Luxury Billiard Tables

When the triple world champion decides to build the perfect pool table, you can expect something truly outstanding.

And when that champion is also a lover of good design, its likely to be a work of art. Which is exactly what Vincent Facquet has created – the worlds most expensive and most beautiful pool tables.

This unbelievable collection contains three unique models: the platinum detailed Majeste ; the etched platinum Royal pictured above; and the gilded Noblesse table.

Each of the three models comes equipped with a large cue and ball drawer, triangle pocket and back-lit pockets. The luxury in these tables can especially be seen in the ornamentation that decorates the outside of the corner pockets as well as in the inlaid diamonds on the table rails.

The table can also be finished to individual taste -gold, precious stones- nothing but the best for this jewel of design. Pricing is set at 130,000 Euros, or approximately US $177,000.