handed out during an open air cinema screening in Zurich, in a clever recycling of the original advertising campaign.

Emirates actively promotes recycling across its business, whether it is used newspapers left behind in aircraft cabins or obsolete electrical equipment no longer needed in its offices.

Between 2010 and 2013, Emirates ‘ Engineering department alone recovered and recycled over 432 tonnes of materials from Boeing 777 cabin interiors.

Emirates amenity kit

The 5 Top First Class Airline Amenity Kits

Emirates amenity kit

Cheapflights.com has examined the on-board  handed out to first and business class passengers flying 27 airlines around the world.

Of the airlines examined, five were given a full six-star rating: Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines and United Airlines.

japan airlines amenity kit

“For many of us, First Class and Business Class are a mysterious place and we wanted to get a better idea of what life is like in that rarefied space.”

The kits are glorious examples of life’s ‘finer things’ and a peek into a lifestyle that maybe, on a special occasion, we can achieve as well,” said Oonagh Shiel, Cheapflights editor.

“After examining all these kits, though, we were struck mostly by the attention to detail and the touches of local cultures and craftsmanship that are a reminder of how diverse the world is and how exciting travel can be.”

etihad airways amenity kit

Passengers flying  receive a kit created in collaboration with Emirati enterprise Sougha, which promotes local artisans. Bags feature patterns of an ancient Abu Dhabi weaving craft, Sadou, that evoke Bedouin tents.

 collaborated with Spanish luxury brand Loewe to create its amenity kit, while Qatar bags are filled with diversions for kids (pictured below) — Spongebob backpacks, coloring books, and a toy — and adults get ultra-luxe products from Dior and Ferragamo.

qatar airways amenity kit

In addition to Bulgari products, what makes the kit particularly special is its dark brown leather bag, soft and “ever so slightly distressed.”

And while not as fancy as its Middle Eastern rivals, UNITED AIRLINES scored a six-star rating — classified as ‘fly me to the moon’ — for its value.

united airlines Emirates amenity kit

Aside from the usual suspects — toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask and earplugs — the kit (pictured above) also includes a shoe horn, hand sanitizer, floss, mints, comb, wiping cloth, pen and Philosophy products.

Air New Zealand

And the airline of the year 2014 is…

Air New Zealand has been named the top airline of 2014 by a safety and ratings review website which heaped unrestrained praise on the carrier for its in-flight services and safety performance.

Air New Zealand

Named the Airline of the Year for 2014, editors of AirlineRatings.com described the Kiwi carrier as an industry trendsetter, notably for programs like Skycouch which can transform three economy seats into a couch, ideal for couples or families with a young child.

Their specially designed Spaceseats, available in premium economy, also allow passengers traveling together to swivel their chairs and share a meal facing one another.

The design likewise prevents passengers from reclining their seats into the space of fellow travelers. Instead, the chairs slide forward like a reclining lounge chair.

In the online world, the carrier has endeared itself to digital consumers for its cheeky and entertaining in-flight safety videos. Last year, their Hobbit-inspired video “An Unexpected Briefing” featured orcs, hobbits, elves and dwarves and became an instant viral video hit.

The airline was then able to up the ante by recruiting the world’s favorite nonagenarian Betty White to star in a new video set in a retirement home, which was released this year.

Air New Zealand also nabbed the award for Best Premium Economy Class.

Other winners in the Airline Excellence Awards include:

Regional Airline of the Year: Singapore-based Silk Air
Best First Class: Emirates
Best Business Class: Cathay Pacific Airways
Best Economy: Qantas Airways
Best Lounges: Qantas
Best In-Flight Entertainment: Emirates
Best Long Haul Airline: Emirates (Middle East/Africa)
Singapore Airlines (Asia/Pacific)
Swiss (Europe)
Air Canada (The Americas).
Best Low Cost Airline: JetBlue (The Americas)
Jetstar Group (Asia/Pacific)
flydubai (Middle-East/Africa)
Norwegian (Europe)

Last week, AirlineRatings.com named Qantas the world’s safest airline.

Emirates Airbus A380 bar

Emirates offers ‘Street View’ of A380 aircraft

Emirates Airbus A380 bar

Dubai-based airline Emirates has partnered with global search engine Google to launch the world’s first ‘Street View’ of the double decker A380, the world’s largest commercial jet aircraft.

‘Street View’ is a technology featured in Google apps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.

“Users can explore online the Emirates A380’s luxurious first class private suites, expansive business class cabin, on-board lounges, shower spas, cockpit and more on ‘Street View’ now.”

The airbus, with a wingspan of 79.8 metres, is known as the world’s most-fuel efficient jet in its class. It can carry 517 passengers and stream across 15,000km in a single journey.

Click this link to Google Maps and then click on the image of the plane, at the left of the screen.

Emirates Launches Luxury Private Jet Service

Emirates Executive lounge area

Emirates has launched a private jet service promising “unsurpassed luxury” for well-heeled travellers.

The specs are impressive and nothing less than what would be expected of a service created to cater to the world’s obscenely wealthy. The reconfigured Airbus A319 includes, for instance, 10 private suites that slide fully shut, fully lie-flat beds and 32-inch flat screen TVs.

Emirates Executive Private Suites

A large shower and spa features heated floors, marble accents, all-natural skincare products and luxury toiletries from Bulgari.

Emirates Executive shower spa

The main salon can likewise be configured to guests’ needs, be it as a business center for videoconferencing and high-powered meetings, or as a comfortable living space courtesy of the mechanically-activated table, two 42-inch LCD screens, and two sofas.

Emirates Executive lounge

Other amenities include 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, high-speed internet and mobile phone connectivity, and an in-flight menu that offers guests a fine dining experience at up to 35,000 feet in the air.

Emirates Executive dining area

The luxury jet can accommodate up to 19 guests. The private charter service flies to most locations worldwide, and extends beyond the carrier’s network.

Emirates luxury private jet service

The launch of a private jet service comes in response to increasing demand from markets in the Middle East, Europe, India, Russia and China, says the carrier.

Airbus A319 aircraft

Emirates A380

Top 20 airlines in the world

Emirates A380

Middle Eastern and Asian carriers have emerged the big winners in a list of the world’s top 20 airlines as decided by flyers from 160 countries.

Emirates took the top spot at the 2013 edition of the Skytrax World Airline Awards held at the Paris Air Show this week, where the Dubai-based carrier succeeded in bumping rival Qatar from a place it’s occupied for the last two years.

The winners are based on more than 18 million customer surveys which measure passenger satisfaction in areas such as check-in, boarding, onboard seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, staff, in-flight dining and entertainment. The awards covered 200 carriers. Here’s how airlines stacked up:

1. Emirates
2. Qatar Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
4. ANA All Nippon Airways
5. Asiana Airlines
6. Cathay Pacific Airways
7. Etihad Airways
8. Garuda Indonesia
9. Turkish Airlines
10. Qantas Airways
11. Lufthansa
12. EVA Air
13.Virgin Australia
14. Malaysia Air
15. Thai Airways
16. Swiss Int’l Air Lines
17. Korean Air
18. Air New Zealand
19. Hainan Airlines
20. Air Canada

For the full ranking of top 100 airlines, visit http://bit.ly/1bRFXa9.

Emirates Airbus A380 bar

Shisha Lounges Onboard Emirates A380 Fleet

Emirates Airbus A380 bar

A story published Wednesday, May 15, about Emirates airline launching an onboard shisha lounge was incorrect and based on erroneous information. Emirates has no plans to do so. Luxuo regrets the error.

Premium passengers traveling on Dubai-based airline Emirates will be exempt from the no-smoking policy starting next month, when the carrier debuts a shisha lounge on select jumbo jets.

The new service is set to debut on the carrier’s fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft and will be offered to Emirates’ business and first-class passengers.

Passengers can pre-order a shisha — also known as a waterpipe, hubble-bubble, hookah or narghile — from the onboard menu and retire to the lounge for a post-meal smoke beginning in June.

Waterpipes could loosely be described as the Middle Eastern version of the post-dinner cigar, passing flavored tobacco through bubbled water which is then smoked through a pipe and hose.

Emirates says it’s introducing the Signature Shisha Lounge to enrich the flying experience for Middle Eastern passengers, but also to introduce the Arabian custom to foreigners.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Emirates President Tim Clark

Qantas Airways teams up with Emirates

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Emirates President Tim Clark

Qantas Airways announced on Thursday that it was teaming up with Emirates of Dubai after ending a long-term partnership with British Airways.

Australian airline Qantas announced on Thursday that it would be teaming up with Dubai-based Emirates from April 2013. Qantas is ending a long-term relationship with British Airways and abandoning Singapore as a Qantas hub.
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Emirates new inflight entertainment screens

Emirates unveils world’s largest in-flight screens

Emirates new inflight screens

Emirates has unveiled the world’s widest seat-back television screens, to be installed on its new aircraft.

The new 12.1-inch screen is the largest economy class seatback system in the world, Emirates says, complete with high-definition displays — another first for the Dubai-based carrier.

New screens are also being installed in premium classes, Emirates said May 31, including a 27-inch widescreen in First Class and 20-inch screen in Business Class.
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qantas plane

Top airline wines found on board Qantas, ANA

qantas plane

Qantas has kept its reputation sky high in the annual competition to determine the best wines served aboard the world’s airlines.

The Cellars in the Sky Awards, organized by Business Traveller Magazine UK, were announced at the Grosvenor Hotel in London on Monday, with Qantas triumphing in no fewer than six categories. Delta, Jetstar, LAN, Qatar Airways, TAM, Emirates, Air France and Cathay Pacific also won awards.

Some 250 wines were entered by a total of 32 carriers, with the awards recognizing excellence in wines served in business and first class.
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WIFI on Board

Emirates hooks up A380 planes to wi-fi

WIFI on Board

Middle Eastern airline Emirates has announced the launch of wireless internet access on board its fleet of flagship super-jumbo A380 aircraft.

Customers flying the massive planes, which operate between Dubai and destinations such as Paris and London, will now be able to use wifi-enabled devices on selected routes, Emirates confirmed December 12.

Eleven of the airline’s 19 planes have now been kitted out with the technology, with the remainder of the fleet following suit in the coming months.
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Aerial view luxury Burj Al Arab

Dubai named Middle East’s best destination

Aerial view luxury Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai has been voted the best hotel in the Middle East for the eighth year in a row.

The plush property was one of a host of winners at this week’s World Travel Awards‘ Middle East ceremony, the first in a whistlestop World Travel Awards tour which will see further regional ceremonies in Antalya, Turkey; Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt; Bangkok, Thailand and Montego Bay, Jamaica before the year is out.

Also picking up prizes in the competition, billed as “the Oscars of travel,” were Emirates, Etihad and Qatar, the region’s leading airlines.
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Filthy rich? Britain needs YOU


The United Kingdom is aiming to attract an altogether different class of visitor with the launch of a new marketing campaign with Dubai-based airline Emirates.

A new marketing campaign dubbed “Britain. A tradition of Luxury” is unashamedly targeting wealthy individuals — those with over $1 million in disposable funds — to persuade them that Britain is worth visiting.

The campaign, which launched February 25, is being launched in China, India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Virgin atlantic cabin crew

Which airline has the most attractive cabin crew?

Virgin atlantic cabin crew

Virgin Atlantic‘s cabin crew have been voted the world’s most attractive in a survey of British business travelers – traditionally the most frequent flyers.

The Virgin Atlantic crew, who traditionally dress in red, beat competition from Singapore Airlines and Etihad in the survey of 1000 business travelers.

Virgin’s stunning 53 percent of votes is credited to the airline’s sexually charged global advertising campaign, which featured Bond-style graphics and plenty of suggestive images.
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montblanc skeleton a380

Emirates launches promotion with Montblanc

montblanc skeleton a380

Emirates Airline and Montblanc have jointly launched a major inflight retail promotion offering passengers the opportunity to become the ‘Emirates A380 VIP’.

During the promotional period, which runs from January to June, any passenger who purchases a Montblanc Starwalker A380 fineliner writing instrument on board can enter a free draw to win a limited edition Montblanc Skeleton A380 pen.

This is crafted from 18k solid white gold and platinum-plated fittings, with 16 diamonds on the cap ring plus a further 12 on the cone and crown.
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AC Milan visit to Burj Khalifa

AC Milan Burj Khalifa

AC Milan reached dizzying new heights on Friday, when they played football at the top of the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa.

With a pitch specially created on the towering 828 metre-plus structure, the AC Milan team took their game to levels never seen before.

The AC Milan squad were in Dubai for their Winter Tour and the Emirates Challenge Cup which was played against Al Ahli Club on Sunday January 2.
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Emirates places biggest A380 order

Dubai-based Emirates Airline is to fly a total of 90 Airbus A380 “superjumbos” by the end of 2017 after a shock announcement that it is to buy a further 32, the largest single order in commercial aviation history.

The airline stunned its rivals with the $11.5 billion purchase on the first day of the ILA Berlin Air Show, with one aviation leader stating that “one must assume that this is not an investment for the UAE, but it is an investment for the world.”
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