Woman trades rare coins for groceries

A Utah woman who tried paying for Walmart groceries with $20 Gold Double Eagles was apparently turned away, and then exchanged 14 of them at a nearby bank for face value.

The bank teller gave the woman $280 but the coins were worth far more. While the coins have not been appraised, at today’s gold prices, each would be worth at least $920.

Now the search is on for the woman because she could be getting a lot more money, not to mention that the numismatic value of Double Eagles exceeds their melt value.

An online coin appraisal site says the value of a gold Double Eagle, depending on condition, year and other factors, can range into the tens of thousands and in rare cases, perhaps exceed $1 million.

The series was minted between 1849 and 1933, changing from the Liberty head design in 1907 to a St. Gaudens version. They were called “double” eagles because at $20 each, they were double the value of the to-that-point biggest coin, the $10 gold Eagle.

Police and bank officials say anyone who knows the identity of the coins’ owner should contact their local Zions Bank branch, which can put them in touch with the proper authorities.

Via CoinNews Deseretnews