Garia Golf Car

September 2009 sees the official premiere of the Garia Golf Car – “the world’s most exclusive” leisure vehicle of this kind.

The Garia golf car is meant to be “powerful yet elegant” and to attract rich golf players who appreciate a stylish golf car.

These vehicles are of Danish design and manufactured at Valmet in Finland, the very factory that produces several models of Porsche.

The Golf car is top to bottom, a fully customizable vehicle that is not solely for the golf course.

You can choose from 8 different exterior colors, 3 colors of leather seats, optional sport seats, and 4 styles of wheels.

Nearly every interior luxury imaginable from plush, hand-sewn seats, additional leg room, tinted windows to an in-dash refrigerator is available in standard packaging or can be customized to your particular tastes.

The redesign of the chassis has moved the rear wheels to the very back of the vehicle which makes it handle like a sports car.

Add in the 30 miles per charge range and complete light package, and you’ve got the best golf cart around.

The Garia Golf Car was formally introduced to the world on September 1st – 2nd 2009 at the annual PGA Show in Las Vegas.

It is available worldwide from “carefully selected exclusive dealers”. Prices start at USD 17,499/ Euro 13,999 (excl. delivery and taxes)

Source: Garia Autoevolution worldgolf