The world’s most expensive $1 million coupon

In an effort to cut through the gloom in the luxury real estate market, a Florida realtor has been running an ad in the Palm Beach Daily News.

“FREE $1,000,000 with this coupon,” the ad reads. “Offer expires May 31, 2009.”

Rusty Gulden is trying to sell a 2,000-square-foot unit at the Sun & Surf condo at 100 Sunrise Blvd. in Palm Beach. The asking price was $3.7 million, but it’s a mere $2.7 million with the coupon.

Since the ad started running earlier this month, she says, “I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger showing it.”

Seller John K. Kearney paid $1.65 million for the unit in 2004, according to property records.

I think this is the largest coupon amount I’ve ever seen! So cut out three coupons and get it for free. There is nothing on the coupon that says “One coupon per customer” ! Source: PalmBeachblog