Temps Moderne De Cartier

Temps Moderne De Cartier

Called “Temps Moderne de Cartier,” this watch is a testament to the classic film “Modern Times” by Charlie Chaplin.

Cartier Juste Un Clou pink gold

Cartier Relaunches Its Juste Un Clou Collection

The Juste Un Clou Collection is a reinterpretation of a bracelet that Aldo Cipullo designed for Cartier in 1971 during the creative frenzy in New York.

alain delon watch

Alain Delon Luxury Watch Collection Auctioned

Chinese buyers showed their economic clout in Paris at an auction of watches owned by French film idol Alain Delon, with prices going through the roof.

Cartier joaillier des Arts

‘Cartier, Jeweler of the Arts’ exhibition in Paris

The Fondation Cartier, the contemporary art museum of the luxury jewelry house, presents its latest expo, Cartier, Jeweler of the Arts, in Paris.

Odyssee Cartier

L’Odyssée de Cartier – The Film

TOP EXCLUSIVE! LUXUO’s readers are now able to view “L’Odyssée de Cartier” before it is presented on Cartier’s Facebook page tomorrow morning, Paris time. Cartier will reveal today a preview of its upcoming film “The Cartier Odyssey”, with the ambitious short to feature three panthers and a host of fantasy scenes. In honor of Cartier’s [...]

Cartier Tank folle watch

Cartier Tank Folle watch

At the Baselworld 2012, Cartier will be presenting the new Tank Folle hand-wound ladies watch, a reincarnation of the legendary Cartier Crash from the late 1960s. Clearly influenced by Salvador Dali’s “liquid” clocks, the original watch was an homage to one of Cartier of London senior managers who died in a car crash. His wrist [...]

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